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The world’s leading industrial subcontracting show                           6 > 9 NOVEMBER                          Paris...
MIDEST is the global platform used by                                   international customers and subcontractors        ...
the technical and                                  commercial show case                  who exhibits?                    ...
customers                                                                                                                 ...                                                                                          the sourcing platf...
communication                                                                                                             ...
GET YOURSELF NOTICED                                                              by customers and the press              ...
Free!More and more events                                                                                         Make use...
BENEFIT FROM TOTAL SUPPORT                   your participation                                                           ...
The world’s leading industrial subcontracting show                                       te - France                      ...
MIDEST, the world's leading industrial subcontracting show
MIDEST, the world's leading industrial subcontracting show
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MIDEST, the world's leading industrial subcontracting show


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MIDEST is the global platform used by international customers and subcontractors for sourcing and exchanges.
Manufacturers, component suppliers and integrators meet the suppliers of solutions for metal and plastics processing, electronics, microtechniques and industry services face to face.

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MIDEST, the world's leading industrial subcontracting show

  1. 1. The world’s leading industrial subcontracting show 6 > 9 NOVEMBER Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre France
  2. 2. MIDEST is the global platform used by international customers and subcontractors for sourcing and exchanges. Manufacturers, component suppliers and integrators meet the suppliers of solutions for metal and plastics processing, electronics, microtechniques and industry services face to face. MIDEST 2011 was a major event and business generator for: 1,724 exhibitors, 39% of whom were not French and who originated from 36 countries 42,769 professionals from all sectors of activity 15% of these visitors were from outside France and were drawn from 65 countries. MIDEST benefits from the support of 50 partners, including international organizations, French chambers of commerce and industry and trade associations. MIDEST generates faster encounters and a broader spread of sales. 92%* of exhibitors stated that they were very satisfied or satisfied with their participation.* Source: Sesa Marketing 2011 survey.
  3. 3. the technical and commercial show case who exhibits? > for global industrial subcontracting who Visits?MIDEST Diversify your customer base by market and country Expand your portfolio of customers and prospects Boost your company’s image. Real business opportunities confirmed by exhibitors* 93% of exhibitors stated that MIDEST enabled them to meet new prospects. 75% declared that MIDEST enabled them to diversify their customer base by market and country. 81% were satisfied with their participation in relation to their commercial objectives. 75% believed that MIDEST offered them a good return on investment. A unique event, for seeing and being seen* 92% of exhibitors stated that MIDEST allowed them to boost their company’s image. 86% stated that MIDEST allowed them to expand their network of relationships. 79% thought that MIDEST allowed them to learn about the competition and markets. A unique show case of know-how Metal processing: Screw cutting, Machining, Special machines, Surface treatments, thermal treatments and finishing 4. MIDEST 2012 Forging, Foundry, Fabrication, Metal cutting, Raw materials / Materials / Industrial fasteners Semi-finished products Industry services: Design offices / Engineering / Analysis – Quality Processing of Plastics, Rubber and Composite materials / Monitoring / Measuring – Research development – Software Processing of wood publisher / Industrial software solutions – Environment and sustainable Processing of other materials (glass, ceramics…) development. Electronics and Electricity Industrial maintenance Microtechniques MIDEST 2011 in figures 39% of exhibitors 1 724 from outside France exhibitors from 17 French regional 36 countries pavilions 1,074 92% France exhibitors Western Europe 330 exhibitors of exhibitors were 26 pavilions representing 163 Eastern Europe exhibitors very satisfied or satisfied countries or their regions Asia 78 exhibitors with their participation (up 15 points on 2010 11 Trade Villages Africa 76 and 8 points on 2009)*. Middle East exhibitors Americas 3 exhibitors A guarantee you can trust: Midest’s figures are audited by the OJS (the French Audit Bureau) *Source: Sesa Marketing 2011 survey.
  4. 4. customers Major European visit MIDEST CUSTOMERS Automotive: Toyota, Volkswagen, PSA Peugeot Citroën, BMW, Renault, Volvo, Michelin, with actual projects visit MIDEST Daimler-Chrysler, Tata... Aerospace: EADS, Snecma, Dassault Aviation, Eurocopter, Thales, Astrium, Daher, Goodrich, Zodiac Aerospace, Turbomeca, Safran, DCNS,... Transportation: SNCF, Air France, RATP, Faiveley, Bombardier Transport,... Telecommunications: Siemens, France Discover new growth Embark on the conquest of new markets Telecom, Alcatel, Acome, Sagem,... opportunities thanks to customers visiting from 65 countries Building: Saint-Gobain, Vinci, Lafarge, by meeting customers from 13% Cegelec, Vicat, Ciments Calcia, Somfy, Africa all sectors of activity Eiffage... 9% Mechanical structures 15.6% Eastern Europe Automotive equipments: Robert Bosch, Steel / Metallurgy 13.4% Michelin, Continental, Valeo, MGI Coutier, Automotive 9.1% 8% Industrial maintenance 6.9% Asia Faurecia, AGCO, Hutchinson, Fagor Ederlan, Aerospace 5.9% 7% Delphi, Lisi Automotive,... Engineering 4.7% Western Europe (non EU) Electronics 4.4% Electronics / Electricity: Hitachi, Sony, Building / Civil engineering 4.2% 62% 1% Furnishing / Furniture 3.6% EU, 15 pre-enlargement Americas NEC, Siemens, Philips, Tyco, ABB, Thales, Accessories / Luxury 3.2% (Excl. France) Source: Midest 2011 Schneider Electric, Thomson, Legrand,... Electrical assemblies 3.0% Energy: EDF, GDF Suez, Areva, Alstom, Energy / Nuclear 2.7% Medical / Health / Pharmaceuticals 2.7% Cogema, Total, Air Liquide, Technip,... Machine tools 2.4% Chemicals: BASF, Bayer, Akzo Nobel, Food industry 1.9% Chemicals 1.9% Win new customers Henkel, Solvay, Roche, 3M, Sanofi,… Packaging 1.8% by meeting the decision makers And... ThyssenKrupp, Electrolux, Railway equipment 1.8% Environment 1.5% 2% Maintenance Umicore, Smurfit Kappa Group, Training 1.5% 22% General management Sanofi-Aventis, Caterpillar, Bolloré, IT / Office technology 1.3% Games / Toys / Sports / Leisure 1.2% 3% Marketing 20% Purchasing ArcelorMittal, Disneyland, Essilor, Telecommunications 1% Hermès, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Armaments 0.9% 4% Others 19% Sales Microsoft,... Household electrical 0,9% Bank / Financial Institution 0.8% Safety 0.8% 5% Quality / Methods 10% Research Development Shipbuilding 0,5% 8% Technical / Production Portable Tools 0,4% 7% Design offices In order to increase Source: Midest 2011 effectiveness, meet new customers by taking part in the business meetings programme organized by b2fair - Business to Fairs® Customers choose MIDEST* 78% of visitors search for subcontractors by visiting trade shows. 57% of them do not feel that there is any alternative to MIDEST for them in terms of shows. 78% of non-French visitors do not visit any show in France apart from MIDEST. 81% of customers Customers visit MIDEST to* Meet high level exhibitors: 92% visit MIDEST to identify Learn about new processes or materials: 90% new subcontractors. * Find answers to their sourcing requirements: 84% * Source: SESA Marketing 2011 survey
  5. 5. the sourcing platform that customers use MIDEST Extend the impact of the show’s four days by allowing customers to find your company 365 days a year. Press Web +23.5% A more and more heavily visited web site page impressions in 2011 (vs 2010) over 2 millions* pages impressions per annum* +24.5% visits in 2011 (vs 2010) Customers will find you throughout the year The increasing number of visits, page impressions and visitors between January and September demonstrates that customers are making more and more use of outside the period of the show. Visits* Page impressions* er Visitors* mb pte ptember From January to Se ptember From January to Se From January to Se 130,000 800,000 120,000 6. MIDEST 2012 120,000 750,000 110,000 46% % +19 % 110,000 700,000 100,000 6% +16 100,000 5% 650,000 90,000 +1 % of visits take place 3% +1 + 14 +1 90,000 600,000 80,000 between January +6% and September 80,000 550,000 70,000 +46% +39% (outside the % 70,000 500,000 60,000 show period). +24 9% % 60,000 +1 450,000 50,000 +18 50,000 400,000 40,000 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 A high performance site that will highlight the specific features of your company Receive a comprehensive, free online presentation for a whole year: Customers are able to find you easily thanks to a Details and main contacts (with an active link to your web site and your e-mail) powerful search engine that allows them to search by: Information about your company (number of employees, turnover, % exports) Company name 10 activities Activities 10 customer markets Geographical region Export countries or regions Specialization by customer markets A presentation written by you (3,000 characters in French and in English) Regional location of production units 3 photos and a downloadable document (brochure, press release, etc.). Key words. A tool that is popular with both exhibitors and visitors 95% of exhibitors were satisfied with their page on 93% of visitors were satisfied with * These numbers are Xiti certified.
  6. 6. communication H igh added value ia in the social medYOUR PARTICIPATION The MIDEST hub on Viadeo is anBACKED UP information and discussion platform for all that’s currently happening in by a high impact campaign industrial subcontracting: An average month on month rise of 40% in members over the first nine months (launched in April 2011). More than 900 members (customers and subcontractors) in January 2012. A constantly growing international publicity campaign MIDEST is present in all the media used by international decision makers: Press: 431 advertisements, including 174 outside France (up 26% on 2010) in over 120 trade magazines @MidestParis on Twitter is and newspapers. followed by an increasing number of Web: 603 insertions, banners, buttons, e-news… (up 36% on 2010) on online press web sites (Maschinenmarkt, consultants, economists, journalists, Maschinenbau, Subfornitura News, l’Ammonitore, Mundo Industrial, Machines Production, L’Usine Nouvelle, manufacturers... Le Journal de la Production…) your customers read. Growth of the media schedule Total number of press advertisements 431 (+17%) 369 (+7%) 344 (+27%) 270 (+28%) 211 Close press relations 108 trade and business journalists attended MIDEST. Over 1,000 items in the printed press in over 460 newspapers and 15 items in the broadcast media. Varied and targeted marketing initiatives in all media Postal mailings: mailing of 425,000 invitations to customers in all sectors of industry, 120,000 copies of the Show Newspaper + 40,000 copies distributed at the show and 5,000 VIP entry badges for major customers. E-mailing: 250,000 contacts drawn from the Reed Exhibitions behavioural database and over 400,000 from the databases of our press partners, the sending of targeted sector e-mails based on the areas of interest declared by visitors and e-newsletters providing information about exhibitors’ know-how. Phonings: telephone follow-ups of major customers to make sure that they come to the show.
  7. 7. GET YOURSELF NOTICED by customers and the press communicationMIDEST Events Are you aiming for excellence? Enter for the Awards Your customers choose your company because they think that it is the best. The reason they chose you is undoubtedly worth an Award. The MIDEST Awards have highlighted the excellence of subcontractors to customers and the press in 6 categories: International, Organization, Outstanding implementations, Partnerships – Alliance, Innovation and Design offices. Winners and those who make the shortlist are supported by a major communications campaign before, during and after the show: Presentation on Highlighted by the search engine and in the exhibitor list on “Stop, Award” floor tile in front of their stand. Presentation in the Awards Space and in the Awards Guide, distributed free of charge at the show entrances. 8. MIDEST 2012 Awards ceremony at the show, chaired by the French Minister of Industry in 2009 and 2010 and co-chaired by the Minister of Industry and the President of the National Assembly in 2011, in front of an audience of professionals and journalists. Substantial media coverage: 170 articles in 2011 (up 77% on 2010). Participation in the MIDEST Awards is restricted to exhibitors and is free of charge. Enhance your message by staging a talk Every year, nearly 1,500 customers attend lectures at MIDEST and Maintenance Expo in their search for technical, economic and strategic information. Take advantage of your participation in the show to stage a talk presenting your know-how to a captive audience. There’s no charge to you.
  8. 8. Free!More and more events Make use of the numerous for more and more added value communication tools included in your participation pack to publicize your expertise, highlight your know-how and guide customers to your stand: Invitation cards VIP badges Detailed presentation on Presentation on the mobile applicationBusiness meetings for effective matchmaking Organized by b2fair – Business to Fairs®, the business meetings allow you to make the most of your time Entry in the paper catalogue by setting up targeted meetings with future customers and/or partners, whether they are visitors to the Participation in the MIDEST Awards show or exhibitors. Provision of a pigeon hole in the show press office Free registration to the conferences…A TV studio to shine the spotlight on subcontracting MIDEST’s round tables and discussions bring together exhibitors, partners and major customers to address strategic and technical themes connected with subcontracting and its main customer markets. In 2012, these themes will take on a new dimension thanks to the installation of a TV studio at the show in partnership with b2fair – Business to Fairs®.A mobile app to enable customers to find you iPhone, BlackBerry, SmartPhone… customers are mobile and connected; and they want to be able to access the information that interests them anywhere and any time. Be right by their side at all times by being listed in the show’s mobile app (search for exhibitors by activity, description of your know-how, details, location and trail on the show plan…).
  9. 9. BENEFIT FROM TOTAL SUPPORT your participation from the moment you book until the show MIDEST the team Preparing for an exhibition effectively is one of the keys to making it a success. We have a team that is dedicated to you. A variety of exhibition packages tailored to your needs Choose the solution tailored to your objectives, your budget and your internal resources. Individual space located in the sector of the show corresponding to your activity or space within a pavilion(Trade Village, region or country), space only with you building the stand or ‘all in’, including technical assistance… There are numerous possible solutions and our team will offer you a personalized response. 95% of exhibitors stated that they were very satisfied or satisfied with the sales team*. Documents to help you at every stage in your participation «Smart tips for effective show preparation»: sent out from June onwards. This document sets out the major stages in your preparations, a schedule of actions and includes reminders of deadlines, useful contacts… 10. MIDEST 2012 «Exhibitor passport»: sent out in September. It contains all the information that you will need on site (access plan, hall plan, build up and break down times, details of various service providers…). 95% of exhibitors were very satisfied or satisfied with these documents*. An online Exhibitor portal to smooth the way for your show preparations This dedicated Portal is reached via the Internet and allows you to access all the items relating to your participation whenever you want to: order forms, a summary of actions carried out or to be carried out, deadlines, practical advice, invoices, the details of partners… 92% of exhibitors were very satisfied or satisfied with the Exhibitor Portal*. A team that listens to you Your MIDEST sales manager will accompany your every step: determining the ideal surface area, choice of fittings, confirming location, the choice of the most effective communication tools for your objectives… It is by working together anizers as exhibitors, partners and org t MIDEST As the show approaches and once you are on site, the technical manager will be available that we continue to ensure tha ustrial to answer any question you might have and to advise you about the logistics of your participation. remains the world’s leading ind subcontracting event. y you 93% of exhibitors were very satisfied or satisfied We are on hand to accompan in your preparations for this event with their relations with MIDEST’s staff**. and to ensure you are able to benefit from it in full. * 2011 SESA Marketing survey ** Average for 4 departments (Sales, Marketing, Sales Administration, Technical).
  10. 10. The world’s leading industrial subcontracting show te - France Nord V illepin MBER - Paris6 9 NOVE In conjunction with The show for all industrial and service sector maintenance solutions INTERESTED IN EXHIBITING? OUR TEAM IS WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU Contact us right away: Midest 2012: a Reed Exhibitions Group show Tel.: +33 (0)1 47 56 50 55 Reed Exhibitions offers you the support of a leading international group and the world’s number one trade show Fax: +33 (0)1 47 56 21 40 organizer (14 markets in 36 countries, across 460 events E-mail: including 60 in France). or go to, “Your stand“ section Reed Expositions / MIDEST 52-54, quai de Dion Bouton - CS 80001 92806 Puteaux Cedex - France Tel.: +33 (0)1 47 56 50 55 Fax: +33 (0)1 47 56 21 40 With the support of: