University library 1 14-2013 renovation meeting


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University library 1 14-2013 renovation meeting

  1. 1. University Library 1-14-2013 Renovation Meeting Recommendations for Optimal Student Services from the LibraryPublic AreasLibrary should include: Accessible, browsable, open book stacks to increase the quality of materials that students consult for their coursework. o Students often find additional materials by browsing an area around a known item. Instructional computer labs for classes and workshops about accessing library resources Single library entrance for security of collection, patrons, and staff. Individual study tables/carrels – some that allow talking and some for silent study. Group study rooms with technology, such as computers, smartboards, projectors to facilitate group project and presentation preparations. Display shelving in a high traffic area for DVD collection, new and special book displays Microform cabinets, readers, and printers.Service Desks Reference desk should be easily accessible to studying students in order for librarians to provide research consultations. o Patrons are more likely to overcome their fear of asking questions if the reference desk is accessible and welcoming. A single circulation desk provides most efficient service.Archives University archives require space for cabinets. Some materials are large or oddly shaped. Archives require space for processing materials (could be in technical services workspace). Archives do not need to be in a high traffic area.Staff AreasTo provide best service to students, library staff need: A single, secured area where all University Library staff are co-located in order to facilitate communication, collaboration, and innovation (Systems Librarian will remain near server room). o Librarians need private offices:  For private consultation in person and by phone with students, faculty, vendors. Many consultations are simultaneous (doctoral students, PLUS students, etc.), and so each librarian needs a private space;  to create videos;  to concentrate on detail oriented work;  To prepare for teaching classes. Staff meeting room for uninterrupted collaboration. Staff break room/kitchen separate from staff meeting room, because currently Room 1373 prevents staff from eating their lunch when meetings are going on.
  2. 2. Staff copy, print, scanning room (can be co-located in the break room, but not meeting room, because too noisy when meetings are going on).Adjacencies Reference librarians should be located near reference and circulating book collections to make research consultations with students and faculty more productive and efficient. Reference and reserve books, which cannot leave the library due to high use or high theft, need to be near student study space. Student study space should be near University Library books, so they can interact with the collection as they work. A circulation desk must include reserve materials and DVD storage, and should be near circulating books. Reference services should be near circulation desk, study areas, and reference materials. o Circulation-Reference adjacency reduces patron confusion on where to go for what question. o Reference services near study areas and reference materials help students where they are. Technical services workspace to process materials in close proximity to the circulation desk.Collections If GGU adds new program(s), collection will need to expand to support the programs. While our online collection is growing, there is still a need for a robust print collection. o Not all books are online or remain online permanently. o Some patrons request the physical book even when we have it online. o Print periodical collection is also needed because of online journal embargoes. The collection is a growing organism – it grows and shrinks, but at different rates. o Print collection shifting is ongoing as a result of growth and reduction in various areas of the collection. Most of the collection needs to be browsable for optimal use. Other parts are lower use and could be appropriate for compact shelving. Microform cabinets and equipment need to be close to each other but not located in a high use area.Scenario Implications Multiple entrances to the library will require more security - additional staffing and security gates (security gates require fixed costs). Multiple service points require additional staff. Moving books to the Law Library basement is similar to remote storage, which will require additional staffing and operational procedures. A merged collection has implications operations, policies, and staffing.Question What is the number of shelves or linear feet that we would need to weed to keep the collection within the University Library?