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120516 net aspects summary geared for success - m gwynn


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120516 net aspects summary geared for success - m gwynn

  1. 1. Michael GwynnVice President of Business Development Net Aspects 510-502-5059
  2. 2. Opportunity Executive SummaryThe SalesAspects Enterprise offering is an organizationWebsite, CRM, and Email Marketing platform whichintegrates MLS data with Broker, Office, and Agentwebsites, along with an Email Marketing system and aReal Estate focused CRM.Our fixed-cost option allows your Real Estate organizationto grow without increasing the cost of your marketingsoftware.Net Aspects is focused on providing needed tools formarketing your company with search engines andthrough Email Marketing, capturing leads, anddistributing them to your Sales Team.
  3. 3. About Net AspectsNet Aspects is a private California Corporation that hasoperated profitably since 2001. We currently have 15employees and are located in Fairfield, CA.Net Aspects aggregates over 100 MLS’s representing 80-90% of the major markets in the United States. Our clientsget millions of visitors every month an our mail serverssend over 1 million emails to over 5 million contacts eachmonth.Net Aspects supports over 12,000 users representing over340 companies. Our largest client has over 1,000 userswhile our smallest has only one.
  4. 4. The SalesAspects Enterprise solution allows your Real Estateorgnization to have a Website, CRM, and Email Marketing solutionthat is scalable, functional, well-supported, and now moreaffordable with our fixed-cost pricing model.• We would like the opportunity to discuss our technologies andservices in more detail for your organization.• For more information or to set-up the next call or meeting, pleasecontact:Michael GwynnVice President of Business DevelopmentNet