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Location Based Mobile Advertising: It’s All About Results!


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This webinar will explain and explore the different ways that location based advertising can be measured to show both the digital and real-world impact of location-based mobile advertising. Areas discussed will include definitions of the different types of mobile measurement and metrics available today including the type of measurement that should be used by advertising goal.
Leo Scullin, Global Industry Initiatives, Mobile Marketing Association
Heather Sears, Vice President, Marketing, YP
Brett Kohn, Head of Marketing, Thinknear

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Location Based Mobile Advertising: It’s All About Results!

  1. 1. Location Based Mobile Advertising: It’s All About Results! MMA Webinar Series July 2014
  2. 2. About the MMA As the premier global trade association dedicated to accelerating the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, the MMA represents the entire marketing ecosystem and brings together over 700 organizations globally, allowing us to facilitate connections, deliver insight and drive impactful action for our members and the industry at large For more information about membership email: or visit •  INSIGHTS: Access a world of insights through our white papers, articles and case studies. Support your mobile agenda and ensure mobile readiness •  CONNECTIONS: Interact with passionate leaders and stay on the cutting edge. Boost your business and career by connecting with the people that matter •  IMPACT: •  Influence industry frameworks, standards, guidelines and best practices. Join the industry initiatives that shape the future of mobile 7/11/14 Proprietary & Confidential2
  3. 3. Presenters 7/11/14 Proprietary & Confidential3 Moderator Leo Scullin! Head of Global Industry Initiatives! Mobile Marketing Association! Heather Sears! VP, Marketing! YP! ! Brett Kohn! Director of Marketing! Thinknear!
  4. 4. Managing Your Questions 7/11/14 Proprietary & Confidential4 Share the Insights #MMAWeb
  5. 5. OVERVIEW •  Understanding Marketplace Growth and Challenges •  Why Location Measurement Matters •  Key Location Metrics •  Summary
  6. 6. Understanding Marketplace Growth & Challenges
  7. 7. Ad Spend Has Not Caught Up to Consumer Usage Source:  @KPCB,  IAB,  eMarketer  
  8. 8. Lack of Metrics Inhibits Faith in ROI Is producing ROI 29% Will eventually produce ROI 51% Is unlikely to produce ROI 16% Other 4% Attitudes Toward Mobile Marketing’s Effect on ROI According to Marketing Professionals Worldwide Nov 2013, % of respondents Source:  ExactTarget,  "2014  State  of  Marke?ng,"  Jan  8,  2014  
  9. 9. Effective Mobile Measurement Starts with Location
  10. 10. 56% of mobile-driven purchases actually occur in-store More than 50% of smartphone users expect business locations to be within 5 miles of their current position Source:  xAd/Telmetrics  Mobile  Path  to  Purchas  2014,  Google  2011   90% of Smartphone users search locally Consumers Have Come to Associate Location with Mobile Campaigns
  11. 11. Identifying Key Location Metrics
  12. 12. Driving Foot Traffic Increasing Brand Awareness Influencing Offline Purchases Three primary mobile campaign objectives as identified by agency marketers Aligning Metrics with Campaign Objectives is a Key Starting Point to Measuring Success Source:    Thinknear/DMR  Buyer  Insights  Survey,  April  2014  
  13. 13. Example Location-based Campaign Tactics •  Standard GeoTargeting •  GeoAudience Targeting Demographic, ethnographic or purchase driven •  Contextual Location Targeting Environmental or event driven Courtesy: MMA Objective 1: Increasing Brand Awareness
  14. 14. Location-Based Measurement Options Click Through Rate User engagement indicator Unique Audience Reach Scale across the campaign Brand Lift Increase in awareness or intent Objective 1: Increasing Brand Awareness
  15. 15. What is it A basic ad performance measure, made popular in digital advertising, brought over to mobile as an initial proxy for understanding user engagement with mobile ads. How does it work Determined using a simple calculation (Ad Clicks/Ads Served) How is it used Based on the percentage of ads click on, divided by the total number of impressions served Click Through Rate
  16. 16. Campaign Overview: •  Targeting through location- based behavioral profiles and scientific campaign optimization •  Focus on the NY, Chicago and LA DMAs Measurement: •  Campaign doubled industry benchmark CTR as well as ROAS Case Study: Click Thru Rate Source:    YP  
  17. 17. What is it The percent of target consumer group exposed to a mobile ad at least once during a specific period of time. How does it work In mobile this is typically based on the number of unique device ID’s (IDFA, AAID, etc.) reached during the campaign period How is it used Unique Audience Reach is used to ensure that your ad message was reached by a large audience vs. a small audience seeing your ad multiple times Unique Audience Reach
  18. 18. Campaign Overview: •  Raise awareness of Goodwill donation centers among Hispanic audiences nationwide •  Focused on key markets and the localized activities of Hispanic users as they conduct their mobile-driven lives Measurement: •  The campaign over-performed among target Hispanic audiences, demonstrating this group was nearly 60% more likely to visit Goodwill Donation Centers than the average consumer Case Study: Unique Audience Reach Source:    xAd  
  19. 19. What is it Determines if an ad campaign effectively increased the awareness or lift of a brand, product, etc., post ad exposure. How does it work This is typically conducted via a survey to an exposed group of mobile users (test), compared to survey responses from a non- exposed group of users (control). How is it used Brand Lift can take several forms but is most often used by marketers to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and to what extent their advertising has shifted consumer perception and intent against previously calculated metrics. Brand Lift
  20. 20. Campaign Overview •  Mobile rich media focused on promoting allergy medication •  Geotargeting based on real-time pollen counts •  Where-to-buy and coupon execution Measurement Tactics •  Lift in Brand Favorability, Purchase Intent and Awareness •  Survey driven control/exposed driven approach Case Study: Brand Lift Big Pharma Generates Brand Awareness Through Rich Media and Content Source:    Thinknear  
  21. 21. Example Location-based Campaign Tactics GeoFence Targeting Real-time proximity to advertiser locations Competitor Conquesting Real-time proximity to competitors Dynamic Creative Localized content on-the-fly Objective 2: Driving Foot Traffic
  22. 22. Location-Based Measurement Options Store Locator Actions Post-click measurement of map and/or navigation sessions Store Visit Lift Increase in store foot-traffic attributable to mobile campaign Objective 2: Driving Foot Traffic
  23. 23. What is it Post-click actions – such as click to view a map or navigate to a store location – that illustrates a strong intent to visit a physical location How does it work Typically referred to as a percentage of secondary actions post an ad click. Calculation is similar to CTR except based on all secondary ad click actions. How is it used By providing these types of actions to consumers, typically in a post ad click environment such as a landing page, advertisers have the ability to understand the level of interest and engagement in the campaign at hand and likelihood of consumer foot traffic associated with that campaign. Store Locator Actions
  24. 24. Campaign Overview: •  Increase local awareness of Outback’s Wednesday dinner specials among five locations in the Indianapolis DMA •  Leveraged localized search insights to serve location-dynamic creative and landing pages within key pockets of activity inside a five mile area surrounding each location Measurement: •  Campaign exceeded the client CTR benchmark by 25% •  48% of secondary action activity was click to map and driving directions Case Study: Store Locator Actions Source:    xAd  
  25. 25. What is it A metric with various formulas (and names), depending on the advertiser or vendor, but all built around a notion of measuring increased foot traffic as a result of a mobile campaign. How does it work This measurement can be conducted two ways: •  Mobile panel who have agreed to have their location behaviors tracked via a mobile app installed on their phone •  Tying location based mobile ad requests of exposed and non- exposed users to other ad requests seen in or near the store(s) which were advertised How is it used To understand the real-world impact of a mobile ad campaign by tracking mobile user visitation to brick and mortar store fronts, and measuring shifts in traffic patterns by those exposed to the ad campaign as well as those unexposed. Store Visit Lift
  26. 26. Campaign Overview •  National campaign •  Localized creative content for each location •  Dynamic distance tags to encourage visits •  Pricing Specials •  Store Hours Measurement •  Restaurant visitation lift via panel study •  2.16% post-click store conversion rate •  $1.35 cost per store visit National Pizza Chain Leverages Store Visit Lift to Measure Mobile Campaign Case Study: Store Visitation Lift Source:    Thinknear  
  27. 27. Example Location-based Campaign Tactics Geo-retargeting / Behavioral Targeting Brand-specific or category retargeting based on location history Dynamic & Localized Content Content optimized by location context Couponing & Promotions Purchase-driving incentives Objective 3: Influencing Offline Purchases
  28. 28. Location-Based Measurement Options Phone Calls Qualified leads by locality or to central call centers Coupon Redemption Tracking by location and/or campaign strategy Sales Lift Direct or regression based lift measurement Objective 3: Influencing Offline Purchases
  29. 29. What is it Ability to click thru a mobile ad and place a call directly to the business being advertised, in device. How does it work Typically referred to as a percentage of secondary actions post an ad click (CTC). Calculation is similar to CTR except based on all secondary ad click actions. How is it used Typically used as part of a set of secondary actions offered on a mobile landing page. Phone calls are made to a specific business location, and from there more specific metrics can be tracked such as length of call. Phone Calls
  30. 30. Campaign Overview •  Leverage mobile’s unique “just in time” access to targeted consumers in order to drive increased foot traffic into local Dunkin’ Donuts stores •  Implemented sponsored search with dynamic- location secondary actions available on subsequent landing pages Measurement •  Of the secondary actions offered, the campaign drove 27% of that activity to quality, vetted consumer calls - demonstrating high intent to visit Case Study: Phone Calls Source:    xAd  
  31. 31. What is it Coupon creative provided as part of a secondary ad click option, giving consumers the ability to utilize a coupon at a brick and mortar storefront. How does it work Typically tracked based on the number of coupon downloads or unique codes used at the point of sale. How is it used Coupon implementations range from image-based to Passbook integrations, but provide consumers with the ability to save and redeem coupons discovered in-device. Advertisers are also able to directly track purchase activity back to ad engagement, providing deeper ROI metrics. Coupon Redemption
  32. 32. Campaign Overview •  Fuel foot traffic and local coupon redemption at Pinkberry locations nationwide surrounding new greek yogurt product •  Location and audience-based targeting to target location-dynamic coupon creative to the right users at the right moments Measurement •  Campaign exceeded client benchmarks by 100% and drove significant coupon redemption Case Study: Coupon Redemption Source:    xAd  
  33. 33. What is it The percent-increase of sales directly driven by ad or campaign, as compared to calculated sales averages during the same time period. How does it work This measurement is usually determined through a 3rd party company that can match sales records from credit card companies or specific POS systems by market and/or exposed mobile device IDs. How is it used Sales Lift is an important indicator of offline activity and can provide valuable estimates that help gauge the ROI of mobile ad campaigns and optimize for future planning. Sales Lift
  34. 34. Targeting: •  San Francisco, Madison, Seattle test markets •  Targeting competitors customers (Subway, McDonald’s, Wendy’s) •  < 10 miles of location Results: •  6% lift in sales over national average “Have a testing mentality - always” Tim Kraus, Director of Digital Marketing, Quiznos Source:    YP   Case Study: Sales Lift
  35. 35. Summary •  Consumer mobile media consumption is experiencing high growth but ad spend lags. A key reason is perceived lack of metrics •  Location-based mobile campaigns can drive results for critical brand metrics including Influencing Brand Awareness, Driving Foot Traffic and Influencing Offline Purchases •  Aligning metrics with campaign objectives is the starting point to measuring success
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