Connect + Engage + Measure + Convert in a B2B Environment


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How is Digital Marketing for B2B? What are the considerations to take into account to drive sales in this market? Do we have to treat different the target market than B2C?
In this presentation we will cover the 4 most important stages to drive sales on B2B with Digital Marketing, focusing on the latest trends and technologies.

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  • And why me being here to talk you about this? Because I’ve been working in this market since 2001, I’ve been seeing the change and I’m part of it.
  • Why am I here talking about this? Because there is more investment on marketing for B2B, mainly digital and you need to know where to stand when you start looking for a job.
  • Which one area is the single most exciting opportunity for your organisation in 2014?These are the areas that business are going to invest more this year, how much do you know about them?
  • The game is changing and the target market shares what they like
  • Businesses are competing on attention to their target market
  • linkedin.comThe survey revealed that the average customer had completed more than one half of the purchase decision-making process prior to engaging a supplier sales representative directly
  • 90% of business buyers say when they’re ready to buy, they’ll find US.
  • As businesses need to reach the target market with slight different channels than B2C, each channel should be properly used, have a strategy to anticipate, to be reactive
  • Show what they need
  • There are many magazine ads talking about the issues that companies have. And this is a good way to catch the attention: talk about their issues, solve their problems.
  • Owned Earned and Paid – the key elements of strategy convergenceOwned: Website – Desktop – Mobile – Tablet: SEO - Branded Social - Branded Content – eMailEarned: Word of Mouth – Blogger Outreach - Online video - Social - UGC Social - USG TwitterPaid: Video Ads - Branded Content - Display Banners - Mobile Display – Sponsorship – and social / social mobile has a key role to play
  • Connect + Engage + Measure + Convert in a B2B Environment

    1. 1. Connect Engage Measure Convert Connect + Engage + Measure + Convert in a B2B environment Maria Jose Serres @mjserres
    2. 2. #MktgB2B Many interesting articles/videos/infographics
    3. 3. Who am I? • Maria Jose Serres • Montevideo, Uruguay • Degrees in Computer Engineering + Marketing + Digital Marketing. • First job with Internet in 1995. • Worked in B2B most of my life from development to consulting. • I’m a Demand Generation Manager at PEER 1 Hosting • Involved in the latest trends & technologies related digital media. @mjserres
    4. 4. WHY?
    5. 5. Source: Digital Trends 2014 Adobe + Econsultancy
    6. 6. ARE YOU READY?
    8. 8. B2B • Business to Business • Shift in communication but not totally – From building emotional connections – To problem solving • Normally many points are touched before a decision is made
    9. 9. B2B B2C Markets B2B markets are generally small vertical markets, often niche in size, comprised of a few thousand sales prospects to maybe as large as 100,000 prospects. B2C markets that are typically large broad markets of tens to thousands to millions of sales prospects. Sales Process B2B sales require consultative selling (selling based on understanding a client's needs and developing a relationship of trust) sometimes from a two-step level sales organization including the sellers sales force and a distribution sales force. B2C sales are usually direct to the consumer or involve a retailer. The sales approach is a traditional product sell of "convincing the consumer" they need the product or service being sold. Purchase Decision The decision to purchase in B2B sales is generally driven by need and budgets therefore; it tends to be a very rationale decision. B2C purchase decisions tend to be made based on want more than need or a budget and therefore are triggered by more emotional decisions.
    10. 10. But keep in mind… “73% OF PEOPLE WHO READ B2B BLOGS ARE PEOPLE.” Tim Washer Senior Marketing Manager Cisco (Tweet this now, mention @timwasher)
    11. 11. Definitions Connect Reach our target market, call the attention, be relevant. Engage Allow our target market to act, give them good call to actions. Measure Convert Stats behind everything, Generate show our ROI, leads & sales. assess your activities.
    12. 12. CONNECT
    13. 13. The issue
    14. 14. Connect • It’s about being with the right message, at the right time when the target market needs us. • There are many channels to use, identify your target market to see what they use and what is relevant for them.
    15. 15. Timing
    16. 16. Be there. Be relevant. Be optimized.
    17. 17. Be there… when they look for us
    18. 18. ..and when they don’t “80% of the traffic on your web site is not from people who will necessarily buy anything. The challenge is engaging with those visitors who are interested in your product but are still in the evaluation process.” Chris Golec, Founder and CEO of Demandbase
    19. 19. Be there everywhere is needed
    20. 20. Be relevant with what you show Sony Play Station: Case Study by SalesForce
    21. 21. Be relevant. Talk their language
    22. 22. Be optimised.
    25. 25. ENGAGE
    26. 26. Engage • Engage is about motivation: – How to motivate people to engage with us? – Why they would like to engage with us? – What do we have to give them in return? • Call to actions: – What are the ways to engage with them?
    27. 27. Example 100% online, multiple channels
    28. 28. MEASURE
    29. 29. What to measure? • • • • • • • • • Visits Clicks Campaigns Sources Conversions Bounce rate Time on page Pages visited Flow • ROI • Lifecycle Metrics • Lead Generation Metrics Whatever you need for your specific objectives/target market/campaigns
    30. 30. What to measure?
    31. 31. Example • =GartnerMQ_ZO&elqchannel=google&sls=PPC Search_Google_2013&WWMK13054108MPP0 02
    32. 32. What you’ll see when you measure?
    33. 33. Identify the most visited pages
    34. 34. Identify where your prospects are
    35. 35. Customer Journey
    36. 36. Not only with Google Analytics
    37. 37. Conversion measurement
    38. 38. CONVERT
    39. 39. Conversion is about … • Generate leads • Generate sales • Doing the connection and engagement well • Continue the engagement (remarketing)
    40. 40. When they Convert? • You define it…and measure it – Downloads – Chats – Calls – Webforms – Purchases – Page Views – Visits –…
    41. 41. HOME MADE CASE
    42. 42. Summary Connect Reach our target market, call the attention, be relevant. Engage Allow our target market to act, give them good call to actions. Measure Convert Stats behind everything, Generate show our ROI, leads & sales. assess your activities.
    43. 43. Resources