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Past simple: English Language


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This is a slideshow about the Past Simple. I hope you like it.

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Past simple: English Language

  1. 1. now specific time past action/ state
  2. 2. Past Simple Clue words last… …ago yesterday
  3. 3. Past Simple Clue words for… all… when…
  4. 4. Past Simple Forms: Subject + past simple
  5. 5. Past Simple Forms: Subject + past simple Affirmative
  6. 6. Past Simple Vicky called her friends yesterday.
  7. 7. Past Simple: regular verbs General rule: Infinitive: + ed visit- visited enjoy - enjoyed Consonant + y: + ied study - studied Ending in –e: + d love - loved
  8. 8. Past Simple: regular verbs stop - stopped One-syllable verb one vowel + consonant: double consonant + ed Irregular verbs make the past form in different ways.
  9. 9. Past Simple Subject + did + not + infinitive Negative
  10. 10. Past Simple Subject + did + not + infinitive Negative
  11. 11. Past Simple Vicky didn’t call her friends yesterday.
  12. 12. Past Simple Did + subject + infinitive Interrogative
  13. 13. Past Simple Did Vicky call her friends yesterday?
  14. 14. Past Simple 1. We use the past simple to express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time in the past. past now specific time yesterday action completed
  15. 15. Past Simple Jane helped her mother in the kitchen last Sunday. help
  16. 16. Past Simple She washed her car last weekend. wash
  17. 17. I didn’t see you yesterday. Past Simple see
  18. 18. Past Simple Yesterday, they didn’t go to school by car. go
  19. 19. Past Simple Did they watch a scary movie last night? Yes, they did.
  20. 20. Past Simple Did they play tennis yesterday afternoon? No, they didn’t.
  21. 21. Past Simple 2. We also use the past simple to talk about a situation that existed over a period of time ( a duration) in the past. past now finished action started
  22. 22. Past Simple They lived abroad for ten years. live
  23. 23. Past Simple Ann studied Italian for five years. study
  24. 24. Past Simple Last week, they ate pizza every day! eat
  25. 25. Past Simple They hiked all day. hike
  26. 26. Past Simple 3. If you are talking about the general past, or about regular or habitual actions in the past, you also use the past simple. past now finishedstarted Regular action
  27. 27. Past Simple When I was a boy I walked a mile to school every day. walk
  28. 28. Past Simple I didn’t like vegetables when I was a child. like
  29. 29. Past Simple Did you study hard when you were a student? study Yes, I did.
  30. 30. We use the past simple for sequences of actions. Past Simple 4. past now action1 action 2 completed
  31. 31. Past Simple past now action1 action 2 completed Sometimes the actions follow immediately after each other, or one action causes a result.
  32. 32. Past Simple As soon as they saw me, they waved. see/ wave
  33. 33. Past Simple I bought a new cell phone. It cost two hundred dollars. buy/ cost
  34. 34. Past Simple I woke up early and got out of bed. wake/ get
  35. 35. Past Simple Last year, he went to England, enrolled in a language school and started learning English. go/ enroll/start
  36. 36. Did you add flour, pour in the milk, and then add the eggs? Past Simple add/ pour
  37. 37. We use the past simple to describe an action in the past taking place in the middle of another action.5. Past Simple continuing past action interruption disturbing action past now
  38. 38. We use the past simple to describe an action in the past taking place in the middle of another action. Past Simple interruptionpast now Past Continuous Past Simple
  39. 39. Past Simple She was reading a book when the alarm clock rang. ring
  40. 40. Past Simple The girls were walking to school when Jason appeared. appear
  41. 41. Past Simple While Mary was writing the email, the computer suddenly went off. go
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