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Cannes Lions 2016 Recap - Nikhil Parsad


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Cannes Lions 2016 Recap- Nikhil Parsad

Published in: Marketing
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Cannes Lions 2016 Recap - Nikhil Parsad

  1. 1. The Chronicles of a Cannes Lions First Timer Nikhil Parsad, Creative Director
  2. 2. If I had to sum up my experience as a first timer at Cannes Lions in one word, it would be overwhelming. I have never experienced FOMO (fear of missing out) in my adult life as I did during Cannes Lions. Everything you want to see or do will undoubtedly overlap with something else on your list and you will be forced to make a game time decision; session A or B, meal or snack, power nap or sleep, Rosé or Chardonnay? Life. Was. Hard. #agencylife All joking aside, the shear amount of creativity and inspiration found throughout festival is astounding. Every single day is full of panel sessions, networking events, exhibitions and nearly 40,000 inspiring pieces of brilliant work. It’s easy to see how one can be overwhelmed. At the end of the day, Cannes Lions really is a massive thank you (or group hug) to an industry full of incredible men and women who love what they do – create.
  3. 3. While the festival can feel overwhelming, you never really feel lost thanks to these two apps. Both offer similar functionality; plan your day, view speaker bios, set notifications and get directions. The biggest difference is the ability to scan work that’s on display and save it to your profile in the official Cannes Lions app. I found myself using the Dentsu Aegis Network version more because it allowed you to filter Dentsu Aegis Network specific events with one touch. Official Cannes Lions App Dentsu Aegis Network Cannes Lions App
  4. 4. The first thing you’ll notice once you step foot inside Palais One of the festival is EVERYTHING. Fortunately, it was extremely easy to navigate around the festival through clever and fun wayfinding as well as the friendly Cannes Lions staff. Palais One is where everything happens; celebrity speakers, industry talks with legendary creatives, delegate zone, workshops and of course, the work.
  5. 5. One of the most incredible things about the festival is being able to see some of the most inspirational people in the world talk about creativity and what inspires them. From film directors, actors and actresses to startup CEOs (even a WWE wrestler), there was reason to be excited every single day of the festival. Dentsu Aegis Network CEO Nigel Morris and Adidas executive board member of global brands Eric Liedtke Anna Wintour Will Smith CEO and co-founder of AirBnB Brian CheskyMondeléz International SVP, CMO Dana Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow
  6. 6. There’s a reason why this year’s tagline is “Thank You Creativity”, the work is simply stunning. Every faucet of advertising is represented: design, digital, direct, film, mobile, outdoor, PR, print, product, promo and radio. Shortlisted works are on display in the basement of Palais One in two formats, analog (above) and an interactive digital experience (below). Both experiences allow you to scan and save work via the official Cannes Lions app which I found very useful in the hours I spent browsing the basement. *Photo courtesy of Cannes Lions 2016 *Photo courtesy of Cannes Lions 2016
  7. 7. While the larger forum talks and celebrity speaker events were great, I found the smaller, more intimate ones far more inspirational. Referred to as Master Classes for good reason, each one is hosted by influential industry veterans from all over the world. ;)
  8. 8. Another area where I found myself spending hours out of my day was at the Lions Innovation Hub in Palais Two. This was essentially start-up city with various groups showing off new technologies and products (lots of VR!). Attendees are encouraged to touch and tinker with just about everything on display. Click to play
  9. 9. Facebook’s Beach House was absolutely amazing. Carefully designed and curated, they recreated their brand perfectly with beautiful environmental details and experiences such as juice bars, snack stations and the fastest WiFi in all of Cannes. One of the most incredible experiences was an installation by artist Sean Yoro, better known as The Hula, who paints on icebergs. Facebook commissioned him to create a custom piece that was housed in a giant freezer that kept the temperature at -5ºF (lower right).
  10. 10. The YouTube Beach was also very on brand. The space was gorgeous with custom wood decking with pops of YouTube’s iconic red and comfortable beach themed furniture and textiles. Agency vs. Agency beach volleyball was a major draw but the highlight for me was the insane beatboxing trio, known as Duke, that provided and endless amount of entertainment and energy (lower left). Click to play
  11. 11. If there was one place that I spent the most time, it was the Dentsu Beach House. Cold drinks, good food, a million dollar view and of course, EuroCup 2016 screenings. Other highlights include luncheons and happy hours hosted by Carat, Vizeum and iProspect. ProTip: Get there early in the morning to avoid the wait at the omelette station and get a good view!
  12. 12. I’ll just put this here. #partyallnight 8719 Click to play
  13. 13. #please *Photo courtesy of Cannes Lions 2016