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The Danger of Low Body Temperature Syndrome


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The Danger of Low Body Temperature Syndrome

  1. 1. The DANGER of Low Body Temperature Syndrome Tan Meng Kwang Principal Consultant Unique HolisticTherapies
  2. 2. Talk Agenda 1.What is ‘Low body temperature syndrome’ (LBTS)? 2.How do you know if you have LBTS? 4.Why do I get LBTS? 3.What are the effects of LBTS? 5.How do we treat LBTS? UniqueHolisticTherapies
  3. 3. 1. What is ‘Low body temperature syndrome’ (LBTS)? UniqueHolisticTherapies
  4. 4. Do you know what is the average body temperature of a healthy person? UniqueHolisticTherapies 360C? 35.50C? 370C?36.50C?
  5. 5. Ans: Average body temperature of a healthy adult is 36.50- 36.80C BUT, average daytime body temperature of a healthy adult is above 370C UniqueHolisticTherapies
  6. 6. How do you know your average body temperature? UniqueHolisticTherapies
  7. 7. Ans: Measure it using a clinical thermometer regularly over a period (7 to 10 days) UniqueHolisticTherapies
  8. 8. Measure the body temperature 3 times a day: • 1st temp taken 3 hours after waking up • 2nd temp taken 3 hours later • 3rd temp taken another 3 hours later UniqueHolisticTherapies
  9. 9. 2.Are you suffering from LBTS? • Measure your body temperature regularly! • 3 measurements daily: • 1st reading to be taken 3 hours after waking • 2nd reading to be taken 3 hours later • 3rd reading to be taken another 3 hours later • Add the 3 readings and divide it by 3 to get the average temperature. • Continue to take readings over a period of 1 week, if your average daytime body temperature is frequently below 370C,then you are likely to suffer from LBTS. UniqueHolisticTherapies
  10. 10. If your average daytime body temperature is 370C or above, then you are a healthy person.37.00C If your average daytime body temperature is often below 370C, then you are likely to suffer from LBTS. UniqueHolisticTherapies
  11. 11. HOWEVER, if your average body temperature measured is for the whole day (i.e. day & night), then the critical reading is 36.50C. 37.00C 36.50C Average daytime threshold temperature UniqueHolisticTherapies
  12. 12. 3. What are the symptoms of LBTS ? • LBTS has many different symptoms (60 altogether). • The symptoms are caused by poor blood circulation. • The symptoms are as follows: UniqueHolisticTherapies
  13. 13. Cold Hands & Feet UniqueHolisticTherapies
  14. 14. Insomnia UniqueHolisticTherapies
  15. 15. Shoulder & Neck Pain UniqueHolisticTherapies
  16. 16. Back Pain UniqueHolisticTherapies
  17. 17. Gastric Problem UniqueHolisticTherapies
  18. 18. Headache/Migraine UniqueHolisticTherapies
  19. 19. Constipation UniqueHolisticTherapies
  20. 20. Piles UniqueHolisticTherapies
  21. 21. High Blood Pressure UniqueHolisticTherapies
  22. 22. Arthritis UniqueHolisticTherapies
  23. 23. Lethargy/Fatigue UniqueHolisticTherapies
  24. 24. Sinusitis UniqueHolisticTherapies
  25. 25. PMS UniqueHolisticTherapies
  26. 26. Depression UniqueHolisticTherapies
  27. 27. Gout UniqueHolisticTherapies
  28. 28. Easy Weight Gain UniqueHolisticTherapies
  29. 29. Water Retention UniqueHolisticTherapies
  30. 30. Decreased Memory & Concentration UniqueHolisticTherapies
  31. 31. Anxiety UniqueHolisticTherapies
  32. 32. Asthma UniqueHolisticTherapies
  33. 33. 4. Why do we get LBTS? • Certain lifestyles promote LBTS. • The followings are the main factors: UniqueHolisticTherapies
  34. 34. Stress Lack of Exercise Eat too much Showers Drink too much Too much medication UniqueHolisticTherapies
  35. 35. 5. How do we treat LBTS? • Ways to overcome LBTS: • Bath in hot tubs • Exercise regularly • Eat suitable foods • Bath in hot tubs is effective and yet relaxing. • Using ultrasonic hydrotherapy is the most effective and relaxing. Within 15 minutes, body temperature is raised. • Using Mitsui Onnetsuki with Far Infrared CaOn Mat UniqueHolisticTherapies
  36. 36. Introducing Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy - For Wellness & Health Recovery Equipment UniqueHolisticTherapies
  37. 37. Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Far Infrared Rays Ultrasound is generated by the collisions of bubbles. Far infrared rays are emitted by the ceramic cells embedded within the energy mat. Ultrasound UniqueHolisticTherapies
  38. 38. Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Ultrasound and FIR rays enter the body. Together with heat conducted from the warm water, rapid internal warming is achieved. Within 15 minutes, the internal body temperature can be raised by 20C or more. UniqueHolisticTherapies
  39. 39. UniQueHydrotherapy& WellnessHouse Why SG-2000 Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy? (Comparison of Internal Warming Effects) Traditional hydrotherapy SG2000 Ultrasonic hydrotherapy Internal warming via FIR Internal warming via Ultrasound Internal warming effects Internal warming via conduction Time taken by Traditional hydrotherapy to internal warming = 90 minutes @ 430C Time taken by SG-2000 to internal warming = 15 minutes @ 390C
  40. 40. Introducing Mitsui Onnetsuki with CaOn Mat UniqueHolisticTherapies
  41. 41. Mitsui Onnetsuki Mitsui Onnetsuki UniqueHolisticTherapies
  42. 42. Principle of Mitsui Onnetsu Therapy Based on the ancient principle of moxibustion, coupled with modern far infrared technology. Different types of moxibustion Far infrared rays Unique HolisticTherapies
  43. 43. With Mitsui Onnetsuki, heat can be supplied readily and quickly to the organs and tissues deep underneath the body. Deep Penetration of Heat Unique HolisticTherapies
  44. 44. Used for Many Chronic Illnesses Swollen lymph nodes Strong reaction Thymus Hypophysis Thyroid Mitsui Onnetsu therapists have used the device to heal many chronic illnesses. Patients can also learn to use such device at home. Unique HolisticTherapies
  45. 45. Onnetsuki with CaOn Mat Mitsui CaOn mats use far infrared technology to warm up the body, particularly the spinal area. energy mat Timer/Temperature setting Set for 8 hours of sound sleep Unique HolisticTherapies
  46. 46. What are the consequences of prolonged LBTS? UniqueHolisticTherapies
  47. 47. ‘Coldness’ is the root of all illnesses! UniqueHolisticTherapies
  48. 48. Prof Toru Abo, PhD World renowned Immunology Expert People with low body temperature are prone to illnesses. Start with cold hands & feet, then shoulder & neck pain, then backache, constipation and finally spread to the organs. UniqueHolisticTherapies
  49. 49. Cancer UniqueHolisticTherapies
  50. 50. 3 renowned Japanese medical professors who are international experts in their own fields talk about hyperthermia: Prof Isihara Yumi, PhD Naturopathy Expert Prof Toru Abo, PhD World renowned Immunology Expert Prof Hiromi Shinya, PhD World renowned Colonoscopy Expert UniqueHolisticTherapies
  51. 51. •Low body temperature is the root cause of many illnesses. Prof Ishihara Yumi is an expert in naturopathy and best selling author of wellness books. He is the Medical Director of Ishihara Clinic in Japan. 35oC: Cancer cells multiply most rapidly。 At a body temperature of 39.6oC, cancer cells die rapidly! •Increase your normal body temperature by 1oC, immunity increases by 5-6 times! UniqueHolisticTherapies
  52. 52. •To overcome cancer, raise your body temperature! Prof Toru Abo is a professor of immunology at Nigata University Graduate School. He is an international expert on immunology with many creations and discoveries on how our immune system works. •Cancer patients have low body temperature, usually less than 360C •Once body temperature is raised, the number of lymphocytes increases and they become more active. Thus they can destroy cancer cells better. UniqueHolisticTherapies
  53. 53. •People with low body temperature are prone to have bad gene mutation, hence suffering cancer! Professor Hiromi Shinya is well known as the developer of the field of colonoscopic surgery (the ‘Shinya technique’). He performed the first non-invasive colon surgery. He is Clinical Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Chief of Endoscopy Unit of Beth Israel Hospital in New York. •When body temperature drops by 0.5oC, immunity decreases by 35%. •People with low body temperature have poor immune system! UniqueHolisticTherapies
  54. 54. 36.50C 39.60C 35.00C Healthy person’s average body temperature should be at or above this temperature Cancer cells multiply most rapidly here! Cancer cells die rapidly here! Many terminal stage cancer patients’ body temperature! UniqueHolisticTherapies
  55. 55. What are the benefits of raising body temperature for cancer patients?  Slow down the process of cancer cells growth  Increase the immunity of cancer patients by increasing the number of lymphocytes & activating them to destroy cancer cells! UniqueHolisticTherapies
  56. 56. Stroke UniqueHolisticTherapies
  57. 57. What happens when body temperature drop? China’s renowned Health Educator Dr Ma Yueling normal 50% 90% When body temperature drops, the chances of having arteries hardening increase. UniqueHolisticTherapies
  58. 58. LBTS & Stroke  When body temperature drops, blood vessels contract & arteries harden due to hardening of cholesterol inside.  Hence, chances of having stroke increase. UniqueHolisticTherapies
  59. 59. Body Temperature (0C) ChancesofhavingStroke 37.036.836.636.436.236.035.8 UniqueHolisticTherapies
  60. 60. Summary Changes in lifestyles caused many people to suffer from LBTS. LBTS can be reversed/corrected if treated early. Prolonged un-treatment can lead to serious health consequences – cancer & stroke are 2 examples. Hot tubs & exercises can overcome LBTS. Ultrasonic hydrotherapy & Onnetsuki/CaOn are effective & easy way to overcome LBTS. UniqueHolisticTherapies
  61. 61. Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy & Onnetsuki/CaOn a milder form of Hyperthermia Whole-body warming Regional & Whole-body warming- For Home use - For Home use UniqueHolisticTherapies
  62. 62. Hope that all will pay attention to your body temperature. Keeping our body temperature high is the key to Good Health! UniqueHolisticTherapies
  63. 63. In case you are suffering from LBTS, talk to us, we can formulate a plan to help you recover! UniqueHolisticTherapies
  64. 64. UniqueHolisticTherapies Visit us at Unique Holistic Therapies 31K-2, Kelana Mall, Jalan SS6/12, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +60378867208 Website: Email: