Mobile And Internet Marketing Trends


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Keynote by Mike Wehrs, President & CEO, Mobile Marketing Association, during the 3rd Internet & Mobile Marketing Summit 2009. Manila, Philippines, 26 Aug 2009.

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Mobile And Internet Marketing Trends

  1. 1. 8/26/2009 Agenda Mobile Landscape Mobile Marketing Association Launches About MMA Philippines Local Council in Partnership with IMMAP MMA Philippines Local Council Mike Wehrs, President and CEO, MMA A Shift in Brand Thinking Mobile Landscape Mobile is essential, rather than experimental Smartphones, larger screen size, better web browsing capabilities, longer battery life, and “all you can eat” data packages Branded widgets and applications on mobile social networking sites – a rich immersive platform to target customers and very attractive to brands Exceptional global growth Highly effective mobile strategies Mobile Landscape | The Numbers It’s What Marketers Want Total of $453.2B to be spent on advertising globally in 20091 $65 BILLION WILL SHIFT AWAY FROM TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING CHANNELS TO DIGITAL CHANNELS IN 2009 2009 Projected Change in Ad Spending • 4.1 billion mobile users 15% Selected Categories 2009 versus 200 globally today Top priorities and popular tactics for marketers in 2009 12% • 61% penetration rate 3 9% 7% 5% • 5.6 billion mobile users globally 3% in 20134 • Achieving measurable ROI MARKETS -5% • Spending on mobile messaging • Translating the Brand Experience across is expected to rise to $2.9 billion in 20105 different touch points 1.Online -18% -19% -20% -15% • Mobile content is predicted to • Creating Integrated Marketing Programs 2.Mobile MOBILE -23% -25% rise from $24 billion in 2008 • Cutting budgets without cutting performance -25% to $47 billion by 20136 3.Viral • 100 million unique mobile • Measuring brand effectiveness subscribers and $1.8 billion in revenues for 2Q 20087 • Evolving a brand 4.SEO 1
  2. 2. 8/26/2009 What is Mobile Marketing Why Mobile? Unique Engagement Top Responses to a Mobile Ad The use of mobile as an integrated content delivery and direct response vehicle to reach consumers 25% 25% 20% 15% 13% 11% 10% 9% Why Mobile? 7% 5% 5% 5% 4% 4% 3% 3% Delivering the right MESSAGE: 0% •To the right PERSON •At the right TIME •In the right PLACE Source: Nielsen, Mobile Advertising Report Why Mobile? Ubiquitous Among Users The Question is: Why Not? Trends such as mobile banking, alerts, mobile vouchers and coupons, The unique value of the mobile channel is clear and customer service applications are developing as key areas to watch Mobile Banking Users* Worldwide, by region, 2011 (% of total) Increasingly 50% Higher level of attractive ROI as engagement other marketing and interaction 40% channels lose controlled by 41% their appeal the consumer 30% 22% 20% Mobile can deliver Relevant, tailored, on the promise timely messages of one-to-one can translate to 12% 10% marketing high conversion 8% 3% rates 2% 7% 5% 0% Far East and Western North Middle East Indian Asia-Pacific** Eastern Latin America China Europe America and Africa subcontinent Europe Source: Juniper Research Agenda About the MMA Mobile Landscape About MMA MMA is: MMA Philippines Local Council ACTION-ORIENTED MEMBER-DRIVEN DEDICATED FORWARD-THINKING 2
  3. 3. 8/26/2009 MMA Activities MMA Global Reach Regional Branches MMA Highlights • Asia Pacific GLOBAL REACH MEMBERSHIP INDUSTRY INDUSTRY • Europe PROMOTION INITIATIVES • Latin America • New local councils • Growth and high • 6 Global Mobile • Industry research • Middle East and Africa in UK, India, South level of member Marketing Forums and educational • North America Africa, Ireland support and (MMF) tools responsiveness Local Councils • Key regional • Combined audience • MMA Committees Managing Director • Website re-launch of 1400+ delegates led educational and appointments to provide better • Austria: 22 members and speakers guideline initiatives access to resources • India: 42 members • Local councils in • Annual Member • 300+ speaking • Consumer Best • Spain: 49 members MMA Germany, Spain, opportunities for Practices and Global France, Ireland, Satisfaction Survey member companies Code of Conduct • South Africa: 17 members Philippines Austria • UK: 62 members • Discounts, offers Local Council: and greater visibility • Global Awards • Additional Councils to be launched in 2009 Program 24 members Partnerships • BVDW Section Mobile (Germany) • Mobile Messaging Forum (Ireland) Mobile Marketing Ecosystem Who Are Our Members? Who’s in the Mobile World 700+ active member companies 3,500+ active individuals Brand Media MEA 3% Company 4% 6% APAC 6% Operator LATAM 9% 6% Technology Enabler National* 33% Other NA 8% 15% 46% EUR 13% Content Agency 18% Global Provider 7% 16% By Category By Region MMA Committees MMA Strategic Relationships Actively establish industry-wide, national and international best practices and guidelines for mobile marketing. A key way MMA members help shape the Global Associations future of the mobile marketing industry. • GSM Association (GSMA) • Advertising Guidelines Actively establish industry-wide, national and international best practices • dotMobi Advisory Group (MAG) Global Committees Regional Committees & guidelines for mobile marketing. A key way MMA members help shape the future of the mobile marketing industry. Academic Outreach Affiliate Marketing* (North America) Key Regional Associations Education Consumer Best Practices(North America) • CTIA Measurement • Participation TV • IVR • Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mobile Advertising • Direct Marketing Association (DMA) • Marketing to Children • Display • BVDW Section Mobile • Mobile Web • Mobile Messaging • Internet Advertising Bureau (UK) • Mobile Video and TV CBP Brazil (LATAM) CBP Argentina (LATAM) • Internet and Mobile Marketing Mobile Commerce Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) • Mobile Banking Mobile Program Mark (North America) • Mobile Couponing Research and Metrics (all Regions) Privacy Women in Wireless (all Regions) Proximity * The Affiliate Membership level only applies to the Tier 2 Affiliate Marketer doing business in the US. 3
  4. 4. 8/26/2009 Agenda IMMAP • 86 member companies, including 37 mobile companies, as well as advertisers, agencies, publishers About MMA • Member of the Advertising Board of the Philippines • Alliances with: Mobile Landscape – Philippine Association for National Advertisers – Advertising Agencies Association of the Philippines MMA Philippines Local Council – Advertising Standards Council Arthur Policarpio, President, IMMAP The Fastest Growing Media Channel in Philippine Market Potential and Challenges History From less than 1million subscribers in 1996, Beyond SMS Barriers for Increased to 70 million subscribers in 2009 • Bluetooth marketing Adoption • Multimedia mobile • Abuse of consumer privacy Number of Mobile users since 1996 80,000,000 marketing and rights 70,000,000 70,000,000 • Mobile applications • Lack of industry-specific 60,000,000 60,000,000 • Mobile internet research 50,000,000 157 • Lack of knowledge on 40,000,000 160 140 128 mobile marketing on the 30,000,000 118 20,000,000 120 part of advertisers 100 10,000,000 12,000,000 80 • Lack of industry-wide 0 959,024 60 34 metrics and measurement 1996 2000 2008 2009 40 19 15 15 8 6 20 8 3 “SMS Capital of the World” 0 More than 1 billion SMS/day Page Views… Mobile Internet Requests on Networks PhilippineRequest on Network2009 • 1.2 million monthly unique users PhilippineDevice Manufacturer June 2009 • 128 million monthly page views PhilippineTop 10 handsets. Source: Yahoo! Mobile Source: 4
  5. 5. 8/26/2009 IMMAP-MMA - A Partnership for Growth How do we grow the industry? Vision • Capture 2-3% of ad spending in the next 3-5 years > $60 - Consumers Advertisers $90million/year industry • Recognized thought leader and center of mobile marketing innovation in Asia Pacific region • Leverage Global best practices, standards, consumer guidelines with MMA’s partnership Value Return-on- Standards and guidelines Investment Best practices A significant milestone in the creation of a self-regulating Metrics body to drive the Mobile Marketing business and Education educate stakeholders Founding Members Engaging the Mobile Ecosystem • Network and Collaborate • Sponsor, Advertise and Speak • MMA Global Awards • Case Studies and Articles • Mobile Marketing Forums • Active Committees • Latest Industry Research Membership Benefits: By Ecosystem Player Membership Benefits: By Ecosystem Player Carrier: Academic: • Forum to discuss industry issues with other • Access and discounts on industry carriers and solicit feedback from ecosystem publications, research and conferences • Consumer Best Practices and thought • Join MMA’s Academic Outreach Program leadership in mobile advertising & measurement initiatives Affiliate: • Education program to keep up to date on Consumer: marketing requirements • Reduction of misleading advertisements that • Industry recognition for abiding by industry do not comply with Consumer Best Practices self-regulation guidelines • Protection of Privacy Aggregator: Content Provider: • Collaboration within the ecosystem to modify • Direct line of communication with carriers and program requirements aggregators • Opportunity to network with other leading • Education on “off-deck” programming companies requirements Brand/Agency: MASP - Mobile Application Service Provider • Drive mobile marketing adoption, share or “Technology Enabler” success stories & innovative technology • Opportunity to network with other leading • Connect with potential business partners companies • MMA Awards Program 5
  6. 6. 8/26/2009 Objectives for the MMA Philippines Local Council Priorities Areas for the MMA Philippines Local Council • Build the Council’s membership • MMA Philippines Local Council plans will be geared towards focusing on four core objectives • Ensure that the MMA has complete representation across the entire ecosystem and is seen as the voice of the 1 2 Building 3 4 Networking to Establishing industry Education & awareness measurement & metrics for grow the go-to-market ecosystem framework • Create output of real value to members and non-members the industry which increases the spend across the entire range of • Brands, • Guidelines and • Measurement • Share best mobile marketing activities Agencies and framework practices standards Telcos • Consumer • Awards and • MMA • Create a blueprint for success for the MMA to take to the • Best practices usage and events Philippines site rest of the region • Industry attitude • Speaking • Best practices statistics • Revenue opportunities • Consumer • Research and impact • Consumer initiatives white papers • Third party initiatives reports and media tracker THANK YOU! 6