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Ousd working groups 12-09-06


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Ousd working groups 12-09-06

  1. 1. Each working group will have one or more members appointed as the leader by the central administration/cabinet inLeadership consultation with Asst. Superintendent Tim White. The scheduling, meeting facilitation, and note keeping will be managed by MKThink. MKThinks working group facilitator will be the point of contact for each working group. Each group member will be responsible for providing the perspective and insight that they bring to the topic from theirRoles and position in the district. Attendance at a "kick off" meeting at the start of the term and 1-3 interim meetings will beResponsibilities required. Each group member will also need to be available for consultation and input from group coordinators as needed during the course of design guideline development. MKThink will consolidate findings from the working groups into conscise illustrated documents. Drafts of each working groups section will be produced over the course of the semester, providing a forum for criticism and review for eachDeliverables group. The final deliverable of each group will be consolidated into a comprehensive set of design guidelines that will be produced in print and online form. These design guidelines, combined with the baseline ed specs, architectural standards and material specifications, will provide the content for the Educational Specifications. Draft Working Group Composition (All members provisional) 21st Century High SchoolWorking Group STEM Labs Kitchens Shared Use Transformations Classrooms PlanningLevel of Analysis Room Room Room Campus Campus Campus/District Classroom Guidelines for alignment with Quantify the Balance food prep community partner curriculum and effects of changing Support for project requirements with use (e.g. Health pedagogy grade levels at a based learning; kitchen-as- Clinics); Linked Learning; development; site; quantiy the Utility classroom Administrative Career Tech; Capability to effects of changingFocus requirements; requirements; Site requirements for Sustainable support evolving program location; Furniture, fittings eligibility criteria; sites with multiple campuses; Athletic use of technology; District level and storage Cleaning and school programs; facilities; Balancing analysis of solutions maintenance After hours partial sustainable design transformation guidelines site security and with educational costs maintenance needs Roland Cesar Monterrosa/ Broach/Leroy TadashiFacilities David Colbert Cesar Monterrosa Roland Broach(?) Tadashi Stokes/Tadashi Nakadegawa Nakadegawa NakadegawaSGI Joe Cavanagh Joe Cavanagh Mellisa Truitt Mellisa Truitt Joe Cavanagh Randy Horn Cliff Hong Preston Thomas Enomoyi Booker Dan Hurst Lucinda TaylorPrincipal Ron Smith (WOMS) (Roosevelt) (Life Academy) (Prescott) (Fremont) (Madison) Fred T. KorematsuPrincipal Kevin Taylor Principal (?)Central Admin Maria Santos Mia Settles-Tidwell Jennifer LaBarre Curtis Sarikey Allison McDonald David MontesCentral Admin Tracey Logan Caleb Cheung LCI Representative Barbara McClung Matt Duffy (?) Megan Swett Andrea Linked LearningCentral Admin Gee-Kin Chou Bustamante expert Teacher from Tim Bremner Someone with Teacher that is Teacher w/ Korematsu, Teacher from STEM (Teacher at experience at currently using experience at aTeacher EnCompass, group that met in Sustainable Urban multiple school food as part of non-profit or non- Madison, or spring? Design Academy at levels (i.e. Elem + curriculum OUSD program Elmhurst? Castlemont) mid) Arun Ramanathan Zenobia Barlow Another school (?) Paulo Blickstein (?) http://www.ecoliter Junious Williams Andreas Cluver, district FacilitiesOutside http://www.edtrust http://tltl.stanford. http://www.urbans Building Trades Director or CASH .org/west/about/st edu/ us/staff-and- Council rep? aff-list consultants Sheryl Smith- Ann Kruze? Rodriguez (Parker (Instructional David Roach (Mo Mark Oliver Hall Someone to speakOther Elementary Technologist, STEM Better Foods) (Parks) to career tech (?) Technology group member) Coordinator) Bayle Emlein Julia Ma (After Other HSOther (Assistive School Programs Rexo? principals? Technology) director)Parents Matthew "Smitty" Will Godfrey Matthew Okazaki Chloe Lauer Tiffany Chen Josh Jackson MKThink Smith (Skyline Alum) Overall working group oversight: Josh JacksonDRAFT Working Group Members