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7/11/12 GGU Proposed Conceptual Org Models

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7/11/12 GGU Proposed Conceptual Org Models

  1. 1. Golden Gate University SF Remodel Project - Phase 7: Master Planning & Programming 07.11.12
  2. 2. GOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITY EXISTING CONCEPTUAL ORGANIZATIONAL MODEL Law: Faculty School Offices of Law Law: Dean’s Offices SBA Classrooms Career Services Office of Student 2 Seminar 3 Affairs Rooms Lecture School Halls Law: Classrooms of Law Faculty Uni. Center Advancement Marketing and Communicatioand Alumni Services Undergradua M Student te Admissions Lounge Commons Ageno Registrar School 1 Customer Service 4 Learning Support Student Financial Services Recruitment ETS Law Uni. Services Interview Law: Faculty Librar Librar Classrooms Offices Bookstore P Business Services & PLUS Facilities Law Career B Law Clinics Services SGA School of Accounting School of Taxation Finance 5 Human Riley Koret V.P. of Classrooms Auditorium Resources Conference Terrace Academic s Planning, Room Student Resources, Lounge & Analysis 6 ELS CyberCampu Classrooms C.F.O. President 40 Jessie 536 Mission07/11/12 UPDATE
  3. 3. Conceptual Organizational Model: Option 1 Layers of Activity 07.09.12Opportunities• Noisy and quiet activities naturally separated• Collocating activities with natural “buzz” creates pulse and energy for culture and community, boosting the identity of the University at large Instruction• Schools have distinct identities for student- Instruction facing and staff activities• Faculty are collocated with colleagues from their Instruction school while being Wellness Law Quiet/ Administration Relaxatio proximate to faculty from Scheduled other schools; a central SBA / LAW Law Casual Study LIBRARY Law Book SGA faculty lounge provides Lounge Lounge Study Storage opportunities for Learning Learning Interaction (loud, informal) collaboration among all Library Support Support Law Book Services Dining (Café) Front- Staff Staff Browsing faculty facing• Adjacent faculty offices Books Student UNIVERSITY Casual tore Services Law allow easy LIBRARY Book Study U.G. Browsing Library LAW accommodation of shifting Informal Zone (loud, informal) Back-of- “Drop-In” House Staff SCHOOL head counts Meeting Student Quiet/ Services Law• Law School has distinct Faculty space Scheduled Lounge Law Book Storage Study Formal Staff Faculty “Scheduled” AGENO Activitie Braden Meetings School of School Business s of School of Faculty Taxation U.G. Accounting PLUS Activitie Faculty s Faculty Activitie Faculty Activitie Faculty Activitie Activities Faculty s SCHOOLS LoungeChallenges • Slightly less identification with schools and programs proprietary and confidential Golden Gate University SF Remodel Project - Phase 7: Master Planning & Programming MKTHINK 3
  4. 4. Conceptual Organizational Model: Option 2 Law School School Focus 06.25.12 Book Storage Staff AGENO Opportunities Activitie School of Business • School identity prioritized Faculty Activities • Central social/service hub creates Quiet/ community and encourages informal Scheduled Gathering interaction Study Meeting Gathering Staff • Shared academic quarter promotes (includes SBA) Meeting Activitie efficient use of space • Autonomy for schools to create unique Academic Quarter Social & Service Hub atmospheres for faculty, staff, and interaction activities Quiet/ Student Book Scheduled Casual • Distinct space for the Law School Storage Services Study Study (loud, informal) SGA Lounge Faculty Library & Learning Challenges Activities Learning Support Gathering Book • Less identification with the University at Support large Staff Services Interaction Store • Potential for redundancies in some space spaces Student Relaxation Undergraduate • Reduced ability to accommodate Programs faculty / staff growth Services Instruction Gathering Staff School of Meeting Activities Tax and Accounting Student Services in the Hub could include: Faculty Activities •Accounts Payable Gathering •Alumni Services Meeting •Financial Aid PLUS •International Admissions & Advising Faculty Services Gathering Staff University Activities Meeting Activities •Office of Student Affairs Administratio Staff •Wellness Activitie •Counseling Faculty Activities proprietary and confidential Golden Gate University SF Remodel Project - Phase 7: Master Planning & Programming MKTHINK 4