Ppt mikelresolutions


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Ppt mikelresolutions

  2. 2. In 2010 I will always listen the teacher I won’t speak in class I may pass all the exams I might give permission slips
  3. 3. I will help my parents I won’t annoy my brother I may sweep the house I might iron the clothes
  4. 4. I will breakfast fruits I won’t eat unhealthy things I may eat cauliflower I might eat sprouts
  5. 5. I will play games once a week I won’t see television before the home works I may do sports all days I might take medicine
  6. 6. I will help my friends I won’t discuss with my friends I may make new friends I might meet friends all weekends
  7. 7. I will have money I won’t use parents money I may save money I might buy with my money
  8. 8. I will watch house I won’t watch disney xd I may watch fox I might watch nick
  9. 9. I will switch off electric machines at night I won’t switch on electric machines at nigth I may use the computer a litlle time I might no play video games at week
  10. 10. I will walk to school I won’t take the car I may go on bus I might go on subway
  11. 11. I will practice guitar I may play basketball the saturdays I might go my friend’s house in weekends
  12. 12. I will speak in english I won’t speak spanish I may go to english class I might speak in english with my friends
  13. 13. happy new year