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This is a report about overall situation analysis of fashion houses in Bangladesh.

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  2. 2. AN OVERALL SITUATION ANALYSIS OF THE FASHION HOUSES IN BANGLADESH A STUDY ON:SUBMITTED TO:-HUSNA ARALecturer,Department of Business AdministrationEast West UniversitySUBMITTED BY:- SL NO NAME OF MEMBERS ID 01 Misbahur Rahman Sagor 2011-1-10-147 Mob:01673007223 Emai: DATE OF SUBMISSION: - 21-11-2011EAST WEST UNIVERSITY
  3. 3. November 21, 2011To,Husna AraLecturer,Department of Business AdministrationEast West UniversitySUBJECT:- REQUEST TO ACCEPT THE TERM PAPER ON AN OVERALLSITUATION ANALYSIS OF THE FASHION HOUSES IN BANGLADESH: ASTUDY ON “BANGLAR MELA”FASHION HOUSE.Dear Mam,We are from your course Principles of Marketing (section-10), are very glad to submit thegiven group assignment on an overall situation analysis of the fashion houses inBangladesh: A study on “Banglar Mela”. It gives enormous contentment to notify youthat this group has accomplished its report under your kind hearted direct care.We have devoted our best effort to make the report an informative one. Now, we havepositioned the report before you for your authorization. All members hope that this reportwill convince you.Thanking you.Your most obedient pupils______________Misbahur Rahman Sagor2011-1-10-147Department of BBA_________________Linea Rahman2011-1-10-027Department of BBA_________________Sanjoy Kumar Kundu2011-1-10-150Department of BBA_________________Shah Soheli Iren2011-1-10-145Department of BBA_________________Mst.Afroza Islam2011-1-10-169Department of BBA
  4. 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAt the very outset, all praises for almighty Allah for enabling us to complete the task withgood and sound health.Then, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our courseinstructor “HusnaAra” (Lecture of EWU) for her continuous inspiration, supervision andpatience.We are glad to see that she has faith on us so that we are given this work.Without her guidance and support it would not have been possible to come this far.We would also like to thank the managing director A.K.M. GolamMaola for hiscontinuous support, inspiration and giving us the opportunity to collect the informationabout their different services, products and the quality of those services or products. Andthen we are also grateful to the branch manager of “BanglarMela”, Bashundhara CityBranch to help us in different ways and their well behavior .All the members of this group are grateful to them who have honestly and ultimatelysupport us in carrying out the study. Specially, we are gratified to our praiseworthyteacher HusnaAra because of his support gives us the prospect to begin the reportpunctually.Last but not the least; we would like to thank our friends and the persons used in thesurvey who helped us to find these information and data.Finally, we would like to thank our family for their numerous support in both financiallyand mentally which helps us lot to finish our task.
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis report has been equipped for the limited implementation for the marketingcourse.Our group have strived to hit upon the management system of popular renownedfashion houseBanglarMela. This organization is typically in foremost place in this nationand performing very important job in this country.Over the last ten year, BanglarMela hasbeen constantly bringing new and world-class product for the Bangladeshi people tosatisfy their wants and demand of life. They work in this country since from 2001; fromthis time the company continues the business as an independent company. And itsmission is i to create panoramic designs of cloths by using local traditional fabrics andpromote them in the market with a reasonable price.For promotion they use traditionalmedia.For the report acceptance information has been accumulated from major and minorsources. Through this study it is expected that a clear idea of the customers choices.Therefore, this study tries to give some suggestion to establish a fashion business.
  6. 6. TABLE OF CONTENTS SL.NO TOPICS PAGE NO01 (PART A) INTRODUCTION 01-03 1.1 Background of the study 01 1.2 Objective of the study 01 1.3 Data collection method 02 1.4 Limitation of the study 0302 (PART B) REPORT FINDINGS, ANALYSIS, DISCUSSION 04-20 2.1 Theoretical Foundations 04-05 2.1.1 History 04 2.1.2 Mission 04 2.1.3 Vision 04 2.1.4 Objective 04 2.1.5 Marketing mix 04 2.1.6 BCG matrix 04-05 2.1.7 STP 05 2.1.8 Market share 05 2.2 Company Profile 06-08 2.2.1 History 06 2.2.2 Company name 06 2.2.3 Location 06-07 2.2.4 Founder 07 2.2.5 Capital 07 2.2.6 Investment 07 2.2.7 Logo 07 2.2.8 Slogan 08 2.2.9 Mission 08 2.2.10 Vision 08 2.2.11 Objective 08 2.2.12 Values 08 2.3 Current Marketing Situation 09-10 2.3.1 Market description 09 2.3.2 Market growth 09 2.3.3 Industry 09-10 2.4 Marketing Mix 10-18 2.4.1 Product profile 10-14 Characteristics 10 Variety 10
  7. 7. Quality 11 Design 11 Features 11 Packaging 11 Product position through (BCG) matrix 12 STP 13 Market share 14 2.4.2 Pricing Strategy 14-15 2.4.3 Distribution 16 Distribution channel 16 Exporting issue 16 2.4.4 Promotion Tools 17-18 Tools used for promotion 17 Media vehicle 17 Message of the each tool 18 Effect on sale 18 2.5 SWOT analysis 19-20 03 Conclusion 21 04 Recommendations 2205 (PART C) Appendix and References 23-2506 (PART C) Photo Gallery 26-27
  8. 8. CHAPTER 01{PART-B} INTRODUCTION1.1:-BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY At the present time business and association is playing an essential responsibilityto develop the financial circumstance of a country. So in the field of trade and associationit is awfully crucial to continue some management. In the association it is used tocontinue all sorts of works resembling, monetary, maintain inventory effectivearrangement, numerical uses and record management system etc. All of which createworkings simple, speedy and exact so as fashion house business “BanglarMela”alsoexercises structural manage system to boost their trade and widen their situation. Ourgroup has visited to “BanglarMela” and organized its report. The visitation was tookplace in the head office of BanglarMelain Tejgaon andBashundhara City Branch ofBanglarMela and we are very glad for getting the opportunity to accomplish our practicalinvestigate on BanglarMela. The report will definitely increase the knowledge of otherstudents to know the fashion house business of Bangladesh1.2:-OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY The objective of study is to gather practical knowledge regarding over all fashionhouse business and its operations. Theoretical classes of BBA provide us theoriesregarding different subjects where as practical investigate gives us the chances to viewthose systems and their operations. The principal intent of this report is to analyze thetrends modern customer‟s services. More precisely we can identify the objective of thisreport as follows:  To fulfill our course requirement of the course curriculum.  To increase our creativity and gathering experience to work in practical field.  To find out some major problem area of fashion house in Bangladesh as flows o Government policy o Political o Financial o House Rent  To study the services of Branches of BanglarMela  The preparation of the report will enable to greater concepts of the Fashion house.  To achieve realistic facts.  To suggest recommend some necessary steps to solve the existing problems. 1
  9. 9. 1.3:-DATA COLLECTION METHODTo bring out the study equally primary and secondary data were used.PRIMARY SOURCES  To gather data, we chiefly used a meeting with the organization managing director and branch manager (Bashundhara City).  Direct conversation with consumer.  Observing their activities.  Collecting different opinions from consumers.SECONDARY SOURCES  As the minor basis here are mostly used the web site of Banglarmela.  Various records of fashion house.  Different articles published in the journals & magazines have been used. 2
  10. 10. 1.4:-LIMITATION OF THE STUDY A proverb goes that to achieve some valuable thing have to pass a long way.Whilepreparing the report, we had toface some obstacles that might have reduced the quality ofthe report. Mainly the following limitations we faced: The information we get was not adequate. Specially the technical data. The officials we interviewed cannot provide us specific information or they do not want to give. The time we are provided, was not adequate. As we all are involved in study, it was very difficult to manage time & specially co-ordination. Time constraint is the limitation restricting this report form. They didn‟t eager to give us their financial information. We had not much knowledge about fashion house business that‟s why he had to face many problems. One more difficulties was that we had no experience before to customer survey so when we went to BashundharaCity for customer survey we had to face many problems. 3
  11. 11. CHAPTER 02{PART-B} REPORT FINDINGS, ANALYSIS, DISCUSSION2.1:-THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONSThe theoretical foundations of the study are given below:2.1.1:-HISTORYHistory means the branch of knowledge and an established record or pattern of behaviorthat records and analyzes past events.2.1.2:-MISSSIONA ministry commissioned by a religious organization to propagate its faith or carry onhumanitarian work.2.1.3:-VISIONVision is a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination.2.1.4:-OBJECTIVEObjectives are a basic tools that underlying all planning and strategicactivities.2.1.5:-MARKETING MIXThe set of controllable tactical marketing tools-product, price, place and promotion-thatthe firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target market.2.1.6:-BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP (BCG) MATRIXA company classifies all its Strategic Business Unit (SBUs) according to the growth sharematrix as shown below- High STAR QUESTION MARKMarket growth rate CASH COW DOG Low High LowRelative Market ShareSTAR:Stars are high-grown and high-share business or product. They often need heavyinvestment hold their business.QUESTION MARK:Question marks are high-grown and low market share business orproduct. They require a lot of cash hold their business. 4
  12. 12. CASH COW:Cash cows are low grown market with high relative market share. Theyinvest less amount hold their business.DOG:Dogs are low-grown and low-share business or product. They often investmentenough cash to hold their business.2.1.7:-STPSEGMENT:Dividing the total market into smaller markets based on different variable.TARGET MARKET:It is the process of measuring the segment attractive and selecting one or more segmentsto enter.POSITIONING:Process offsetting a clear transparent image on customer mind about the product orservice.2.1.8:-MARKET SHARE The percentage of an industry or markets total sales that is earned by a particularcompany over a specified time period.2.1.9:-SWOT ANALYSIS An overall evaluation of the company‟s strengths (S), weaknesses (W),opportunities (O), and threats (T). 5
  13. 13. 2.2:-COMPANY PROFILE2.2.1:-HISTORY “BanglarMela” registered their business on 17th April 2001 as a private limitedcompany. Next they started their operation from 3 May 2001 in Bonani sector-11. It hasachieved the position of one of best-branded both showroom of handloom in the town.It‟scapital was 10 crore 22 lacks then their shareholders was 11 persons. After that 5 moreshareholders were added. At first time they got 24 thousand order. Local producer, localcrafts, local materials were made by NGO, TMS, Norshindi, Bogura, Dinajpur, Tangail‟stailors. Apart from their business activity, a very appreciable thing about BanglarMela iswith their occupation they have also maintain their social responsibility and awareness asa human and as worthly citizens of the country. And they proved it by their remarkablydone social activities. Such as from the very beginning, in their organization they haveinvolved mentally retarded individuals and have given them the opportunity to work andto earn like every normal human being. And has also helped them to change their view oflife and also the idea towards these mentally retarded people who are unfortunatelythought of no use in the society. Chief Designer of BanglarMelaEmdadHoque saidBanglarMela not just a store,BanglarMela represents the culture socio environment thruour line-up.2.2.2:-COMPANY NAMEThe company name is “BanglarMela” Fashion House2.2.3:-LOCATIONBanani :House # 67, Block # E, Road # 11, Banani, Dhaka- 1213.Dhanmondi-(i):Plaza A. R. (3rd Floor) Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1207.(Near SobahanBagh Masjid)Dhanmondi-(ii):Happy Homes Dr. RefatUllah Arcade, (1st Floor) House # 3, Road # 3, Dhanmondi,(Near City College), Dhaka.Mirpur :Plot # C-10, Mirpur-2, Main Road, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, 6
  14. 14. Uttara :Atique Tower,67/B, RabindraSharani, Sector – 7, Uttara, Dhaka– 1230,Malibag :Hosaf Shopping Complex, Malibagh Circle, Dhaka-1217,Bashundhara City-1:Shop # 109, Level- 2, Block # D, Panthapath, Dhaka- 1205,Bashundhara City-2:Deshidosh, Level-7, Block-A,Head Office:336/C Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208.2.2.4:-FOUNDER Firstly BanglarMela started their busibess with 10 partners among this A.K.M.GolamMaola is the managing director of BanglarMela and after few years later theyadded more 5 shareholder with their business.2.2.5:-CAPITAL They started their business with 22 lakh taka after few years their capital stands on32 lakh taka. When they added 5 more shareholders they provide 64 lakh taka and nowtheir present capital is 10 corer taka.2.2.6:-INVESTMENT Firstly they invested 22 lakhtaka, then 32 lakh and lastly 64 lakh taka.2.2.7:-LOGO 7
  15. 15. 2.2.8-SLOGAN The slogan of BanglarMela is ÓevsjvigyLAvwg †`wLqvwQÓ2.2.9-MISSION The mission of BanglarMela is to create panoramic designs of cloths by usinglocal traditional fabrics and promote them in the market with a reasonable price.2.2.10-VISION The vosion of banglar is the want to focus on serving the middle-income groups ofpeople with fashion-rich local clothes.And to be the best quality fashion house in thecountry.2.2.11-OBJECTIVE Such as from the very beginning, in their organization they have involvedmentally retarded individuals and have given them the opportunity to work and to earnlike every normal human being. And has also helped them to change their view of life andalso the idea towards these mentally retarded people who are unfortunately thought of nouse in the society. Chief Designer of BanglarMelaEmdadHoque said BanglarMela not justa store,BanglarMela represents the culture socio environment thru our line-up.Lastly theywant to stablised their concept that “Fashion for All”2.2.12-VALUES The values of BanglarMela is making local product by using local raw materialsfor all classes of peoples.2.3:-CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION BanglarMela started their mission in 2001 and then they tried to follow a strongsocietal marketing policy to make profits by service people. Now every aspects ofmarketing sectors they are achieving their target goals. To identify their current marketsituation we can focus on following sectors:2.3.1:-MARKET DESCRIPTION 8
  16. 16. BanglarMela always says that, “Fashion for all”. So they are trying to reach theirproducts among all classes of people and all levels of people in our society. They aretrying to maintain affordable price for all kinds of customers. BanglarMela have startedits first operation in Bangladesh in 2001.The products of BanglarMelahave been wellreceived and the marketing is the key to the development of its brand image as well asthe growth of the customer base. At first it started with one showroom but now it hasalready 10 showrooms at different suitable places in Dhaka city and they have also abranch in Chittagong.2.3.2:-MARKET GROWTH The market of BanglarMela is growing high day by day because people arebecoming concern for using local product. Their market growth is very good.1 st year theycould fulfill their sales target.Before 2001 Banani was a very slow going market place butwhen BanglarMela opened their first outlet, following them others fashion houses wereestablished their branch and now Banani become a very ceowdy and profitable marketplace. Same case are happened in Mirpur 2. And its only possible for BanglarMelafashion house. Besides, people purchase dresses in many occasion likeEid,Puza,PahelaBaishakh,Akushe February,BijoyDibosh.It makes the market broad moreand more.2.3.3:-INDUSTRY ANALYSIS (REVIEW OF COMPETOTORS) The thought of Banglarmela” is that they have no competitors.As keeping our ownculture is their objectives so that they do not think another fashion houses as theircompetitorsthey want to do work together as a family. So they make “Deshi Dosh”inBashundhara city. But it is our observation that other fashion house likeArong,Nogordola,Kay Kraft,OG,Anjans,Bibiana,Nipun,Rong,ShadaKalo,Deshal,KaziKraftetc are theirmain competitors.2.4:-MARKETING MIX The combination of BAnglarMela‟s four elements-product, price, promotion,place or distribution which is used to satisfy the need of their target market. 9
  17. 17. After deciding on overall competitive marketing strategy, the company proceedstowards planning the details of the marketing mix.The product profile of „‟BanglarMela” is very unique and praise worthy, we cansay.2.4.1:-PRODUCT PROFILE2.4.1.1:-CHARACTERISTICS “BanglarMela“ is expressing their characteristics through their brand name.This fashion house‟s main characteristic is they use local raw materials for theirproduct of Bangladesh. They also provide qualityful dresses for lower middle classand middle class people as well. Their dresses are designed by many renownedfashion designers of Bangladesh. Their main target is to spread out Bangladeshiproduct more and more with latest design, colour and quality and they are doingso, with great success. In today‟s modern world every people wants variation in all sectors, mostlythose who are very much close about their dress and accessories. So, competingwith other deshi fashion houses “BanglarMela” have a lot of variation in theirproduct to satisfy their customer‟s needs and wants. They are providing all types ofdeshisharees, including – Taat, Silk, Cotton, Half-Silk, Mosline, Khadi etc.SalwarKamizes (Cotton, Silk, Khadi) Panjabi (Cotton, Block print, Hand paintetc). Fotua( for both men and children. Single dopatta, Single Salwar, bed cover,coushone cover etc. They are also provides Show pieces, photo frame, candle,ladies purse, bag, ladies jewellery, gift items etc.And in all types of product they aretrying their best to pick up the beauty ofBangladesh & Bangladeshi tradition. Every people, when purchase something they want and consider the qualityof that product first (whether it‟s high price or low price product). So from this 10
  18. 18. point of view “BanglarMela “ is maintaining their product quality very strictlyfrom the very beginning of their journey. “BanglarMela” provides a very highquality product to their target customers. They always try to use local but bestquality cotton and raw materials for their final product. Design of any type of product is the most attractive part for tis customers.Beautiful design &colour of any dress attracts people whether children or adults.“BanglarMela“ also gives a great emphasis on its design part. The main designer“BanglarMela” is Mr. AmdadHaque. He is one of the most renowned professionaldesigners of our country. BanglarMela‟s designs are very unique and its fulfillingthe demand of teen agers as well as middle aged people. “BanglarMela” always try to use our Local fabrics, cottons and colours.Because their main motto is to serve their customers with deshi product and toenrich our Bangladeshi culture and tradition. Packaging plays a vital role of selling any product to its customers. That‟swhy “BanglarMela” provides a beautiful packet, which have their logo at thecentre of the packet. They also change the design and pattern of their packet indifferent occasion for example – in their 10th anniversary they changed the designof their packet by adding some new colours and features, which was greatlyappreciated by their customers. 11
  19. 19.‟S POSITIONTHROUGH (BCG) MATRIXBanglarMela classifies all its SBUs according to the Growth-share matrix asshown below: HIGH STAR QUESTION MARK Salowarkamiz Handicrafts M Shari gift item A Bed cover R Shirts K Cuttion cover E T Panjabi Orna G Shal R O W CASH COW DOG T H Fatua Tupi R Bags Harbal products A T Show piece E Jewelry LOW HIGH LOW RELATIVE MARKET SHARE 12
  20. 20. Dhanmondi 1, 2 Mirpur Bashundhora cityUttara Malibagh Science lab Chittagong outletTARGET MARKET MIDDLE CLASS UPPER CLASS UPPER MIDDLE CLASS LOWER MIDDLE CLASSIn case of BanlarMela,from teenager to any age group,from lower middle class to upperclass,regardless to race,religion,gender ,literacy level,life style or personality any andevery single person is their target market.POSOTIONING After the company has decided which market segment have to use to enter forwhich product, it must decide what positions it want to occupy a clear distinctive anddesirable place relative to competing products in the mind of target customers. Thecompany‟s entire marketing program should support the chosen positioning strategy.Since if a product is perceived to be exactly like another product on the market,consumers would have no reason to buy it, BanglarMela brings special features on theproduct as well as significant various services that positioned the products in the targetsegments. Products can be positioned with some positioning strategy. We find thatBanglarMela has taken has taken multi-various strategy to position its various product inthe market. 13
  21. 21. SHARE (CUSTOMER‟S ATTITUDES)According to our survey the market share of “BanglarMela” is like this _____(based on assumption)______Among 100%, 50% are Ladies______ 20% Gents______10% Children LADIES______20% Foreigners GENTS CHILDREN FOREIGNER2.4.2:-PRICING STRATEGY Pricing decisions are subject to an incredibly complex array of environment andcompetitive forces. A company sets not a single price, but rather a pricing structure thatcovers different items in its line. This pricing structure changes over line as productsmove through their life cycles. The company adjusts product prices to reflect changes incost and demand and to account for variations in buyers and situations. As thecompetitive environmentchanges, the company considers when to initiative price changesand when to respond to them.Factors to consider when setting price INTERNAL FACTORS 1.Marketing 3.Costs:- objectives:- 2.Marketing mix strategy #Cost of different #survival#maxim stages of izing current production profit#maximizin g market #Cost as a function share#Increasing of production sales volume experience#Organi zational 14 considerations. g investment
  22. 22. EXTERNAL FACTORS 1.The market and 2.competitors 3.Other external demand :- cost, price and factors:- #pricing in offers #economic different types of conditions#reselle market rs #consumer reactions#govern perceptions of ment#social price and value concerns #analyzing the pricedemandrelat ionships.All above the #price discussion,BanglarMela setting their product actual price based on cost,demandelasticity of and competition. Products are reasonable, affordable for customers, so thatcustomer can purchase products occasionally, frequently for their own consume or to give demandothers.The pricing chart of BanglarMela CATEGORY #price PRICE (TAKA) SalowarKameez elasticity of 850-4999 demandShari 1250-3999 Panjabi 750-2999 Fatua 350-690 Shirt 320-669 Orna 250-350 Salowar 450-750 Hand bag 220-990 Purse 120-230 Tupi 190-310 Jewellary 950-1499 Harbal products 30-100 Handicrafts 120-890 Bed cover 850-2050 Kids fatua,salowarkameez 450-1999 Caution cover 299-499 Shitolpati 350-1099 Candle 10-675 15
  23. 23. 2.4.3:-DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL At first they started their business that owed by the labor.The village people ofNarsingdi, tangail,bagura,dinajpur,some NGO,TMS are also helping them providingfabrics.Their transportation facilities helps them to reach the products in head office.Evrybranches get their products from BanglarMela head office.The most important thing isthat BanglarMela does not pay money to the labor but provises fabrics and handy craftsinstate of money. ISSUE BanglarMela is a local fashion house, so they do not have any desire forexport their products to foreign countries. They only produce local product for localpeople. 16
  24. 24. 2.4.:-PROMOTION TOOLSFor promotion BanglarMela use different types of tools:2.4.1:-TOOLS USED FOR PROMOTION BanglarMelause only Advertisement and Sales promotion (Discount) and whenthey launch a new product they arrange press conference. Their advertisement mainlypublished on internet.THIS ADDVERTISEMENT PUBLISHED ON INTERNET2.4.2:-MEDIA VEHICLE In media vehicle Banglarmela arrange TALK SHOWon TV, and give theirproduct image on Newspaper and different types of newspaper. But they don‟t have anybillboard.EVERY THUESDAY THEY ADDVERTISE BANGLAR MELA ALSO ADDVERTISE THEIR PRODUCT ON DIFFERENT MAGAZINETHEIR PRODUCT IMAGE ON PROTHOMALO (NOAKSHA)NEWSPAPER 17
  25. 25. 2.4.3:-MESSAGE OF THE EACH TOOL The message of the all advertisement of BanglarMela is, “New dress for all class,all level of people”. And,“Buy Your Local Products and Increase Your National Assets”.2.4.3:-EFFECT ON SALE The effectiveness of: i. Advertisement- a)Strongly disagree b)Disagree c)Neutral d)Agree e)Strongly agree ii. Personal selling- a)Strongly disagree b)Disagree c)Neutral d)Agree e)Strongly agree iii. Public relation- a)Strongly disagree b)Disagree c)Neutral d)Agree e)Strongly agree iv. Sales promotion- a)Strongly disagree b)Disagree c)Neutral d)Agree e)Strongly agree v. Direct marketing- a)Strongly disagree b)Disagree c)Neutral d)Agree e)Strongly agree Note:-The marking orange color shows the result of the effect on sale.This effectiveness are told by the managing director of BanglarMelaA.K.M.GolamMaola. 18
  26. 26. 2.5:-SWOT ANALYSIS The SWOT analysis indicates the companies or the organization‟s internalstrengths and weaknesses and external opportunists and threats. SWOT analysis gives itsan insight of what they can do in future and how they can compute with their existingcompetitors. Every fashion house has some strong points, weak points, opportunities andthreats. “BanglarMela” has several strengths, some weaknesses, some opportunists andsome threats. “BanglarMela‟s” strengths, weaknesses, opportunists and threats are givenbelow:STRENGTHStrengths are internal capabilities that can help the company to reach its objectives.  Innovative combination of each and every product.  BanglarMela‟s every branches are highly decorated.  Reasonable price.  They believe „Fashion for all‟.  Their employees behaviors are praiseworthy.  Their product decoration is also well.  Their employees are highly skilled and trained.  High quality products.  Dresses are more comfortable.WEAKNESSWeaknesses are internal elements that may interiere with the company ability to achieveits objectives. Though “BanglarMela” is a well-established brand but it has someweaknesses. They are given below:  Government policy.  Cost of high business.  House rent is very high.  Electricity problem.  Utility expenses.  Others bills are very high.  Tax rate. 19
  27. 27. OPPOTUNITIESOpportunities are external elements that the company may be able to exploit itsadvantage. Some opportunities of “BanglarMela” are below:  Top managers and head of the departments were related with Grameen Bank and its concern Grameen Check.  The labor and tailors are also highly experienced by their previous working experience.  Now they have the opportunity to combine with “Deshi Dosh” and Grameen Check.  They have also the opportunity to expand and cover all the cultural occasion.  They have many distribution channels.THREATSThreats are current or emerging external elements that could potentially challenge thecompany‟s performance.“BanglarMela” has few threats. There are given below: The current and future external factors that Government Policy and regulation. As a private limited company they have to pay 15 % vat. Limitations of the capitals has make to take loan from Bank. So, the bank interests also may be threats for them. For the reputation of “BanglarMela” rent authority and builders taken over advance. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES  Reasonable price.  Government policy.  They believe „Fashion for  Cost of high business. INTERNAL all‟  House rent is very high. FACTORS  High quality products.  Tax rate.  Dresses are more  Utility expenses. comfortable  Fashion that suits Bangladeshi culture. SWOT OPPORTUNITIES THREATS  Distribution channels  Government Policy and  Cover all the cultural regulation. EXTERNAL occasion  Limitations of the capitals. FACTORS  The labor and tailors are  Bank interest. also highly experienced  Vat.  Top managers and head of the departments wererelated with Grameen Bank POSITIVE NEGATIVE 20
  28. 28. CHAPTER 03{PART-B} CONCLUSION Fashion house “BanglarMela” is becoming popular day by day by providingqualityful products.BanglarMela not only using local raw materials, local craftsman forproducing their products but also created employment opportunity for rural people andmake them self-dependent. Although maximizing profit is their main objective, but thisorganization is successful for building and maintaining a strong bonding with our ownculture by the modern way at the modern age. Besides, this organization contributes different social work and encourages peoplefor buying local products. If BanglarMela increases their advertisement more & more andmaintain their services well then it will be one of the best fashion house in our country. 21
  29. 29. CHAPTER 04{PART-B} RECOMMENDATIONS--- They should give more emphasis on their promotional activities like --- TVC,Billboards etc.--- Their jewelry items are not so demandable, so they should develop their jewelriesquality and reset its price.--- They should require more skilled and smart employees.--- If they consider their pricing strategy for lower class people then their sales will beincreased more.--- They don‟t provide any discount in any occasion, So they should plan about discountsystem.--- They should provide incentives for those buyers who purchase more products fromtheir fashion house. 22
  30. 30. APPENDED PARTS {PART-C} INTERVIEW QUESTIONAIRE BANGLAR MELA1. The history of “BanglarMela” (Like-Founder, Starting Capital and Starting date, Tagline etc.)?2. How many branches you have in Dhaka and have any branch outside Dhaka?3. How many employees are work in your total branch?4. What is the mission and vision of this fashion house?5. The objective of your company6. Your company‟s values like local product or foreign product7. Tell something about your today‟s market growth -high or low?8. Who are the target customers of your brand?9. Following this who is your business competitors? Arong NagorDola Keykraft Sada-kalo Ogi‟s Others10. Would you mind to tell something about your products? Characteristics: Variety: (among this which product you think is more popular): Quality: Design :( who is the main designer) Raw materials:11. About your pricing strategy –12. How you distribute your product to the final consumer and do you export any product to foreign country and who are your suppliers? 23
  31. 31. 13. How you promotion your brand like, Advertisement (Where): Discount (%?): Press conference: Other: 14. Media (TV, Radio or Newspaper, Billboard, Magazine): Do have any magazine? 15. Rate the following 5 point scale The effectiveness of: vi. Advertisement- a)Strongly disagree b)Disagree c)Neutral d)Agree e)Strongly agreevii. Personal selling- a)Strongly disagree b)Disagree c)Neutral d)Agree e)Strongly agreeviii. Public relation- a)Strongly disagree b)Disagree c)Neutral d)Agree e)Strongly agree ix. Sales promotion- a)Strongly disagree b)Disagree c)Neutral d)Agree e)Strongly agree x. Direct marketing- a)Strongly disagree b)Disagree c)Neutral d)Agree e)Strongly agree 16. What is yourbusiness‟s? Strengths: Weakness: Opportunities: Threats: Last of all please say something about BanglarMela which we can use as a promotion or advertisement. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING US YOUR VALUABLE TIME AND INFORMATION AND WE ALL ARE GREATFUL TO YOU. 24
  32. 32. REFERENCES {PART-C} 1.The Managing Director of BanglarMela. 2.Branch manager of BanglarmelaBashundhara City branch. 3 Employees of BanglarMela, Bashundhara City branch. 4www.banglarmela.orgBook which was used for preparing this report:- 1. Business by Steven j skinner john m. lvancevich. 2. Principles of marketing by Jahid, Jobayda, Shafiq, Monjur 25