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Webinar Video: How Industries Push Mobile Engagement & Next-Level Opportunities


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More than 80% of the time people spend using mobile devices is in apps, and push messaging enables marketers to drive greater app engagement and retention. The Good Push Index study, encompassing 2400 apps and 500 million push notifications, offers some of the first available insights on push messaging effectiveness and opt-in rates across key industry verticals.
We’ll dig deep into GPI findings to share how different types of apps perform, as well as highlight the massive delta between average and top-performers to understand the upside to push messaging optimization. We’ll also punctuate quantitative results with the best and worst real-world examples, as well as top tips for driving greater engagement.
Leo Scullin, Global Industry Initiatives, Mobile Marketing Association
Heidi Tretheway, Director of Marketing Communications, Urban Airship
Corey Gault, Director of Communications, Urban Airship
Original Air Date:
January 23, 2014

Published in: Education
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