Distraught character analysis


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Distraught character analysis

  1. 1. Antagonist Name: Rufus Turpin Appearance/Costume: Scruffy/Messy Clothes, not well presented wears black a lot. Background: Rufus is mentally unstable This occurred when his child life and upbringing was bad where he was abused frequently when he was a young child. Time went by where he maintained himself well and approached secondary school where again he was abused and bullied. This is the reason why Rufus had a big grudge against teenagers and hated them for their abuse. Rufus over the years gained more control and power over this and became more of a vicious person. Personality: Vicious, Loud, Brutal, Dominant, Unpredictable, Evil In this teaser trailer, Rufus will be shown as a wicked person where close up shots will portray her facial expressions well. His costume will be of a low standard along with dark clothes making his appearance to look more daunting.
  2. 2. Protagonist (the hero) Name: Nolan Appearance/Costume: Normal smart/casual clothing dark hair, fair skin. Background: Nolan is student from the age around 17/18 years old. Nolan is also an older sibling to his younger brother and a popular member of his friend circle where he is classified as taking the role of a leader. Personality: Quite, Innocent, Fearful, Vulnerable, Curious, Popular, Sociable, Leader, Confident. In the trailer, Nolan will be shown as an innocent/naive Nolan in the way he looks from facial expressions, body language and his costume/appearance. He will be dressed up as a student, showing they were on their way back from school
  3. 3. The helper Name: Imogen Appearance/Costume: typical girly girl, casually dressed dark hair, fair skin, heavily made up with make up. Background: Imogen is a typical girly girl, who enjoys shopping, she is rich and very from a young age spoilt. She isn’t very bright and gets average grades at school. Her life is pretty much easy, she can sometimes be selfish and insensitive. Personality: Selfish, insensitive, sociable, confident, cheery In the trailer she will be shown as a insensitive, but in the film her selfish and insensitive will change. In the trailer she will be dressed in smart but stylish clothes and also her face will be made up with heavy makeup.
  4. 4. The Doner Name: Sarah Appearance/Costume: Tom boy, casually dressed, dark hair, fair skin. Background: Sarah is a tom boy enjoys the outdoors and playing sport, she is the opposite to Imogen. She is open minded and very approachable. She has a close relationship to her father, as her mother died when she was young. Since then she and her father have developed a close bond with each other. She is intelligent and gets good grades in school. Personality: open minded, kind, understanding, cheerful, caring In the trailer she will be portrayed as the caring character making sure everyone okay and keeping peoples moral high.