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Silence media presentation


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Silence Media (UK)
Silence is a new advertising network for the entertainment industry. It offers its clients a media-buying model for video banner-advertising called cost-per engagement, which means they only pay when people rollover and expand their ads. Silence works with leading European and American websites. Its clients include major record labels Sony, Universal, and EMI, and leading independent records labels the Beggars Group and PIAS.

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Silence media presentation

  1. 1. Cost per engagement “Cost per engagement is relevant for  music companies because we have  diminishing marketing budgets. If you  are advertising a band then it makes  sense to only pay to reach their fans.” Hannah Neaves, Senior Product  Manager,  Polydor UK www.silence‐
  2. 2. Sufjan Stevens www.silence‐
  3. 3. www.silence‐
  4. 4. Industry reservations about video  banner advertising 1. Creative too expensive and standards poor 2. Separation of creative and media 3. Ad serving costs high 4. CPM lacks accountability www.silence‐
  5. 5. Savings of over 50% compared with  the CPM metric 1. Cost of engagement includes creative, ad serving, media planning,  buying and evaluation 2. Shifting the risk to the network 3. Abandoning reach for engagement.  4. Rule of engagement: entertaining, transparent, relevant and useful.  5. You’re not penalised for advertising that doesn’t work.  6. Free page impressions www.silence‐
  6. 6. 16 banner ads across 8 countries www.silence‐
  7. 7. Viacom embrace CPE www.silence‐
  8. 8. CPE sells records www.silence‐
  9. 9. La Roux www.silence‐
  10. 10. Delphic www.silence‐
  11. 11. Justin Bieber www.silence‐
  12. 12. Alphabeat www.silence‐
  13. 13. The Big Pink www.silence‐
  14. 14. Julian Casablancas www.silence‐
  15. 15. Vampire Weekend www.silence‐
  16. 16. The Temper Trap www.silence‐
  17. 17. The Cribs www.silence‐
  18. 18. Vitalic www.silence‐
  19. 19. Gossip www.silence‐
  20. 20. Highlights of 2009 for Silence • Over 40 campaigns • 800 websites in our European and American  network • Procter and Gamble switch to CPE • Silence covered across the trade press • Midem and SXSW award • Adweek predicts CPE will be Top 5 digital  marketing trends of 2010 www.silence‐
  21. 21. Lee Henshaw www.silence‐ lee@silence‐ Tel +44 (0)7939 053130