Marketing strategy, executive summary. Haugen.


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Marketing strategy, executive summary. Haugen.

  1. 1. Marketing Strategy – Executive Summary Apple does things a little bit different from their competitors that make them who they are. They have a high level of secrecy before every new launch or relaunch of an upgraded product. They have expos that are subject to much attention from both media and individuals. Steve Jobs is one factor I think that makes Apple a little different from other companies in the same business. He is the co-founder of the company in 1976. He was fired in 1986, but came back to the company in 1999. He is well known for his skills in presenting his products and creating strategies for selling dreams instead of just products. Another thing that makes Apple substantially different from its competitors is their focus on the design of the products, and their ability to keep the products looking more or less the same for years and years. There is hard to find concrete,accurate data about Apple on the web. That is due to their high level of secrecy with their products. I was able to find some number though, not from Apple self, but from other sites on the internet that follows them closely. Apple is the market leader in the portable music player market. All number I could find indicates that. If I just take a look around on the bus or on a plane, it is also quite obvious that Apple is the dominating force in the market. “Everybody” has an iPod or iPhone. Apple’s marketing has been successful; there cannot be any doubt about that. Different strategies are listed in the Power Point, these strategies together with all the secrecy and the design of the products, have made them tremendously popular. This is despite the fact that their MP3-players are in a high price range, compared to their competitors. Sources: Revised Oct. 1st 2010. Read Nov. 2nd 2010.