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Announcement of the sociopolitical Omnibus in the city of Zaporizhzhia, 2018


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Omnibus MLS group is the public opinion monitoring survey of Zaporizhzhia residents regarding current issues of social and political life in the society. The questionnaire for each survey includes a variety of topics (from politics and economics to social problems). In these conditions, each Orderer can supply the questionnaires with the questions connected with her/his needs and she/he pay only for these questions, the sociodemographic part is provided for all Orderers free of charge.

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Announcement of the sociopolitical Omnibus in the city of Zaporizhzhia, 2018

  1. 1. OMNIBUS «SOCIOPOLITICAL OMNIBUS IN THE CITY OF ZAPORIZHZHIA» Reliable data for deliberated decisions
  2. 2. Who are we? We are: the team of the professionals which provides marketing, socio-political research, consulting, project evaluation and training to both corporate and private customers. MLS group is a leader of marketing research in Zaporizhzhia region. We have been conducting research on social and political issues for over 10 years. The main focus of our work: • Marketing researches and consulting • Analysis of the agricultural market • Labor market analysis • Decentralization and local government • Development of united communities and strategic planning Our principles of work: • Prudence • Timeliness • Complexity
  3. 3. What do we offer? The most cost-efficient tool of studying the public opinion of Zaporizhzhia dwellers concerning the topical issues of social and political life of the community. Sociopolitical monitoring of MLS group - is an omnibus-type survey. It means that each survey questionnaire includes various topics (from economy to social issues). Futhermore, each Customer can supply the questionnaires with the questions connected with her/his needs and she/he pays only for these questions, the sociodemographic part is provided for all the Customers free of charge. The survey is conducted by professional interviewers who are trained and instructed. Sociopolitical monitoring MLS group is accompanied by multilevel quality control of data at all the stages: control of compliance with routes, visual, logical control of all questionnaires, telephone monitoring.
  4. 4. What are the Omnibus MLS group values? 4 What do we offer? This tool is useful if you are ... ... a representative of the government (deputy, head of the department, etc.), who wants to know the mood and problems of the community to make deliberated management decisions; ... a journalist who wants to operate only verified data; ... a public activist who wants to change the situation in the city for the better, but not sure if your initiative is supported. Low price: pay only for the questions that you have ordered. High quality results: multilevel control can guarantee 100% compliance technology of survey. Confidentiality: only the Customer gets the data for their questions, the results are not given to other Customers of the research. Competence: the survey is conducted by our own team of interviewers who are systematically trained. Regularity: the periodicity of conducting the survey allows to monitor the dynamics of the processes.
  5. 5. Where is the survey conducted? Vanue: Zaporizhzhia Selection totality: 800 people aged 18 and over who live in Zaporozhzhia Frequency: twice a year (March, December) 5 What do we offer? Survey Method: face-to-face interviews with respondents at their place of residence Data collection: provided by its own network of professional interviewers Data quality: 100% of the questionnaires undergo visual control and logic control, and 30% of the work is checked by telephone control. How is the survey conducted? What will you get after completing the survey? Results provided to the Customer: • data array in SPSS and / or MS EXCEL format • tables of one-dimensional distributions • tables of two-dimensional distributions with indicators of the socio-demographic block • an information report or a detailed analytical report in PDF format • other forms of preparation of final data, reports and presentations of Omnibus results are carried out by prior agreement
  6. 6. Block 1. Zaporizhzhia: socio-political space • If we speak about the changes that occurred in the city last year, what can you say? • Could you tell me, please, where you’ve noticed the changes for the better / worse? • How do you evaluate the work of Vladimir Buryak as a mayor of our city? • If the mayor elections were held next Sunday, who would you vote for? • And who of them you would not vote for in any way? • If elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine took place the next Sunday, then for whom would you vote? Block 2. Socio-demographic block • Sex • Age, incl. affiliation to the age group • Education • Occupation • District of residence • Other demographic issues that can be ordered for a fee: financial position, average monthly income of the family, marital status, family composition, language of communication, nationality Blocks X. Customer Blocks 6 What do we offer? The structure of the questionnaire Free socio- demographic block
  7. 7. Within the Omnibus MLS group is free of charge: • translation of Customer’s questions if necessary • expert examination of the Customer's questions compliance with the basic requirements for the formulation and preparation of tools The cost of including 1 question in Omnibus: 500 UAH. • the number of questions from one Customer is unlimited. 7 What do we offer? Stage Term Appeal for clarification, submitting questions to questionnaire up to 28.02.18 Making changes to the questionnaire 01.03.18 Start of field work 05.03.18 Completion of field work 14.03.18 Entering and processing of data 9 – 21.03.18 Transfer file and tables dimensional distributions 22.03.18 Transmission of the full report (if necessary) 26.03.18 Graph of Omnibus MLS group Omnibus is a universal tool for dealing with issues of varying complexity
  8. 8. Omnibus realization cycle 1 Interested in the Omnibus Order 2 Contact with the specified telephone numbers 3 Matching questions for Omnibus 4 Signing of a service agreement 5 Subscription for services in the amount of 50% 6 Realization of the research 7 Obtaining results of Omnibus 8 Signing of work completion certificate 9 Postpay for services in the amount of 50%
  9. 9. + 158 Soborny prospect, оf. 245, 246 RELIABLE DATA FOR DELIBERATED DECISIONS Order your questions +380 97 7213496