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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Presented by Michael Kusters @MKusters1 November 14, 2011 “If Facebook and Twitter had a baby, they’d call it Google+.” Olaf Wempe, Web Developer
  2. 2. Google+ is… • The latest social media innovation • Clean and user-friendly • A better way to share • Circles • Hangouts • Sparks • More private than other social networking services • Take control of your online environment
  3. 3. Main Focus • Making content more usable and personalized • Improving technology • Improving website SEO for brands, bloggers, etc…
  4. 4. For Business • Blog promotion • B2B sales • An innovative approach to customer service and engagement • Superior data and analytics • Organize and segment brand enthusiasts/customers
  5. 5. Pros • Privacy settings • Sharing options • Friends options • Mobile app is faster and more user-friendly • Notification bar
  6. 6. Cons • Mobile app for Android and iPhone only • Search results • Been on beta for too long
  7. 7. Successes
  8. 8. Failures • Steve Yegge, a senior engineer at Google, accidentally and publicly posted a critical analysis about Google’s understanding of platforms, calling Google Plus a “complete failure.”
  9. 9. References growth.png engineer-complete-failure-fail-hate-steve-yegee-reasons.htm do-bloggers-have-in-them/