We're Writing a New Story. And it's Pure Michigan.


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A review of the Pure Michigan brand including merchandise, co-branding partnerships, advertising, and more. Presented at the Pure Michigan Governor's Conference on Tourism in 2012.

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We're Writing a New Story. And it's Pure Michigan.

  1. 1. We’re writing a new story. And it’s Pure Michigan. Elizabeth Parkinson Senior Vice President Marketing & Communications Kelly Wolgamott Director of Marketing Michigan Economic Development Corporation March 26, 2012#PMGC12
  2. 2. Reinventing Michigan“We will not dwell on the past or thedepth of our problems. The focus will beon agreed-on action, implementation,measuring results and continuousimprovement…It is time to solveproblems.” Governor Rick Snyder
  3. 3. Gov. Snyder’s Blueprint1. Create more and better jobs2. Leverage our new tax system3. Reinvent our government4. Keep our youth – our future – here5. Restore our cities6. Enhance our national and international image7. Protect our environment8. Revitalize our educational system9. Reinvent our health care system10. Winning in Michigan through Relentless Positive Action
  4. 4. Integrated Jobs StrategyReinventing Michigan Statewide Plan1. Create more and better jobs • Entrepreneurship (1&2)2. Leverage our new tax system3. Reinvent our government • Business Growth (1&2)4. Keep our youth – our future – • Access to Capital (1&2) here5. Restore our cities • Seamless Delivery (3)6. Enhance our national and • Talent Enhancement (4&5) international image7. Protect our environment • Vibrant Communities (6)8. Reinvent our educational system • Image (7)9. Reinvent our health care system Winning in Michigan through Everything We Do Relentless Positive Action
  5. 5. Reshaping MEDC• Regional Approach• Economic Gardening• New Tools for Job Makers and Job Seekers• New, Competitive Business Tax• Expanding Pure Michigan Brand
  6. 6. Regional Approach• “Decentralized” Economic Development• New level of partnership with local economic development organizations – Imbedding MEDC staff• Leveraging regions’ supply chain assets
  7. 7. Economic Gardening• Nurturing existing firms primed for business growth.• We recognize that just 1% of all businesses nationwide (typically young companies in their second stage of business growth) create 40% of the new jobs.
  8. 8. New ToolsReplacing complex incentive-basedprograms with a restructured, tacticaltoolkit:• $8 billion Pure Michigan Business Connect program• Pure Michigan Talent Connect Web site – www.Mitalent.org• $100 million closing fund
  9. 9. New Business TaxNow one of the best tax climates in thecountry.• Removed tangled web of incentives that unfairly favored certain businesses• Propelled our state’s corporate tax ranking from 49th all the way to 7th (Tax Foundation)• Improved our overall business tax climate from 18th to 12th (Tax Foundation)
  10. 10. Reinvention Underway• #2 in study of states’ economic health (Bloomberg)• #1 in nation for small business loans (SBA)• #1 for tech job growth (TechAmerica)• #1 for job creation potential (Newsweek)• #4 of Top 10 States for Capital Investment (Ernst & Young)• Home to ‘most beautiful place in America.’ (Good Morning America) How Do We Tell Our Story?
  11. 11. Pure Michigan • Forbes (2009): All-time Ten Best Tourism Promotion CampaignsPure MichiganLas Vegas (“what happens here, stays here”)Incredible IndiaNew ZealandAustralia (Paul Hogan, 1980s)JamaicaAlaska (B4UDIE billboards, 2005)CanadaOregonVirginia (is for Lovers)
  12. 12. Pure MichiganStarted out as tourism-focused campaigns.
  13. 13. Sunrise
  14. 14. Beyond Travel• All state marketing activities under the brand“Pure Michigan is becoming not just atourism brand…but it’s also a businessbrand. Frankly…that’s what we’re about.” MEDC President and CEO, Mike Finney
  15. 15. Why Michigan?
  16. 16. So, how do we engage? Advertising and public relations drives general regional and national awareness Strategic event sponsorships, trade shows, partnerships reach a segmented audience Business Development efforts support economic gardening model through individual meetings Digital marketing and social media outreach allows for quick dissemination of information and allows 2-way dialogue to a self-identified audience Integrated place-based branding
  17. 17. National Business Campaign• Quality of life• Retain and Attract – Talent: mitalent.org – Business• Targeting business principles and agents to change perceptions about Michigan and get Michigan on their consideration list – Custom digital sponsorships of existing properties with proven traffic – Print extensions complementing digital and/or relevant edit – Targeted channel banners within business news
  18. 18. National Business Campaign
  19. 19. National Business Campaign
  20. 20. National Business Campaign
  21. 21. Business Digital Campaign
  22. 22. Logo Usage/Partnerships• Brand guidelines
  23. 23. Partnerships
  24. 24. DNR Partnership
  25. 25. Merchandise
  26. 26. Questions? elizabeth@michigan.orgwolgamottk@michigan.org