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MKE Bid-A-Thon


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MKE Bid-A-Thon

  1. 1. Connecting Communities and Creating Results MKE Deals Bid-A-Thon! You’re Invited to Join our Exclusive Online Auction to Benefit Hunger Task Force! Support a great cause while promoting your business at no direct cost! Be visible on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with no extra effort! How it works This Thanksgiving weekend, we are offering you an exciting opportunity—engage customers in a new way! Stand out from your competitors. Capitalize on the biggest shopping weekend of the year by participating in an exclusive online auction that benefits a worthy, local charity. All for no cash cost! MKE Deals will promote Bid-A-Thon through SMS Text Message combined with major media such as Facebook, Twitter, radio, print materials, press releases, paid online ads and more. Our previous Bid-A-Thon generated around $30,000 in advertising exposure, and we expect no less with the MKE Deals Bid-A-Thon. This exclusive event is by invite only, and limited in space, so contact Tim at or fill out the form below now to participate! About Us MKE Deals, a division of Engaging Results Communications (ERC), provides businesses with the ability to create loyalty clubs AND reach new customers using the fastest growing form of communication EVER…SMS Text Message. Harnessing the power of SMS technology through ERC services means you can further engage current customers while attracting new business. MKE Deals is a permission- based marketing system. Once deal seekers opt-in through various sources (text MKE to 35350) they are able to enjoy deals delivered right to their phone. MKE Deals is honored to present its first ever Milwaukee area Bid-A-Thon to support Hunger Task Force. About Hunger Task ForceHunger Task Force believes that every person has a right to adequate food obtainedwith dignity. Hunger Task Force works to prevent hunger and malnutrition by providingfood to people in need today and by promoting social policies to achieve a hunger freecommunity tomorrow. Interested? Contact Tim at or 414- 223-0304 for more information MKE Deals - A Division of Engaging Results Communications, LLC | 414.223.0303 | 735 N Water St, Suite 830, Milwaukee, WI 53202
  2. 2. Connecting Communities and Creating Results MKE Deals Bid-A-Thon Auction Sponsorship Step 1: Contribute Gift Cards or Items for Auction To participate, all you need to do is contribute one to three gift cards or items valued between $20 and $500. Then, fill in this form and return it with a high resolution electronic jpeg of your logo to We will publicize the event, run the auction Nov. 25-28th, and then write a check for 50% of the proceeds to Hunger Task Force. Business Name (legal): __________________________(dba): _______________________ Preferred Contact: _________________________________________________________ Phone: __________________ Email: _________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ Contributed Item #1: ($20-$500 value)*: _____________________________Value: $______ Contributed Item #2: (write N/A if no other items)*: ________________________Value: $______ Contributed Item #3: (write N/A if no other items)*: ________________________Value: $______ Description of item(s) for website (include expiration and any restrictions): ________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Website: __________________________ Facebook Page:_____________________________ Description of business for website:_____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ *Discount cards cannot be accepted. All contributed items should be delivered or mailed to MKE Deals at 735 N Water Street, Suite 830, Milwaukee, WI 53202 as soon as possible and must be in-house by 11/17/11. Please send vouchers for items too large to fit in an envelope. Step 2: Get Promoted by MKE Deals Your logo may be used in promotional pieces created and distributed by MKE Deals or Hunger Task Force. A welcome package to include posters and promo cards, will be available for your use starting November 17th. Early reservation helps you get more exposure. MKE Deals will not hold print dates or similar for any sponsor. Your logo and items must be in-house before you will be connected with this promotion. All logos should be a high resolution jpeg, sized to 300 pixels and sent to Step 3: Promote Bid-A-Thon Auction through your own channels Remember, the higher the bids that your items get, the larger the donation for Hunger Task Force. You are encouraged to highlight your involvement, display posters, distribute promo cards, and promote Bid-A-Thon on your social media. And, the business that contributes the item with the most bids (regardless of dollar amount) will receive a celebration event for their staff courtesy of MKE Deals ($500 value)!Fine print: ERC conducts permission based communication. ERC maintains sole ownership of all data regardless of third party interaction. By agreeing to contract withERC, the Advertiser agrees to read and follow terms listed in Terms of Service, which can be found at ERC encourages the Advertiser to consultwith ERC on terminology when using short codes services for compliance and best practice rules. Any items contributed to this promotion will be surrendered by thesponsor. ERC reserves the right to accept or deny any contribution. MKE Deals - A Division of Engaging Results Communications, LLC | 414.223.0303 | 735 N Water St, Suite 830, Milwaukee, WI 53202