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Nike pw presentation

  1. 1. Nike Paul Vella Assignment 2
  2. 2. Nike Company Profile • American multinational manufacturing Co. • Core products include footwear & apparel • Unwavering commitment to advertising • Key Marketing Initiative – Use of high profile athletic endorsements • Nike’s brand portfolio – Nike, Cole Haan, Converse, Hurley, Nike Golf and Umbro. – 75% of the growth is expected from the Nike brand.
  3. 3. Marketing Campaign • Advertisements – Focus on individuals, not products – Ads focus on grit, determination, human spirit, courage & greatness • Co-founders’ vision – Bill Bowerman’s observation many years ago “endless possibility of human potential in sports” – Phil Knight “when we help athletes reach their potential, that process helps Nike & consumers reach their” – Set the tone for Nike and its core marketing initiative
  4. 4. High Profile Athletes • Signed Michael Jordan in 1985 – First elite athlete signed – Jordan endorsed a version of Nike’s Air Shoe, otherwise know as “Air Jordans”. – From 1985 Nike continued to sign top athletes • Other Key Signings – Bo Jackson, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James
  5. 5. LeBron “The Rise” • Nike continues to maintain Bowerman’s legacy • Nike most recent campaign featuring Basketball superstar LeBron James called “The Rise”. • According to David Grasso, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing, the campaign celebrates LeBron’s courage to forge his own journey even when other may have disagreed with his decision. • It’s this Just Do It spirit that defines LeBron and Nike as we strive to inspire all young athletes.
  6. 6. Core Marketing Initiative • Despite, the rising athlete endorsement cost and turbulent economic conditions, Nike remains committed to use of high profile athletes • Phil Knight said that “athletes at their best, represent some of our most noble characteristics- passion, commitment, competitive fire, being part of team, the ability to overcome adversity”
  7. 7. Financial Success • Marketing Initiative Translated to Unprecedented Revenue Growth – Revenues expanded to over $19B in fye2010 as compared to $0.946MM in fye1985 (signing of Jordan) – Net income increased from $0.01MM in fye1985 to $1.9B in fye2010
  8. 8. Brand Equity Model • Nike strong brand equity position • Brand Asset Valuator (5 Pillars) – Differentiation, Nike product line is well established (swoosh design trademarked in > 150 countries & easily distinguishes product from competitors, even without NIKE name) – Energy, Nike sales have expanded exponentially (<$1MM in 1985 to $19B in 2010)
  9. 9. Brand Equity Model (cont) – Relevance, significant global coverage (over 170 countries worldwide) – Esteem, Nike’s significant yoy earning growth is a reflection of how well the brand is regarded & respected. – Knowledge, Nike is the largest seller of athletic footwear & athletic apparel in the world, which demonstrates worldwide appeal & intimacy
  10. 10. Brand Asset Valuator • Nike Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) Results – Nike demonstrates Energized Brand Strength – Nike demonstrates Brand Stature – BAV reflects Nike as a Market Leader
  11. 11. Conclusion • Based on BAV Nike is a market leader • Nike continued use of high profile athletes to endorse its product has directly contributed to their financial success