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Home Business Reality Check

Webinar slides from Dale Calvert & that shares with you the 4 Major Paradigm Shifts Network Marketing leaders must have to maximize their success in network marketing and remove the fears and frustrations associated with building a MLM business.

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Home Business Reality Check

  1. 1. Welcome We will start at 9:00 EST
  2. 2. Retired from building teams at age 39 to pursue other business interest. The Power of a Dream DVD is available free here: 7,500 hours. 2 Hours a Day 5 days a week 14 years.
  3. 3. Greg Palka Colorado Springs, Colorado Cheryl Skinnell Auburn, Washington Jerry Mailhot San Diego, California Joanne McGraw American Canyon, California Emily Connor Melbourne, Australia Thomas Williams Drummonds, TN Daniel Alexander Ontario, Canada Bruce Wright Reagan, TN Shannon Tellbuescher Seminole, Florida Gail Wiebers Bellingham, Mass Victoria Fitch Cork, Ireland
  4. 4. Noah Cooper Canberra, Australia Mark Rooper Arkdale, Wisconsin Candy Moore Bakersfield, Caliornia 35+ More ……….
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  6. 6. Halloween Recruiting Tip
  7. 7. Industry Service Announcement
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  9. 9. The 4 Most Important Paradigm Shifts a Network Marketing Professional will have in their career *SLIDES* Stay with me tonight
  10. 10. Build People, People will build the business Your income is in direct proportion to the number of leaders you DEVELOP on your team!
  11. 11. *Awakening *Growth (Paradigm Shift of 1997 *Speculation *Fragmentation
  12. 12. August 2015
  13. 13. August 2015 (Closed Down 90% of My Training Websites)
  14. 14. #1 You are not Normal 70% of the population will die broke, you are not going to change that! They would rather blame than change. • Wistful regrets Many people believe that regrets about things we didn’t do are somehow worse. In quotes, we are frequently warned against them. I wonder if this is down to wistful thinking: The things we didn’t do can hardly disappoint us, so they will always be on our minds as opportunities we missed.
  15. 15. #2 All normal people have to deal with fear of failure and fear of rejection “Deal with Feelings or Make Excuses” CANCEL – CANCEL - TECHNIQUE
  16. 16. #2 97% of people have to deal with fear of failure and fear of rejection MEMORIZE IT!
  17. 17. #2 The Numbers (Law of Averages) Break Through Get the Emotions out of it and get to your # “I never see failure as failure only as a chance to refine my skills”
  18. 18. Understanding it Intellectually is different than living it daily Imagine how different you FEEL about your business if Fear of Failure and Fear of Rejection where absent from NORMAL Programmed Response I Swear ….. You Can Get There
  20. 20. # 3 “Until you Know Why the How Doesn’t Matter”
  21. 21. My goal is to Support the RIGHT People who know it is about Building People & have the Experience & Systems in place to Do it!
  22. 22. #4 If you Master the 5 Core Fundamentals there is nothing more to master! Stop looking for the Fu Fu Dust! Or I will see you in 8-12 years! Anyone Who Decides ……. Can! Wisdom of the Ages Success Principles work for EVERYONE who puts them into Action!
  23. 23. Have you received Value Tonight? • #1 You are Not Normal • #2 You can Deal with the Emotions of Fear of Failure and Fear of Rejection or Make Excuses • #3 Until you know WHY the How doesn’t matter #4 Master the Fundamentals there really is nothing else
  24. 24. Let me tell you about Cindy & John
  25. 25. Only that which is monitored & tracked can be improved upon!
  26. 26. For those of you with us tonight that are Mastering the 5 Core Fundamentals, what is #5? #5……….After your foundational systems are in place, create as many leads as you can on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Master a Lead Generation method (Outsource it) • #1 Lead Generation Program Drop cards …… Why? (Team Orange County)
  27. 27. Over 50 FOLLOW-UP Calls “Follow Up is more important than the initial contact” Over 30 New Leads Created!
  28. 28. “Most people Hear, Agree, and continue to do what they have always done, the way they have always done it” Human nature is wanting to accomplish as much as possible with as little effort as possible and without change. (Self Proclaimed Gurus Know this)
  31. 31. 8 New Affiliates Enrolled Last Week!
  32. 32. #2 The Numbers (Law of Averages) Break Through Get the Emotions out of it and get to your # “I never see failure as failure only as a chance to refine my skills”
  33. 33. QUESTIONS? EMAIL is The Worst Way
  34. 34. QUESTIONS?
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  36. 36. Free Download until Sat. at Midnight Kindle for PC (Free Download read on your computer)
  37. 37. Your Social Media, Blog, Amazon & Podcast Feedback
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