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Slovenian Endorsements Of Eko Gea Wastewater & Leachate Treatment


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Endorsement of EKO GEA biological additive for wastewater treatment; sludge reduction; certified organic; Republic of Slovenia Institute of Water

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Slovenian Endorsements Of Eko Gea Wastewater & Leachate Treatment

  1. 1. Bio-dynamics at Work in Waste Management Endorsements and Users of EKO GEA Wastewater Treatment in Slovenia Background: In 2005, Slovenia fulfilled the obligations ensuing from the EU Directive on waste water treatment. Endorsements: The Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia (IzVRS) o IzVRS is a public institution, specializing in water and related land management. It is the main Slovenian expert institution with 25 years of experience in water management and employs a team of experienced professionals who operate in all areas of water management. The tasks of the IzVRS are laid down in the Slovene Water Act of 2002 and involve the drawing-up of water management plans, expert co-operation in granting water rights, determining water and riparian land boundaries as well as preparing of other expert groundwork and scientific bases for water protection and use. o IzVRS officially recommends the use of EKO GEA wastewater treatment products for all of their treatment plants, and EKO GEA is a regular consultant to the technical staff of all state-run wastewater treatment plants in Slovenia. The Health Inspectorate of the Rep. of Slovenia (HIRS), Ministry of Health, Republic of Slovenia o HIRS is an enforcement body which monitors the implementation of laws and other regulations governing the fields of communicable diseases, drinking water, mineral waters, bathing waters, health and hygiene safety in the field of health care, and hygiene within the competencies of the Ministry of Health. University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty Communal Wastewater agencies in Slovenia Users: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants: Žalec Hoče Logatec Kranj Brdo Prekranju Cities & Towns in Slovenia Sežana Valenje Šmarje Rogaška Municipal MSW Leachate Treatment Facilities: Sežana Logatec Muska Sobata Cities & Towns in Slovenia Kranj Rogaška Valenje EKO GEA d.o.o. Ul. M. Grevenbroich 13, 3000 Celje SLOVENIA Slovenia Corporate Tax Code: SI 831 31 833 Contact Details: tel. + 386 3491 07 60 – fax + 386 3491 07 61 e-mail: For English: tel: UK +44 208 144 0102 US: + 1(217) 731-4744 e-mail: