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Possessive pronouns - English Language


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This slideshow is about possessive pronouns. I hope you like it.

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Possessive pronouns - English Language

  1. 1. Possessive Pronouns
  2. 2. Which pizza is yours? The cheese is mine and the pepperoni is hers.
  3. 3. Your photos are great. Ours are OK.
  4. 4. Possessive Pronouns .attribute ownership to someone or something. . substitute a noun phrase and can prevent its repetition. YOURSMINE HERS OURS
  5. 5. Possessive Pronouns These books are mine*, not yours*. *stand for "my books" and "your books," respectively.
  6. 6. Possessive Pronouns Your tablet is better than my tablet. Sounds repetitive.
  7. 7. Possessive Pronouns Your tablet is better than mine.
  8. 8. Possessive Pronouns This is my dog, not your dog. Sounds repetitive.
  9. 9. Possessive Pronouns This dog is mine, not yours.
  10. 10. Personal Pronouns Possessive Pronouns I MINE YOU YOURS HE HIS SHE HERS IT ITS* WE OURS YOU YOURS THEY THEIRS
  11. 11. I This ball is mine.
  12. 12. This photo is yours. You
  13. 13. These sunglasses are hers. She
  14. 14. This car is his. He
  15. 15. This tablet is ours. We
  16. 16. This computer is theirs. They
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