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Empower Customer Engagement with Mobile Context


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For companies that are successfully monetizing their mobile investment, mobile context is proving itself to be the “not-so-little” big data that’s making all the difference. Mobile context is the insight into consumer information, behavior and location that brands can leverage to optimize customer engagement through hyper-personalization that drives increased brand loyalty and revenue. That’s why the contextual mobile marketing opportunity is being valued at as much as $44 billion.

Join this webinar to understand how companies today are using mobile context to drive deeper customer engagement and loyalty, mitigate risk and fraudulent activity, optimize mobile marketing ROI and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Mobile context experts will be on hand to answer your questions around:

How best to employ mobile context to benefit your business
How to ensure your customers opt-in to share their mobile contextual information
How to leverage mobile context to enhance and optimize current mobile investments
Best practice industry use cases for mobile context
Register today to receive a free copy of a recent research report by Syniverse and consulting firm Strategic Economic Engineering Corp. that uncovered a market value of as much as $44 billion for mobile context.

Leo Scullin, Global Industry Initiatives, Mobile Marketing Association

Alastair Hanlon, VP, Enterprise Solutions, Syniverse
James Davlouros, VP, MasterCard Enterprise Partnerships, MasterCard

Live Webinar Date: August 14, 2014

Published in: Marketing
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Empower Customer Engagement with Mobile Context

  1. 1. Empower Customer Engagement with Mobile Context MMA Webinar Series August 14, 2014 Sponsored By:
  2. 2. About the MMA The MMA is the world's leading global non-profit trade association comprised of more than 800 member companies, from nearly fifty countries around the world. Our members hail from every faction of the mobile marketing ecosystem including brand marketers, agencies, mobile technology platforms, media companies, operators and others. The MMA's mission is to accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, driving business growth with closer and stronger consumer engagement. Anchoring the MMA's mission are four core pillars: 8/18/14 Proprietary & Confidential2 Cultivating Inspiration Aimed at the Chief Marketer; guiding best practices and driving innovation Building Capability for Success Fostering know-how and confidence within the Chief Marketer's organization Demonstrating Measurement and Impact Proving the effectiveness and impact of mobile through research providing tangible ROI measurement and other data Advocacy Working with partners and our members to protect the mobile marketing industry
  3. 3. About the MMA Additionally MMA committees work collaboratively to develop and advocate global best practices and lead standards development. Mobile Marketing is broadly defined as including advertising, apps, messaging, mCommerce and CRM on all mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. Members include, American Express, AdChina, Colgate-Palmolive, Dunkin' Brands, Facebook, Google, Group M, Hewlett Packard, Hilton Worldwide, Kellogg Co., L'Oreal, MasterCard, McDonalds, Microsoft, Mondelēz International, Inc. Pandora Media, Procter & Gamble, R/ GA, The Coca-Cola Company, The Weather Company, Unilever, Visa, Vodafone, Walmart, xAd, Zenith Optimedia and many more. The MMA's global headquarters are located in New York and it has regional operations in Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Latin American (LATAM) and Asia Pacific (APAC), with local councils in 17 countries. For more information about membership email: or visit 8/18/14 Proprietary & Confidential3
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda •  Mobile brings a new opportunity for brands to personalize interactions with consumers. •  Brands are still trying to identify best practices and effective mobile engagement tactics for their business. •  Partner with trusted intermediary to leverage consumer’s shared information and apply mobile context. 8/18/14 Proprietary & Confidential4
  5. 5. Key Insights to be Shared •  Mobile’s unique advantage •  The potential of Mobile Context •  The new customer experience •  Use Cases •  Mobile Context beyond marketing •  MasterCard and Syniverse relationship 8/18/14 Proprietary & Confidential5
  6. 6. Presenters 8/18/14 Proprietary & Confidential6 Moderator Leo Scullin! Head of Global Industry Initiatives! Mobile Marketing Association! Alastair Hanlon! VP, Enterprise Solutions ! Syniverse! James Davlouros! VP, MasterCard Enterprise Partnerships! MasterCard!
  7. 7. Managing Your Questions 8/18/14 Proprietary & Confidential7 Share the Insights #MMAWeb #mobilecontext
  8. 8. #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     Empower  Customer  Engagement   with  Mobile  Context  
  9. 9. #mobilecontext          @Mobile4Brands        @MasterCardNews        @alastairhanlon        @james_davlouros           Join  the  ConversaAon  
  10. 10.     #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     Search  Interest   Compare   Consider   Purchase  Customer   Service   Mobile  is   causing  a   drasAc  shiE  in   the  role  of   Marketers.   Mobile  Provides  Best  Reach  Throughout   Customer  Journey  
  11. 11. #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     44%  of  consumers  find   less  than  a  quarter  of  the   messages  they  receive  of   any  value  (Oxygen8  group)   SMS  markeAng   campaigns  are   opted  out     less  than  5%  of   the  Ame     (Smart  Insights)   Smartphone  users   worldwide  will  total   1.75  billion  in  2014   (eMarketer)   770  million  GPS-­‐ enabled   Smartphones   (Business  Insider)   141  Avg.  minutes   adults  spend  using   mobile  device  each  day   (AdAge)   5  seconds   Avg.  ?me  it  takes  a   consumer  to  read  a  text   (SalesForce)   The  PotenAal  of  Mobile  Context:   $44  Billion  Market  Opportunity  
  12. 12. Mobile  Context  enables  a  new  type  of   real-­‐?me,  rich  customer  engagement.       Deliver  a  hyper-­‐personalized   experience  and  delight  customers,   applying  user’s  shared  informa?on:        The  New  Customer  Experience   SMS   Email   Push   OPT-­‐IN   LocaAon   Opt-­‐In   Preferences   User   Behavior   #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands    
  13. 13. Poll  Ques?on  #1   What  mobile  context,  if  any,  are  you  currently   using  to  support  your  customer  engagement   strategy?       •  Geoloca?on   •  Opt-­‐in  preferences   •  User  behavior   •  Other   •  We’re  not  using  mobile  context    
  14. 14. #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     Welcome  back!  If  you’d  like   to  receive  a  coupon  for   today’s  special    offer,  reply   to  this  text  with  ‘BOGO’.   BOGO   Thank  you!  Click  here  to   receive  your  mobile   coupon  now.   75%  of  mobile  users  are   more  likely  to  take  acAon   aEer  seeing  a  locaAon-­‐ specific  message.   Source:  JiWire    Use  Case:  LocaAon-­‐Based  Offer  
  15. 15. #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     YES   Your  flight  op?ons  are:   1)  #476  Dallas  12:30pm   2)  #234  Dallas  5:30pm   Reply  ‘1’  or  ‘2’  for  your  selec?on.   1   You  are  now  confirmed  on   flight  #476  to  Dallas  depar?ng     from  gate  23  at  12:30pm.   Thanks  for  flying  with  us!   Brands  using  SMS   successfully  reach  95%  of   smartphone  and  non-­‐ smartphone  users.     Source:   Use  Case:  Instant  Flight  Change   n   We  apologize  for  your  delayed   flight.  Reply  ‘YES’  to  receive  flight   op?ons  via  SMS  or  call   555-­‐555-­‐0132  to  speak  with  an   agent.  
  16. 16. 82%  of  consumers   want  data  mining  for   payments  protecHon   Source:  Infosys   #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     Use  Case:  Use  LocaAon  to  Assure  Payments   Mobile  device  is  currently   in  the  UK       Transac?on  requested  at:    000  Queens  Gate  Way,   London  UK  WXYZ5  
  17. 17. Poll  Ques?on  #2   What  mobile  context  services  would  your   organiza?on  find  most  valuable?       •  Loca?on-­‐based  marke?ng     •  Risk  mi?ga?on     •  Preference  management     •  Customer  loyalty  programs     •  Other  
  18. 18. +   6  Billion   Mobile  Devices   1,000  MNOs   700+  Billion   Messages  Processed  Per  Year   2  Billion     Cardholders   25,000+   Financial  Ins?tu?ons   65,000+   Transac?ons  Processed   Per  Min.   Syniverse  &  MasterCard  RelaAonship   Maximize  mobile  context  opportuni2es  and  protect  customers   #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands    
  19. 19. #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     RelaAonship  applies  mobile  context  to  proacAvely  increase   customer  saAsfacAon,  security   75+  Million  people  travel  abroad  each  month   Up  to  80%  of  declined  transacAons  abroad  are  legiAmate  
  20. 20. Poll  Ques?on  #3   Do  you  feel  your  customers  would  opt-­‐in  to   share  their  mobile  context  in  return  for  a  bejer   customer  experience?     •  Yes   •  Some,  but  not  all   •  No   •  Not  sure   •  Does  not  apply  
  21. 21. #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     •  Use  mobile  context  to  build  two-­‐way   engagement  throughout  the  customer   journey   •  Allow  customers  to  curate  their  own   experience  and  define  how  you  contact   them   •  Mobile  context  can  reach  beyond   markeAng   #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     Use  Mobile  Context  to  Engage  Customers   and  Build  Brand  Loyalty  
  22. 22. #omnitravel,  @SyniverseCMO   Q&A  
  23. 23. #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     Connect  with  the  Speakers   Alastair  Hanlon   Vice  President  of  Enterprise  and  Intelligence  SoluAons  at  Syniverse   James  Davlouros   Vice  President  -­‐  Mobile  Business  Development,  Europe  
  24. 24. #mobilecontext   @Mobile4Brands     Download  our   Mobile  Context   white  paper  here.   Thank  You!  
  25. 25. Closing: Key Takeaways 8/18/14 Proprietary & Confidential25 •  Apply customer’s shared information to build two-way engagement. •  Closely align mobile engagement strategy with customer opt-in preferences. •  Ensure you add value to customer’s personal routine and habits. •  Use mobile context to protect customers and optimize your business’s mobile engagement strategy
  26. 26. MMA Webinar Series 8/18/14 Proprietary & Confidential26 StarStar Numbers and the Future of Mobile Engagement September 18, 2014 Stop Your Mobile Marketing: It’s About the Context Not the Channel September 23, 2014 10 Things to Know About In-Store Mobile Marketing September 30, 2014 Upcoming MMA Events Shanghai Forum August 14, 2014 India Forum September 11, 2014 Brazil Forum September 23-24, 2014 The Smarties October 1, 2014 Vietnam Forum October 30, 2014
  27. 27. Additional Resources Smartbrief click here Mobile Smart Fundamentals click here LinkedIn Group click here Twitter click here MMA Online: Committees at Work click here MMA Online: Webinar Archive click here MMA Online: White Papers click here 8/18/14 Proprietary & Confidential27