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Published in: Spiritual, Travel
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  1. 1. Szombathely againLast Comenius meeting “ Harmony of Cultures” may 2012
  2. 2. Last meeting Comenius project “The harmony of cultures” was inSzombhately in may.Hungarian friends prepared an interestingand busy programme. We saw a lot of lovely places. We visitedSavaria Museum.
  3. 3. After latin museum, we went to a lovely ancient village
  4. 4. We learnt about “takács” and aguide showed us agricultural tools
  5. 5. English lesson at school
  6. 6. Comenius meeting with Kinga and the mayor and then…
  7. 7. a great show by school pupils
  8. 8. Free time with spanish friends
  9. 9. In the bus to Balaton we laughtedand sang a lot. We drinked “palinka”
  10. 10. The castle of Sümeg
  11. 11. Sunny Balaton lake…
  12. 12. and, unfortunately, stormy Balaton lake
  13. 13. It was a great day!After Balaton in the late afternoon wevisited an artistic building and walked in the park.
  14. 14. In the evening we had dinner in Savaria Plaza and thenwe had to say goodbye to everybody. Next day wecame back to Italy.Comenius is an unforgettableexperience !Thanks to all partners.