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How to Request Aculist Reports


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MLSListings subscribers have access to free, branded market data reports every month. Aculist data is updated daily, providing the best representation of area data, thus enhancing your influence and expertise. Aculist provides over 25 different report formats and data options including MLS Area, City, ZIP Code, Elementary and High School District.

This presentation explains how to request Aculist reports.

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How to Request Aculist Reports

  1. 1. Michelle Ronco Aculist, Inc. How to Request Aculist Reports
  2. 2. Aculist © 20192 Step 1 Login to Pro and click on the Aculist button
  3. 3. Aculist © 20193 Step 2 On the Aculist page enter a City, ZIP or Area in the search bar Aculist Search Bar
  4. 4. Aculist © 20194 Step 3 • Type a City, ZIP or MLS Area • You must choose a selection from the drop-down list
  5. 5. Aculist © 20195 Single Family or Condo/Townhome • You can choose either data for single family homes or condo/townh omes • Use the Property Type Filter
  6. 6. Aculist © 20196 Reports Displayed You will be presented with all of your report options
  7. 7. Aculist © 20197 Step 4 Clicking on any report will take you to a report detail page. Now you can: 1. Request this report 2. Request automatic delivery of this report 3. Become an Aculist subscriber
  8. 8. Aculist © 20198 Step 5 Request this report – click on “Email Me This Report”  The report will be emailed to you in 10 minutes or less with your photo and your contact information
  9. 9. Aculist © 20199 Step 5 Request automatic delivery of this report - click on “Automatic Delivery”  The report, for the City/ZIP/MLS Area you selected, will be sent to you immediately and then again on the 1st of every month.
  10. 10. Aculist © 201910 Step 5 Become an Aculist subscriber  Get unlimited reports each month  Request subscriber only reports  Receive quarterly and annual data, by city, for all five MLSListings’ counties
  11. 11. Aculist © 201911 Add Your Photo Your photo will appear on all Aculist Market Reports • If you do not have a photo, your report photo will default to a sold sign
  12. 12. Aculist © 201912 Add Your Photo Click on the View/Upload Photo link to add your photo to Pro.
  13. 13. Aculist © 201913 Manage Your Automatic Deliveries You can disable automatic deliveries anytime This dashboard tells you how many automatic deliveries you have
  14. 14. Aculist © 201814 Do you have any questions for our team? Contact Us Michelle Ronco 408-642-6970
  15. 15. Thank You