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MIPLM research project - Characterization of digital patents and their systematic structuring


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MIPLM Research Project

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MIPLM research project - Characterization of digital patents and their systematic structuring

  1. 1. Characterization of digital patents and their systematic structuring Based on its patent type and its technical elements Strasbourg, September 20th, 2018
  2. 2. I4.0 exemplified by CLAAS and 365FarmNet CLASS is moving from a product and service providing company to a digital platform provider
  3. 3. 365FarmNet aims at... • Reduction in time due to automated documentation • Additional increase in efficiency and effectiveness • Establishing its technologies as the basis for a platform of innovation • Attracting other companies to invest and expand the value of the platform • Creating a lock-in effect
  4. 4. Achievement of a sustainable competitive advantage via IPR • EP 3229200 A1 claims an automatic system for recording times and keeping records of the farm • EP 3231270 A1 aims at achieving an increased efficiency via automated planning of an optimized driving route • EP 3257346 A1 claims protection for a system to record operating activities of an agricultural machine • EP 3258431 A1 claims a system to influence the operator to accept the use of position detection and status data acquisition
  5. 5. Structuring the claimed subject-matter according to technical concepts • With regard to the identified patent applications all technical concepts were realized • Merely the data model simulation concept could not be found within the assessed set of applications
  6. 6. Grouping of the identified digital patent applications into different patent types • EP 3229200 A1 relates to a management system set up and configured to automatically qualify and quantify non-field-specific data representing field-specific data • it enables a more comprehensive recording and evaluation of the activities carried out by a working machine and creates more transparency and enables a more precise evaluation or accounting. • EP 3257346 A1 assigns a time stamp to a certain operating status data and links this operating status data to the respective position of a forage harvester • The claimed subject matter provides a certain simulation, by proposing subsequent loader wagons in order to reduce interruptions of the harvesting process. Accordingly, the claimed system provides a proposal for increasing efficiency of the overall harvesting process. • EP 3231270 A1 discloses a method for controlling an agricultural working machine during working on a certain territory • It aims a protecting a certain optimization which is achieved by a preselection, which is based on minimizing the length of a resulting merging track with respect to the present position and orientation of the working machine. In other words, the automated planning of an optimized driving route for the agricultural working fulfills the requirements laid out above for an optimization-type digital patent application
  7. 7. The end... • Thank you for your attention