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Comviva corp

  1. 1. Company Overview Subtitle Name Title Date Comviva_CorpPPT_Brief_V2.1_Sep09 1
  2. 2. Our Organization 2
  3. 3. Who we are Comviva is the leading provider of integrated VAS solutions for mobile operators in emerging markets Comviva was formerly Bharti Telesoft 3
  4. 4. Our purpose and intent Our core purpose To enrich the lives of over a billion people through value added telecom solutions that enhance their lifestyle and livelihood. Our intent We will be the No.1 integrated VAS solution provider in our chosen markets. We will achieve this by creating customer value, built upon a foundation of innovation, excellence and partnerships. 4
  5. 5. Our parentage One of India’s largest private enterprise organizations, active in: Telecom and Communications Other Retail/Wholesale Infrastructure • Global integrated EasyDay Indus Towers • Mobile leader in India telecom VAS • Retail outlets • 100Mn+ subscribers solution provider Bharti Wal-Mart Bharti Infra • $7.9Bn FY08/09 rev • Wholesale cash/carry Bharti Realty Financial Services CSR • Airtel Sri Lanka • India’s leading phone Bharti AXA Bharti Foundation • Mobile operator manufacturer • 3G Network • Major independent • General Insurance • Corporate social • Launched January cell phone distributor • Life Insurance responsibility 2009 • Asset Management activities Agriculture Training & Devt. • Jersey Airtel Bharti DelMonte Centum Learning • Guernsey Airtel • Telecom Seychelles Systems • Mobile operator • Group’s 3G pioneer • Export of Indian •Training and • Operates with • Launched in 1998 agricultural products Vodafone development 5
  6. 6. History of Comviva Deloitte Technology Awards: Golden Peacock Fast 50 India company – 2005 & 2006; Innovation Award Fast 500 Asia Company – 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 for Hub Solutions Launch mobiquity™ mobiquity™ and Introduce Launch CRBT at mBanking services; Golden VAS solutions PreTUPS™ Airtel. Now Peacock Innovation Award shortlisted for Comviva prepaid solution installed by 14 2007 for mobiquity™ GSMA , WCA and founded at Vodafone – operators and mBanking AfricaCOM Awards (originally now installed in used by over 13 Customers in Bharti 25 operator million subscribers 50 customers over 80 Telesoft) sites globally globally in 35 countries countries 1999 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Win Golden Merge with Introduce Sequoia Cross 500 Acquire Peacock Award - CellCloud Adagium™ Capital and employees Jataayu mobiquity™ Monet unified business Cisco invest Software Hub support solution in Comviva – now installed mobiquity™ mBanking shortlisted for Best Mobile in over 10 Money solution by GSMA Global Mobile Awards operator sites Win Airtel Best VAS solution in 2004 and VAS Partner of the Year in 2006 & 2008 Comviva’s VAS solutions touch over 500 million subscribers worldwide 6
  8. 8. Comviva stats • Unrivalled experience in emerging markets • Handle over 22,000 SMS messages/second for one operator customer* • Solutions reach 1 in 3 subscribers in emerging markets • PreTUPS ™ powers e-top-ups for over 65 million subscribers in a single network • Over 100 customers globally • CRBT powers ring back tones for over 12 million • Customers include many leading subscribers on a single deployment* international operators and groups • Handle 500 million CDRs/ day with Adagium ™ • Solutions in over 80 countries PACS unified business support solutions* • Impressive year-on-year growth • MMS client embedded in all windows mobile phones • 1,000+ employees and growing • 50% reduction in churn with Adagium ™ loyalty • Acquired Jataayu, a leading mobile management system** Internet solution provider, in 2007 • WAP Gateways deployed by 84 operators • Based in India, with presence in Africa, globally. Handle over 55 million transactions Asia, the Middle East, Europe, US, and daily for one customer installation. Latin America *Leading Asian mobile operator; ** Leading pan-African mobile operator 8
  9. 9. Business drivers Delight Subscribers Drive Revenues Multitude of integrated value added Innovative voice, music and content applications - from voice to video, applications, mobile money and messaging to mobile payments, - to recharge, and device applications engage and delight subscribers that differentiate the operator’s offerings and help drive ARPU Deliver Bottom-line Benefits Managed services ensure rapid service deployment and impact operational performance. Customer lifecycle management solutions drive efficiencies whilst enabling superior service delivery 9
  10. 10. Catering to diverse needs *Pan-Africa operator 10
  11. 11. Varied operating models Flexibility to support a range of operating models Operator Ownership Operator Ownership Supplier Ownership Model Supplier Management Supplier Management • Owned and • License-based • Comviva manages operated by mobile model solution at operator service provider • Owned by mobile site • Complete operator operator • Comviva manages ownership • Comviva manages capacity and revenue onsite enhancement Managed Services Model Comviva manages its own and/or 3rd party VAS nodes 11
  12. 12. Product Portfolio 12
  13. 13. Portfolio Mobile Music & Video Mobile Money & Recharge Lifestyle enhancing music Award-winning range of applications and next financial and recharge generation video offerings services Aggregated Voice Application Network Messaging Extensive range of voice- Scalable, reliable messaging enabled applications on a and interactivity-enabling network optimizing platform solutions Managed Services Mobile Internet Management of the Creating a true Internet operator’s wide range of experience for all VAS installations subscriber segments Customer Lifecycle Mobile Advertising Management Mobile Device Solutions Ecosystem-supporting Deliver lifetime end-to-end Handset applications to solution and point customer satisfaction and simplify the mobile user applications network value experience 13
  14. 14. Mobile Music Immensely popular across all subscriber segments, mobile music applications transform the mobile experience, providing a constantly changing source of entertainment for users – and a sustainable revenue stream for operators. CRBT Platform • Pioneering ring back tone and music platform solution, with over 13 million active users globally • Multiple features, including: • Ads RBT – opportunity for a new service model and a new medium for targeted campaigns • Star 2 Copy - provides a simple way to select a new ringback tone • Greeting Tunes – seasonal RBTs to celebrate festivals and special occasions 14
  15. 15. Mobile Video As 3G networks become pervasive and subscribers demand a richer mobile experience, operators require an end-to-end multimedia platform solution to provide a wealth of video content and build a new, long-term revenue stream. Mobile Solutions for the Next Generation (MSNG) • An end-to-end multimedia service delivery engine, providing a wealth of video content and applications MSNG Applications • MSNG applications include live TV, download of mobisodes, surveillance and supports video ring back tone 15
  16. 16. Aggregated Voice Application Network Extending mobile services to the next billion subscribers in emerging markets requires cost-effective, ‘inclusive’ solutions that simplify communications and enable delivery of voice-based, highly targeted content. Musica Voice SMS • Transforms the handset into a • Provides users with the advantage of personalized mobile music station adding real emotion to a message iSearch Voice Mail System • Intelligent voice (and text) search across • Allows subscribers to manage recorded all storefronts messages in a quick and easy manner Voice Chat Voice Portal • Provides a livelier, more personal chat that • Simplifies browsing and downloading of unites people and creates lasting content anywhere, anytime with a single subscriber loyalty touch access to various infotainment services 16
  17. 17. Mobile Money and Recharge Building on the success of e- recharge, mobile money is rapidly emerging as a major growth area. Comviva developed the award- winning PreTUPS™ and mobiquity™ platform and applications to address growing market demand. PreTUPS™ E-Recharge Solution • PreTUPS™ Any Amount Electronic Top-Up System • PreTUPS™ Electronic Voucher Distribution System • PreTUPS™ PIN Generation and Management System • PreTUPS™ Post paid/ Utility Bill • PreTUPS™ Adjunct Value Adds • PreTUPS™ Self Top-Up and Gift Recharge mobiquity™ Mobile Money Platform and Applications • Plays a pivotal role in the mobile commerce ecosystem • Integrates applications and connects various market players to enable: • Mobile banking, remittances, transactions, and payments 17
  18. 18. Messaging and Interactivity Comviva’s extensively deployed, field-proven messaging and interactivity-enabling solutions support rapid delivery of simple and rich media. USSD IMPS Solutions • Encourage cost-effective service discovery • Enable real-time communication with a huge and subscriber self-care, via a simple community of users – with operators able to interface enrich the interaction experience SMS Solutions Call Management Solutions • Enable quick message delivery whilst cost- • Empower subscribers to create caller effectively handling increased traffic volumes communities and control their messaging MMS Solutions environment • Enrich the subscriber’s messaging Roaming Solutions experience whilst monitoring service • Enhance the roamer’s service experience, by performance levels reducing investment requirements and Bulk Messaging simplifying service expansion and • Manages varied content from multiple management providers, handling many billions of multimedia messages annually 18
  19. 19. Mobile Internet A pioneer in the mobile Internet space, Comviva’s mobile Internet solutions bring the full-web experience to the handset, extending the power of the Internet to mobile users globally. Mobile Internet Gateway • Delivers a full web experience to all mobile users – regardless of handset sophistication, speeding downloads by up to 70% WAP Gateway • Simple access to the web – now deployed by over 80 operators globally 19
  20. 20. Mobile Marketing and Advertising Comviva takes a holistic view of the advertising space and aims to enable multiple ecosystem players to engage subscribers with highly personalized promotional messages and campaigns. Effective target marketing • Leverages the operators’ consumer profile information to support advertisers in reaching out to target segments Innovative service bundles • Enables incorporation of advertising messages that cross-promote services and subsidize the cost of service usage Facilitates collaboration • Ecosystem players can experiment with interactive contests, coupons or integrated promotional messages to develop the potential of the mobile as a new promotional medium 20
  21. 21. Customer Lifecycle Management Customer Lifecycle Management Solutions create operational efficiencies that improve service delivery and enhance the service experience, benefiting the operator and the subscriber Adagium™ Unified Business Support • Systems and capabilities to manage a service provider’s business and operations, delivering lifetime support to the operator's network and subscriber base dBILL Differential Charging System • A converged billing/charging engine with real-time capabilities that supports all customers on the same platform Subscription Engine • Manage and deliver increasing volumes of subscription services for infotainment services 21
  22. 22. Managed Services Comviva exploits its extensive experience in the development and deployment of value added services to drive revenue growth with end-to- end managed services for operators – for both Comviva and third party solutions. Managed VAS Services • End-to-end service offering of the operator’s VAS portfolio, enhancing top line revenues with guaranteed performance against defined SLAs Hub Solutions • Comviva’s award-winning hub technology and solutions speeds up service roll-out, enhancing service offerings and reducing operational and capital expenditure 22
  23. 23. Mobile Device Solutions A comprehensive suite of mature, standards-driven mobile device solutions that deliver innovation to the handset community and put exciting applications in the hand of the mobile user. Browsing • Range of applications to facilitate browsing, including the jB5 browser Messaging • Applications to enable IMPS, multimedia messaging and email 23
  24. 24. Case Studies 24
  25. 25. Airtel Gaining Operational Efficiencies Issue Solution Outcome The operator needed a single Adagium™ Unified Business Reduced average call handling view of operations, with Support System. Handles an time by 33%. Reduced the consistent information being operator's entire set-up, number of call center agents disseminated to a multitude of allowing more efficient by 15%. Increased on call or departments. management of the operational first time resolution from 60% environment and delivering to 85%. A further aim was to reduce lifetime support to the network operational overheads and to Reduced provisioning request and subscriber base. streamline all customer processing time from 24 hours interactions throughout the The single, consolidated view to immediate provisioning customer lifecycle. of operations enables online. appropriate prioritization of Improved subscribers to agent subscriber demands to better ratio from 4,000 to 5,000. meet subscriber expectations. Reduced backend resolution of escalations from 12 hours to 6 hours. 25
  26. 26. Tata Communications Rapid and Efficient Extension of Prepaid Roaming Issue Solution Outcome Tata Communications operates Comviva’s hub technology Launched at the 2008 Beijing the world’s largest signalling forms the basis of Tata’s Olympics, Tata states that, ‘ICX network. In view of the Intelligent CAMEL eXchange directly confronts the importance of roaming (ICX) solution interoperability challenges revenues for mobile service operators face when expanding ICX is a prepaid centralized providers and the major growth into developing markets with hub that enables operators to in the prepaid segment, Tata highly complex networks. significantly reduce the time wanted to address prepaid frame and the cost of ICX now has over 10 major interoperability issues and implementing and maintaining carrier customers, and enable mobile operators to prepaid CAMEL roaming commitments from an additional drastically reduce time to relationships. 30 operator customers. market and the cost of extending prepaid roaming services. 26
  27. 27. Zain Creating and Sustaining Subscriber Loyalty Issue Solution Outcome With markets becoming Adagium™ Loyalty Management Within 5 months of operation: increasingly competitive System. • Over 40% of the overall throughout Africa, Zain a Subscribers enroll over various subscriber base and 72% of major pan-African and Middle channels and once registered, the eligible base East operator, wanted to increase customer loyalty, LMS tracks usage and awards • 48% of high value reduce churn and create a points appropriately, which subscribers had enrolled subscribers redeem proactively lasting emotional bond. • ARPU increased 10% or via an automated prompt. LMS offers Zain the flexibility to among enrolled subscribers define rules based on multiple • Churn reduced by 50% criteria, such as subscriber among enrolled subscribers type, validity period, and region, among other criteria. Note: Zain was formerly Celtel 27
  28. 28. Airtel Self Care over USSD Issue Solution Outcome Costs of handling postpaid USSD menu-driven access to Many postpaid and prepaid billing queries had grown billing information. subscribers are now using considerably, with billing USSD to gain billing The subscriber dials *121# related calls comprising 15% of information. Airtel now enjoys and gains information on total calls to the call center. 20 million hits/month* from its billing charges. postpaid subscriber base. Each call lasts 30 to 40 The subscriber can also seconds, with costs of over Airtel’s prepaid subscribers receive an eBill over USSD. Rs.10 per minute. The aim was generate 65 million to reduce these costs whilst Initially, Airtel offered the hits/month*. maintaining high levels of service only to postpaid Airtel has significantly subscriber satisfaction. subscribers, but now Airtel lowered its operational costs also offers USSD Self Care and has maintained services to prepaid customer delight. subscribers. *Figures from December 2008 28
  29. 29. Grameenphone Exercising Social Responsibility - Extending Service Reach Issue Solution Outcome Extending service profitably PreTUPS™ prepaid solution. Reached out to a new market to underserved low income Flexible electronic recharge segment. 90% of all top-ups for segments of society. Fixed solution offering any amount low denominations and over denomination top-ups top-up. 50% of sales taking place prevented low income outside major metros. Effective distribution channel groups from subscribing to and channel management The 12 months following launch mobile services. system ensures service access saw a 55% increase in the Over 70% of population in remotest locations and subscriber base. earns under US$2.00/day. efficient distribution of top-up Mobile access can enhance services. livelihoods dramatically among bottom of pyramid segment. 29
  30. 30. Airtel Music Mania Issue Solution Outcome Many VAS had been Color Ring Back Tone (CRBT). Within 6 months of launch the introduced to the market, but Subscribers change their ring service had over 1 million the ‘killer app’ was elusive for back tone to a song(s), which subscribers. Airtel. is played to the caller. As Airtel has grown, so has Airtel wanted a service that had The wide, and frequently the uptake of this service, with a massive appeal and was changing, range of different ‘Hello Tunes’ now widely sustainable in the long term. songs and audio tracks on recognized as one of India’s offer keeps subscribers hooked most popular value added on the service. services. 30
  31. 31. Bangladesh operator Mobile Wallet Services in Bangladesh Issue Solution Outcome This leading Bangladesh mobiquity™ mMoney. Extends prepaid base and operator had experienced also generates revenues from Within the mMoney solution, tremendous success with its providing financial services to Comviva is providing bill prepaid airtime transfer the unbanked population. payments capability, P2P money solution and wanted to build transfer (domestic remittances) The solution can attract on this experience by offering as well as cash in/cash out i.e. existing and third party mobile mobile wallet services to its mobile wallet services subscribers. subscriber base. 31
  32. 32. Barclays Extending Banking Services Issue Solution Outcome India is a country of 1.2 billion mobiquity™ mBanking. Barclays soft-launched its people – only 300 million have Hello Money service to By linking banking services to access to banking services. employees and suppliers in the mobile phone, Barclays is early 2008, followed by full Millions of people rely on able to radically change the commercial launch in March. expensive wire transfer banking landscape in India and The subscriber base has risen services or informal channels provide hitherto unbanked consistently during the first to send money – and millions people with economical, year of operation. of people have no access to anytime, anywhere access to banking services at all. banking services – as well as Comviva is now working on provide banked customers with rolling out mBanking services greater banking convenience. for Barclays in the Middle East and Africa. 32
  33. 33. Pan-African operator Mobile Wallet Services across Africa Issue Solution Outcome This leading international operator mobiquity™ mMoney. This solution will extend mobile had deployed Comviva’s wallet services to the majority ™ Within the mMoney solution, PreTUPS prepaid solution across of the existing prepaid base, Comviva is providing bill 14 locations in Africa. acting as a financial services payments capability, P2P provider to subscribers who Subscribers enthusiastically took money transfer (domestic may or may not have access up the service and showed great remittances) as well as cash to traditional banking services. enthusiasm for airtime top-ups in/cash out i.e. mobile wallet and transfers. services to 12 of the operators The operator decided to build on across Africa. this success by offering mobile wallet services to its customer base. 33
  34. 34. Airtel Sri Lanka End-to-end Service Management Issue Solution Outcome Airtel Sri Lanka launched Managed Services. Airtel Sri Lanka launched services in January 2009, the By entrusting the end-to-end services with close to 30 VAS newest entrant in the Sri management of a whole suite offerings in January 2009 – of Lankan mobile market. of services to Comviva , Airtel these, 22 services are from Sri Lanka has exploited Comviva’s portfolio and the Speed was of the essence in Comviva’s significant expertise remainder from third party going to market – but finding in rapidly deploying and providers. the necessary skilled resource to deploy and managing innovative VAS and These services include manage a range of leading support services. content platforms and edge services was a major Comviva now manages applications, call management challenge as was launching Comviva services and 3rd party solutions, USSD solutions, services rapidly – and cost solutions against defined IMPS services and MIS. effectively. SLAs. Comviva manages these Upfront costs were reduced services end-to-end, ensuring significantly, helping the new performance meets agreed operator to maintain a healthy SLAs. balance sheet. 34
  35. 35. Customers and Awards 35
  36. 36. Our global customer base Customers in over 80 countries worldwide 36
  37. 37. Customers Partial list of customers 37
  38. 38. Awards and recognition 2009 • Golden Peacock Award for Innovation - Comviva’s Hub solution • Founding member of the GSMA Mobile Money for the Unbanked initiative • GSMA Global Mobile Awards - mobiquity™ mBanking shortlisted for Best Mobile Money solution 2008 • Value Added Partner Award - Named by Airtel as their Value Added Partner for 2008 • Golden Peacock Award for Innovation 2008 - mobiquity™ Monet Hub solution • Deloitte Technology - an Asia Fast 500 company • GSMA Asia Congress Awards / World Communication Awards – shortlisted for mobiquity™ solutions • AfricaCOM Awards – shortlisted for Charging Proxy enterprise solution 2007 • Golden Peacock Award for Innovation - mobiquity™ mBanking solution • Deloitte Technology Asia Fast 500 Company 2006 • Deloitte Technology - India’s 18th fastest growing technology company; an Asia Fast 500 company • Value Added Partner Award - Named by Airtel as their Value Added Partner for 2006 2005 • SIMagine Award - Silver prize GSMA World Congress for PreTUPS electronic prepaid refill system ™ • Red Herring Award - Named by Red Herring as an Asian Top 100 technology company • Deloitte Technology - India’s 2nd fastest growing technology company; an Asia Fast 500 company 38
  39. 39. Contact Details 39
  40. 40. Contact Details Africa Asia Americas Europe Middle East General 40
  41. 41. Thank You 41