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Present simple game: affirmative and negative


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This is a small interactive activity in Powerpoint to learn the Present Simple Tense. I hope you like it.

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Present simple game: affirmative and negative

  1. 1. He She has are lunch breakfast lessons They have
  2. 2. He They go gos shopping to bed to school She goes
  3. 3. He She watches watchs computer a game television They watch
  4. 4. She They reads do a book a pencil his homework He does
  5. 5. He She rides rids horses cars bikes They ride
  6. 6. He They listenes listen football music to music She listens
  7. 7. He She reades reads TV a game a book They read
  8. 8. She They haves have a bath breakfast a shower He has
  9. 9. He She haves has dinner breakfast lunch They have
  10. 10. He They brushs brush my teeth his teeth her teeth She brushes
  11. 11. He They don’t have don’t haves Portuguese English Maths She doesn’t have
  12. 12. He They doesn’t goes don’t goes to school. on foot. by car. She doesn’t go
  13. 13. He She not doesn’t listen to music play video games Watch TV They don’t
  14. 14. She They don’t not play games Watch TV read a book. He doesn’t
  15. 15. He She doesn’t not ride horses read bikes. ride bikes They don’t
  16. 16. She They don’t not listens to music listenes to music. listen to music He doesn’t
  17. 17. He She don’t haves doesn’t have lunch at school lunches at school lunch at home They don’t have
  18. 18. He They doesn’t does don’t does her school. her teeth. her homework. She doesn’t do