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Plural Nouns: English Language


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This is a slideshow about nouns and the main rules to make them plural.

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Plural Nouns: English Language

  2. 2. Singular (one) Plural (more than one) one dog one watch one mouse two dogs three watches three mice
  3. 3. Add “s” Singular Plural one dog two dogs one door two doors
  4. 4. Add “-s” Singular Plural one cap two caps one chair two chairs
  5. 5. Singular Plural “-S”, “-SS”,”-CH”, ”-SH”,”-X” bus dress brush buses dresses brushes Add “-es”
  6. 6. Singular Plural watch fox watches foxes sandwich sandwiches Add “-es”
  7. 7. Singular Plural baby babies Consonant + Y butterfly butterflies Add “-ies”
  8. 8. Singular Plural strawberry strawberries ferry ferries Consonant + Y Add “-ies”
  9. 9. Singular Plural toy toys monkey monkeys Vowel + Y Add “-s”
  10. 10. Singular Plural key keys boy boys Vowel + Y Add “-s”
  11. 11. Singular Plural kangaroo kangaroos hippo hippos “-o” Add “-s”
  12. 12. Exceptions: Singular Plural flamingo flamingoes tomato tomatoes Add “-es”
  13. 13. Exceptions: Singular Plural potato potatoes hero heroes Add “-es”
  14. 14. Exceptions: Singular Plural mango zero mangos zeros Add “-s” or “-es”
  15. 15. Exceptions: Singular Plural mango mangoes zero zeroes Add “-s” or “-es”
  16. 16. Singular Plural knife knives “-fe” Add “-ves” life lives
  17. 17. Singular Plural loaf loaves “-f” leaf leaves Add “-ves”
  18. 18. Exceptions: Singular Plural chef chefs roof roofs Add “-s”
  19. 19. Singular Plural man woman person men women people Irregular
  20. 20. child tooth foot children teeth feet mouse mice Singular Plural Irregular
  21. 21. Singular Plural reindeer reindeer fish fish The same
  22. 22. Singular Plural sheep sheep salmon salmon The same
  23. 23. Singular Plural pants pants scissors scissors Always plural
  24. 24. Singular Plural sandals sandals binoculars binoculars Always plural
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