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Abap objects


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Abap objects

  1. 1. Quality, sustainability, and future readiness 1
  2. 2. Agenda  Quality  Customer Service  Innovation  Low Cost  People 2
  3. 3. Quality - Performance Methods are the fastest running code, so performance is better, (but, you can always write bad code, so this is provided the method is written correctly) OO is more granular, so the code you write has many more options, you can write it at a finer level, and do more with it that you just can’t do with procedural code 3
  4. 4. Quality - Maintenance benefits ABAP Objects  better supports separation of concerns  data encapsulation  explicit instantiation  inheritance  interfaces  event-driven flows  cleansed syntax  Access to new SAP technologies  Add additional flexibility of inheritance and encapsulation which can reduce development times in subsequent projects and increase the ease of maintenance and stability of programs. 4
  5. 5. Customer Service Web Driven User Interface Ease of use Once we have our repository – quicker development time Better requirements for user interfaces – Design the screen that they will see while in the meeting 5
  6. 6. Innovation – OO Technologies Global classes are heavily used for implementing business layer functionality Local classes should be used for local modularization (instead of forms) BADI Implementation SAP List Viewer All other SAP Controls Web Services ICF services BSP FPM All programs that are based on one of the former UI technologies RTTS (which is important for dynamic programming) 6
  7. 7. Innovation OO Technologies SOAP ABAP Proxy Enhancement Spots ABAP Eclipse for HANA programming All new technology 7
  8. 8. Innovation / Cost –SAP Platforms All these platforms are built around OO. It would cost money to support without internal resources.  SRM  EWM  RPM  EMCS  Other systems we have now??? 8
  9. 9. Low Cost / Innovation - OOMandatory OO is mandatory to take advantage of the great stuff out there in code exchange like abap2xlsx, abap2gapps, abap2qrcode, ZSAPLINK WDA and CRM UI is the strategic UI technology for SAP, so basically you say eventually everything is going to be in WDA whether or not you like it, so start getting ready now. 9
  10. 10. Low cost - Maintenance Official SAP programming guidelines by Horst Keller  Prohibits many obsolete statements and additions  Requires implicit statements to be explicit  Detecting and preventing potentially incorrect data handling  Data Encapsulation  Explicit object instantiation  Improved code reuse by inheritance  Standalone interfaces  Explicit event raising and handling  Provides access to newer technology 10
  11. 11. Low cost - Maintenance About 35% of running programs in ECC have objects.  Number of objects having the object type CLAS or INTF=> 125000 + 39000 = 164000  Look for number of objects having the object type PROG => 302000 More OO in each EP / version 11
  12. 12. Low Cost - Classic programming Classic programming is still needed for:  RFCs  ABAP Dynpros  Certain Frameworks 12
  13. 13. People - Who? Everyone Consultants Employees Customers 13
  14. 14. People - Development Current SAP Development Training courses  BC100 – Basic ABAP Techniques including structured programming – 2 Days  BC400 – ABAP Workbench foundations – 5 days objects and all the next courses in development assume you know objects (Programming reports ALV OO) 14