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Integrated Cross Channel Mobile Strategies: 3 Tips for Coming Up with Yours


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In a survey of client-side marketers worldwide it was found that only 17% of marketers reporting that mobile was “very integrated” into overall marketing strategy. With 84% of consumers expecting a consistent experience across all channels, including mobile, marketers need to make sure that they are delivering consistent and relevant communication across all consumer touch-points. Customers expect seamless interactions with a brand cross channel and for that brand to evolve with their digital usage. Delivering a well-rounded campaign doesn't start with tactics, it needs a strategy. During this webinar we will discuss tips on how to create a strategy and share case studies.

Considerations for helping you clearly define your objectives & goals
Identify channels that will work to satisfy them – research who your customers are and their marketing touch-points
And then how to tie it all together in order to craft a cross channel mobile strategy

Leo Scullin, Global Industry Initiatives, Mobile Marketing Association

Sara Kowal VP, Product Innovation HelloWorld
Aaron Clark VP of Mobile Sales and Operations HelloWorld

Live Webinar Date: February 11, 2014

Published in: Marketing

Integrated Cross Channel Mobile Strategies: 3 Tips for Coming Up with Yours

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  3. 3. Today’s Agenda! Cross-Channel Marketing! ! 3 Steps to Designing an Integrated Marketing Campaign! ! Case Studies!
  4. 4. Key Insights to be Shared! Meaningful objective and goal setting is a far more important place to start than tactic considerations.!  ! Your consumer will dictate on what channels they prefer to interact.!  ! How it all ties together to create a compelling cross-channel mobile strategy.! 4  
  5. 5. Presenters! Sara Kowal! VP, Product Innovation! HelloWorld! Aaron Clark! VP, Mobile Sales and Operations! HelloWorld! ! Moderator! Leo Scullin! Head of Global Industry Initiatives! Mobile Marketing Association! 5  
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  9. 9. Our Street Cred 50% 4x of the 44 countries Experts Strategy Technology Legal Fortune 500 more promotions 800+ clients than the next company
  10. 10. Poll Question #1 How does your company handle digital marketing? 1.  All one team but we divide up work by project. 2.  Team is separated by channel – mobile team handles all things mobile, social team handles all things social, etc. 3.  Separated by tactics: Promotions team, loyalty, media team. Those teams decide which channels to use.
  11. 11. Cross-Channel Marketing
  12. 12. There are so many different names… Multi-channel VS. Cross-channel
  13. 13. Frequency of Consumer Visits to Retail Sites On Their Path to Purchase 8.7 Mobile PC 6.2 4.5 4.2 2.9 1.5 Online Only Multi-Channel Total
  14. 14. Percentage of Consumers Using Different Touch points on the Path to Purchase 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Smartphone Tablet PC
  15. 15. 17% of marketers report that mobile was “very integrated” into overall marketing strategy 84% of consumers expect a consistent experience across all channels, including mobile 17
  16. 16. Another way to look at it…
  17. 17. MarketerFASHION TRIVIA View Twitter Website Facebook Banner Ads Pinterest Email In-Store eCommerce Site Loyalty Program Mobile Messaging Mobile Apps POS Mobile Sites
  18. 18. Consumer View YOUR BRAND
  19. 19. A Successful Cross-Channel Experience Recognizes consumers across channels Delivers a consistent experience tailored to the strengths of the channel Considers the natural interactions consumers have within the channel
  20. 20. Designing an Integrated Campaign
  21. 21. 3 EASY STEPS 1 Clearly define your objectives & goals 2 Identify the right channels 3 Develop a concept that pulls together the right tactics
  22. 22. Poll Question #2 Does your organization have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy? 1.  Yes – it’s integrated into our marketing strategy. 2.  Yes – it’s defined in a separate document. 3.  No – we are doing digital marketing, but no strategy.
  23. 23. Define Objectives and Goals Acquisition •  Grow email optin list by 20% •  Increase mobile club registrations to 25,000 •  Drive 30% more traffic to brand sites Engagement & Advocacy •  Increase top of mind awareness (unaided/aided recall) •  Collect consumer % profile data to develop 5 more targeted segments Drive to Purchase •  Increase sales 15% •  Generate 10,000 product trials of a new offering •  Drive 25% of sales through web channel 25
  24. 24. Determine the Right Channels Whether you’re targeting new customers or looking to reconnect with existing ones, identifying channels that are relevant to those you want to reach is imperative. 26
  25. 25. Final Design of an Integrated Campaign ü  Objectives Set ü  Channel Identification Now it’s time to think tactics •  What is a compelling concept that ties the emotion and excitement of your brand to the consumer? •  Considering objectives and channels, which combination of tactics make the most sense to meet your objectives? 27
  26. 26. Example Marketing Program Plan BUSINESS OBJECTIVES KEY INITIATIVES (TACTICS) KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Acquisition •  Facebook Promotion (‘Like’ is required) •  Consumer is opted into receive SMS and email notifications •  Email and SMS Opt-ins •  Number of Facebook Likes and Shares •  Impressions Engagement •  Survey after sweepstakes entry for consumer insight •  Consumer texts a code to play an in-restaurant game •  Completed surveys •  Game plays Purchase •  Consumer is sent a timesensitive LBS coupon that motivates them to come into the restaurant •  Pays for meal in-app •  Coupons redeemed •  Increased ticket size
  27. 27. Integrated Campaign Checklist Do all the pieces of the program map to brand objectives and goals? Are we leveraging all owned assets across channels to drive the success of the program (digital, in-store, print, packaging, etc.)? Are all required cross-functional team members on board with the purpose and execution of the program? Is the consumer experience seamless – and appropriate – across channels? Are we ready to gather and use the data we are collecting to build meaningful consumer profiles to optimize marketing spend & consumer relationships?
  28. 28. Bonus Step: Always Keep Improving! •  Integrated programs come with lots and lots of data – be sure to use it! ›  Personalization ›  Segmentation ›  Offer testing •  How consumers interact with various devices and channels is constantly changing – make sure to re-evaluate your integrated strategy to keep it fresh. ›  Prioritize channels/experiences ›  Decide if you need to be on the leading edge, a close follower or if you can wait until the majority of consumers are in a channel before investing
  29. 29. Case Studies
  30. 30. FRED MEYER Holiday “Daily Deal” Brand Awareness 33
  31. 31. 3M POST-IT & SCOTCH “Color Your World” Social Loyalty
  32. 32. TODAY ONLY! Text MYSTERY to 55X55 for your surprise offer! BIG BOX RETAILER “SMS Mystery Offer” Brand Engagement
  33. 33. HASBRO “Hasbro Rewards” Rebate Management
  34. 34. Sara Kowal Aaron Clark ©2014, HelloWorld® – Confidential
  35. 35. Closing: Key Takeaways! •  Customer expectations have risen. Cross-Channel marketing programs are now required.! ! •  Always start with your objectives and goals, never with tactics.! •  Channel considerations are critical, you must consider a consistent experience not only cross-channel but also tailored to the strength of the channel. ! ! •  Have a plan! Every element of the plan, and every tactic within the plan should support the likelihood of meeting your objectives and goals.! 38  
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