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Kenco Guiding Principles - Be Honest. Serve. Get Better.


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A brief overview of Kenco's culture and how we operate with and for our customers.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Kenco Guiding Principles - Be Honest. Serve. Get Better.

  1. 1. GUIDING PRINCIPLES Be honest. Serve. Get better.
  2. 2. Ella Wheeler Wilcox was an American poet. The phrase on the next page comes from a poem she wrote, entitled The Winds of Fate. While watching sailboats, it struck her how the same wind could drive some boats west and other boats east. She quickly realized wind alone did not determine the direction of the boats.
  3. 3. Tis the set of the sails And not the gales Which tells us the way to go.
 - Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  4. 4. Nothing can move us away from the ideals represented here. The economy will expand and contract, and our business will go up and down. We will face challenges with clients, vendors, and each other. The prevailing winds’ intensities will fluctuate, but in every circumstance, our sails are set, and these principles will determine our direction. At Kenco, we “set our sails” with the following Guiding Principles.
  5. 5. The Kenco Guiding Principles are a tapestry woven from threads of our culture, vision, & values.
  6. 6. Authenticity requires words and actions paired together to reinforce our everyday interactions at Kenco. As Kenco team members, we promise to entwine our activities with threads — and over time, the full tapestry of our culture and ideals will shine in everything we do.
  8. 8. Kenco’s mission is to be the preferred supply chain partner in North America.
  9. 9. Clients want to work with a provider they know and trust. Theydon’twantalltheir“eggs”inonebasket,andconversely, don’t want to manage 5, 6, or 7 different relationships. This results in a focus on 2-3 preferred suppliers by region. Therefore, we seek to be the preferred 3PL in North America for every company we work with through a few key concepts that our guiding principles are based around:
  10. 10.  Incredible customer service  Continuous improvement  Meaningful innovation
  11. 11. Our people oversee and execute processes and systems on behalf of our clients. The quality of our work determines the quality of our product. Therefore we must recruit, develop, retain, and engage the best people to lead our company. Above all, we operate a service business.
  12. 12. Clients select Kenco because supply chain management is our core competency. In turn, they demand we leverage our expertise year in and year out to drive step change improvements throughout their networks. Continuous improvement is a fundamental element of an outsourced relationship.
  13. 13. Kenco will become the preferred supply chain partner in North America with a rigorous focus on:  Incredible customer service  Continuous improvement  Meaningful innovation
  14. 14. We know our innovative people set us apart from our competitors. Continuous improvement is not a luxury— but a necessity.
  15. 15. The following guiding principles REFLECT OUR VALUES, DEFINE OUR CULTURE, & GUIDE OUR ACTIONS:
  17. 17. Kenco will not prioritize profits over integrity. A high integrity organization cultivates long-term relationships, which lead to profitability and prosperity for all. Integrity Above Profitability
  18. 18. » Lead with humility & respect A humble leader demonstrates self- confidence without arrogance; accepts blame and admits mistakes; leads by example and solicits feedback; and treats all people with respect and decency, regardless of their position in life. The essence of humility is not thinking more of myself or thinking less of myself, it is thinking of myself less. Integrity Above Profitability
  19. 19. Integrity Above Profitability » Earn trust through authenticity accountability People respond to, engage with, and ultimately trust other people/businesses who demonstrate congruence between their claims and their conduct. Effectively this means we have to “walk our talk” to be trustworthy. It also means we earn trust through honest and transparent interactions where we demonstrate sincerity, competence, and reliability.
  20. 20. Integrity Above Profitability » Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, associates suppliers One-sided partnerships are inherently unsustainable. We believe structure drives behavior and therefore we seek to develop structures within all our relationships that drive win-win behaviors.
  21. 21. Integrity Above Profitability » Practice servant leadership demand the highest standards The priority of servant leaders is to encourage, support, and enable others to meet their full potential and exceed expectations. This includes customers, employees, vendors, and anyone else within our community.
  22. 22. Integrity Above Profitability Modeling this behavior will allow us to meet our high standards for execution and enhance the growth of our community as a whole.
  24. 24. Demonstrate Courage, Commitment, Compassion » Openly communicate empower every individual Communication is the lifeblood of an efficient and effective organization and is the key to perpetual learning. We must give and receive feedback consistently and in a professional manner. Giving team members input and control over their work creates committed, loyal ambassadors for Kenco.
  25. 25. Demonstrate Courage, Commitment, Compassion » Think concretely act with urgency We are a fact-based, data-driven organization. Decisions are not made on emotions or abstract feelings—but rather on practical, measured information with clear relevance to action. Urgency is about results and customer service. It is essential for our leadership to model true urgency, demonstrating an insatiable appetite to deliver best-in- class solutions every day!
  26. 26. Demonstrate Courage, Commitment, Compassion » Encourage camaraderie to strengthen our community Kenco strives to be a great place to work. We aim to create an atmosphere that is fun, intellectual, energetic, and committed to excellence. Camaraderie is achieved through teamwork. It is built on pride in what we do and the enjoyment of doing it together.
  27. 27. Demonstrate Courage, Commitment, Compassion » Embrace our social, environmental, economic responsibilities At Kenco, we define sustainability in the broadest terms, looking beyond only the environmental context. Sustainability is about ensuring a healthy future for all. These three pillars of sustainability— social, environmental, and economic— are intrinsically linked.
  29. 29. Remarkable businesses are due to cause for conversation and leave a lasting impression. Being remarkable is a never-ending process that requires a commitment to excellence and innovation. Be Remarkable Create Uncommon Value
  30. 30. “When you can do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.”
 – George Washington Carver
  31. 31. Be Remarkable Create Uncommon Value » Deliver results through discipline stewardship We deliver results through a relentless, disciplined pursuit of audacious goals, while at the same time adhering to our enduring values. Stewardship is a mindset that recognizes our responsibility for the resources entrusted to us.
  32. 32. Be Remarkable Create Uncommon Value » Facilitate change foster innovation The pursuit of constant innovation is what differentiates us from our competitors. Replicating best practices (while important) will never be enough. Our processes and systems are critical to meeting the challenge of innovation.
  33. 33. Be Remarkable Create Uncommon Value » Develop passionate customer advocates through operational excellence We strive to offer our customers remarkable solutions and to talk to them in new and exciting ways. Combining this approach with daily operational excellence results in the transition of satisfied customers into customer advocates.
  34. 34. Be Remarkable Create Uncommon Value » Focus on our core and win every day Kenco is a vertically integrated supply chain provider that differentiates ourselves through agility, continuous improvement, and a commitment to industry-leading customer service. As a team, we are restless with the status quo—desiring to always find a better way. We challenge mediocrity and thrive on competitively proving out differentiators every day.
  35. 35. Be Remarkable Create Uncommon Value All levels of our organization are expected to speak up and act boldly in the interest of Kenco and our clients. No one should be silent to make others feel comfortable. Our team wins by continually fostering trust and alignment through open communication and information sharing.
  37. 37. Our guiding principles boil down to 3 simple things. As a service provider, we promise:  To be honest  To Serve  To get better
  38. 38. We hope these guiding principles help you understand our mission and how we strive to bring value to our clients every day. If you’re ready for a 3PL that is culturally aligned to your business, committed to reducing costs, and driven by a spirit of innovation and collaboration, we’re ready to work with you.
  39. 39. Let Kenco evolve your supply chain in a way no other 3PL can–guided by our unwavering principles and commitment to customer service. See the incredible, uncommon value Kenco can provide for you. REQUEST A QUOTE