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Production logo


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Production logo

  1. 1. What is a production logo?A production logo is usedby movie studios to brandwhat they produce.
  2. 2. 20th Century Fox, is being represented as a giant film Similarly Universal represents the earth and space, which iscompany using lighting, a low angle shot is used to never ending, which could represent their never ending filmmake the institution name seem grand, also showing the ideas and creations. The words are all capitals which make itsky which connotate limitless as they sky is never ending. eye catching. These are all production logo’s. The have one thing in common, they represent something grand. Equally Columbia Pictures display a lot of sky, representing never ending of the sky, the woman could be a representation of Lady Liberty as she is holding a torch in her left hand like the statue of Liberty.
  3. 3. This was my first attempt at making a logo. I used4 different images to create my logo, I tried toportray a coat of arms which used elements ofhorror, which are commonly used in horror filmssuch as axes and knives. Using fonts I found a typeface which suited thetheme of the logo. Portraying blood. After the first attempt I researched images and created one of my own with a help of a friend. I uploaded the image on Photoshop, using the tools I manipulated the exposure and the vibrancy of the image, also using the highlight and shadow tool I highlighted the blood, which is conventionally used in horror films. Using is was able to find a horror typeface. As the action for the image was someone being silent, I choose the name “Silent Films” which went well with image.
  4. 4. I used Photoshop to create this image, I used a number of manipulation tools such as vibrancy tool and shadow and highlight tool, I highlighted the red apple. Using I choose a font that had a horror element in it.Using this image I manipulated thehighlights and the contrast, to make anemphasis on the blood which iscommonly used in horror films. I usedthe blending option to create a blackoutline for the typeface.
  5. 5. The group and I have chosen ourproduction logo. We took a voteon our images and DecayProductions won. The imagesuits the genre for our trailer. Thetype face used suits that name“decay” as the font looks like itsdecaying. The image has beenmanipulated by adding a blackand white effect and blurringsome of the features of the skull.