Mlta annual conference


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Play this while people are arriving.

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Mlta annual conference

  1. 1. MLTA AnnualConferen ce
  2. 2. welkom Καλώς Όρισες selamat datang hoş geldiniz! 환영합니다 欢迎 tervetuloa ¡Bienvenidos! Welcom Bienvenue willkommen e բարի գալուստ benvenuti Добро пожаловать Merħba Velkommen hoan nghênh! salve ようこそ!Image credit (michelle) maligayang pagdating
  3. 3. Image credit: Tueksta Wireless access
  4. 4. Participate in theconference –discuss the ideas,send in yourthoughts and shareyour feedback. @MLTANSW #MLTA2012
  5. 5. Workshop s One: ChooseMercurius GoldsteinBreakaway: Small-town StudentsVisit Japan O Justine Abel R Integrating ICT into the Languages Classroom
  6. 6. Workshop s One: ChooseCaroline DavidMaximising student outcomes on aStudy Tour O Ayumi Dalpadado R Everything You Need to Know About Copyright
  7. 7. The conference will start soon.Please find a seat 