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  1. 2. In Italian province Basilicata in 2 towns- Vietri di Potenza and Savoia di Lucania we experienced the culture of the southern Europe – we were enchanted by the beautiful mountains, views, flavour, music, historical buildings and monuments and food, of course!!!
  2. 3. We admired picturesque and famous towns of Amalfi and Salerno where the thousand years of Italian history is still present and alive with its religious traditions and magnificent cathedrals and the brilliant pottery is still being made
  3. 4. In the Italian sunshine we were walking in Vietri and Savoia streets together with the teachers, students and the local authorities admiring medieval buildings, churches and monasteries. We visited local museums and institutions, factories and houses in order to know Italian traditions and lifestyle. We asked our Italian hosts about every aspect of their life, culture and history. Our students participated in the lessons in the partner schools and spend really great time with their friends learning new skills, playing and talking.
  4. 6. The unique experience for all of us was the visiting Matera – the ancient town in rocks. This place belong s to the World Cultural Heritage sites and looks like an ancient Palestine. Walking there we were impressed by churches and houses completely sculptured in the rock. The other unforgettable experience was visiting Metaponto on the Ionian coast of Italy. We had a possibility to walk among the columns of the temple from the time of ancient Greece– these historical remains were over 2,5 thousand years old!!!
  5. 8. Coming back to Savoia and Vitri in the evening we were under the impression of the view of towns and villages in Basilicata- they were situated on the top of the mountains and full of lights giving the impression of being halfway between the ground and the sky!!! History is present in Basilicata in every place, even small villages as Sant` Angello Le Fratte has specific atmosphere and unique sights, murals on the walls of the houses, medieval churches, buildings and narrow streets…
  6. 10. Our Comenius group took part also in unforgettable folk and medieval dance and singing festival in the main square in Savoia – it was the great event for all inhabitants of the town and for Comenius partners . We could admire students of Savoia school who were wearing special costumes prepared the same as medieval clothes, they were presenting original medieval songs and dances. After the show all gathered people were trying the delicacies of the local cuisine, playing and dancing together – we felt like we were transferred in time!!!!
  7. 12. Visiting the Capuchin Monastery in Vietri was the possibility for us to see the religious life and traditions of monks` life, their work and heritage. The meeting in monastery garden and park was also another possibility for all teachers, students, parents and local authorities to continue their friendship, to talk, to play and to spend time together and to eat exquisite food. Pizza, pasta, lasagna were our favourit e dishes and the best - we still feel the taste and we remember all Italian friends, their cordiality and kindness.
  8. 13. Thank you for reading!!! By the teacher Jerzy Ziemianin