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Voice of the Music Fans


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ByTim Walker, Co-Founder & Managing Director, The Leading Question (UK)
Discover key learning from a survey of music fans in Europe, Asia and the USA, exploring their relationship with music and artists today, through areas including digital music consumption to business models, possible solutions to piracy and file sharing, and the role of ISPs.

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Voice of the Music Fans

  1. 1. Voice of the fans ........ MidemNet :: Saturday 17th January 2009
  2. 2. Clients
  3. 3. Survey Overview ........ • Major label fan database • France, UK, US • Over 1300 music fans • Artists & Fans, Filesharing and Business Models
  4. 4. Artists and Fans ........
  5. 5. Keeping Informed Importance of direct communication Don’t forget Google Adwords
  6. 6. Artist Merchandise
  7. 7. Interest in artist based subscription models Opportunity for labels and managers to develop more artist-specific subscription services
  8. 8. What fans want from an artist subscription model Exclusive unreleased MP3’s 50% Half price concert tickets each tour 42% Priority access to tour tickets 38% Artist & fan ‘weekend get-aways’ 27% ‘Private gigs’ with other fans 26% Concert 'Queue Jumper' feature 21% ‘Members only’ internet gigs 19% Show/ticket Text Alerts 17% Access artists’s creative output 16% Videos from each band member 14% Podcasts from band members 12% Backstage access to virtual gigs 11% None of the above 5% Fans value practical, tangible 0% 10% benefits most highly 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%
  9. 9. Death of the album greatly exaggerated? Fans claim they like albums as they are
  10. 10. Filesharing / Sharing ........
  11. 11. Are you worried about being caught for file-sharing? France bucks the trend on filesharing fears
  12. 12. If you received a letter from your ISP warning you about file-sharing would you stop?
  13. 13. If you were threatened with your broadband/ ISP being shut off would you stop file-sharing? Threat of disconnection not much more effective than warning letters
  14. 14. If you received a letter from your ISP warning you about file-sharing would you stop? Disconnection threat has more effect when just looking at filesharers If you were threatened with your broadband/ ISP being shut off would you stop file-sharing? Base: File-sharers (19% of total sample)
  15. 15. Business Models ........
  16. 16. Digital Behaviour Trend towards access based services rather than ownership
  17. 17. Which of the following would you prefer to get your music provided by? ISPs are number one choice as digital music provider
  18. 18. Preferred ‘unlimited music download service’ 1. Phone/PC based service from mobile network 2. Phone/PC based service from mobile handset manufacturer eg Nokia Comes With Music 3. Annual up-front PC based subscription eg Datz music lounge 4. Free from ISP/mobile network but tied to that provider eg TDC Denmark 5. Rental-based subscription eg MusicStation, Napster Once again the ISP based model is the most popular
  19. 19. Key Findings – Artists & Fans ........ • Artist website and direct communication from the artist most important • Continued relevance of MySpace • Importance of Google (including Youtube) • Interest in artist subscription models – practical benefits • Opportunity to convert more fans to regular merchandise purchases
  20. 20. Key Findings – Filesharing ........ • Evidence that warnings would have a significant impact on behaviour (only 9% of survey would ignore a warning, with France the most defiant at 14%) • The difference between a simple warning and threat of broadband cut-off most obvious when we look at filesharers only (41% would stop for warning, 63% for cut-off threat) • Younger respondents are the most worried, message getting through?
  21. 21. Key Findings – Business Models ........ • Trend towards access rather than ownership, can this be monetised? • When looking for providers of music services, ISP and cable/satellite most popular, yet least developed services to date • Business models – TDC/Datz type approaches most favoured (ISP again!) - Hardware-bundled (eg Comes with Music) type approach least popular currently, a marketing challenge?
  22. 22. Contact: Tim Walker: T: +44 (0)162 847 7833 22