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M*Modal solutions and services


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earn more about M*Modal’s Services and Solutions that include physician documentation, CDI, coding and transcription solutions & services and adoption services. M*Modal’s integrated suite of clinical documentation solutions help healthcare providers create higher-quality documentation more efficiently.

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M*Modal solutions and services

  1. 1. Solutions & Services
  2. 2. Physicians and administrators strive to provide patients with collaborative care.
  3. 3. Collaborative care relies largely on quality and accuracy of accessible clinical documentation.
  4. 4. It facilitates proper care and appropriate reimbursement. Clinical documentation is the currency of care.
  5. 5. However, supporting collaborative care is difficult in the complicated post-reform world of: Meaningful Use ICD-10 Value-Based Care
  6. 6. And creating documentation that seamlessly supports these post-reform models of care is absolutely vital.
  7. 7. So how can we achieve collaborative care in this post-reform environment?
  8. 8. The answer is
  9. 9. Our integrated suite of speech recognition solutions helps healthcare providers create higher-quality documentation more efficiently. Physician documentation Solutions & Services Our solutions and services include: Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) Coding and transcription solutions & services Adoption services
  10. 10. M*Modal allows physicians to create and update clinical documentation using different speech options, all with the same cloud-hosted user profile on a single speech platform shared across applications, workflows and devices. Physician Flexibility M*Modal provides doctors and healthcare organizations with: Integrated front-end speech recognition Mobile speech recognition Back-end dictation/transcription
  11. 11. by leveraging existing systems, streamlining current workflows, and extending present CDI coverage. meets you at your level of readiness Our integrated approach
  12. 12. by embedding natural language understanding technology into its cloud-based documentation system. validated clinically encoded documents structured M*Modal turns dictation into: Unlike other providers,
  13. 13. Uniquely, this simultaneously creates Complete patient information & documents that are interoperable with downstream systems, and provides structured content for CDI and Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC).
  14. 14. With hospitals and healthcare providers to customize their workflows to achieve industry-leading physician adoption and improved productivity. We work closely
  15. 15. Transcription Solutions Front-end speech recognition Clinical Document Improvement Coding Imaging
  16. 16. This top-ranking front-end speech recognition solution enables clinicians of any medical specialty to verbally create, edit and sign clinical notes directly within EHR templates. Compatible with over 90 certified EHRs, including all major platforms. Fluency Direct Front-end speech recognition ™
  17. 17. Combines document creation, CDI and ICD-10 training into one seamless workflow. CDI Engage addresses the under-documentation of common clinical conditions, helping physicians adequately capture complexity and severity levels in real time and within the documentation workflow. CDI Engage Clinical Document Improvement ™
  18. 18. Automates the CDI Specialist workflow and looks across all encounter documentation to identify deficient documentation, deliver summarized evidence of clinical indicators, and close the loop with physicians on CDI queries. CDI Collaborate Clinical Document Improvement ™
  19. 19. Automates costly CDI assessment to identify missed financial opportunities, compliance risks, and gaps in communicating patient care. CDI Assess Clinical Document Improvement ™
  20. 20. A single document workflow and workload solution that includes integrated voice capture, speech recognition, editing and electronic signature tools with real-time scoreboards/dashboards that help improve quality and turnaround time. Fluency for Transcription Transcription ™
  21. 21. Comprehensive, value-driven reporting and analytics solution suite that supports the ACR Imaging 3.0™ initiative and enhances the value that radiology reports provide to the care continuum. Fluency for Imaging Imaging Scout™ ™
  22. 22. Comprehensive cloud-based coding platform that eases the tension of ICD-10 and allows HIM managers to more efficiently utilize their critical coding resources – both on-site and remote. Coding Fluency for Coding™
  23. 23. A suite of speech driven tools and cloud-based products dedicated to helping physicians in small practices spend more time with patients and less time on the computer. Practices™
  24. 24. Services Transcription Coding Adoption Audit Scribing
  25. 25. One of the world’s largest transcription services companies, M*Modal offers flexible transcription outsourcing options that can save you money with world-class service quality, data security and confidentiality. Transcription Services Transcription
  26. 26. M*Modal employs expert AAPC- and AHIMA-credentialed coders who are exceptionally efficient and accurate, helping you obtain more appropriate reimbursement, lower your DNFB, eliminate staffing shortages, and improve compliance. Coding Services Coding
  27. 27. M*Modal provides unique solutions of utilizing a virtual medical scribe while integrating our suite of technologies with your EHR. Scribing Scribing Services™
  28. 28. M*Modal offers comprehensive coding, charge capture, and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) audits. Our customized process and audit tool address gaps or inadequacies in the current coding staff and audit staff, followed by customized education to drive improvement and can help prepare for CDI programs. M*Modal audits will mitigate financial risk, compliance risk, and penalties, while improving outcomes and optimizing revenue for your facility. Audit Services Audit
  29. 29. Uniquely, M*Modal provides a team of highly skilled clinical documentation experts who design optimal workflows and deliver at-the-elbow physician training and support to help healthcare organizations and physicians capitalize fully on the advanced technology. Adoption Services Adoption
  30. 30. visit our website at or contact us at 866-542-7253 © 2016 MModal IP LLC. All rights reserved. To find out more