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Mic barcelona productivity 2012 03-27


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Presentación de David Slight (Business Stategy Consultancy, Director) de Microsoft en el Productivity Day 2012

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Mic barcelona productivity 2012 03-27

  1. 1. Value RealizationLeveraging your investments… Insuring that your technology investments enable Business and IT changes that lead to business benefits which are linked to your objectives and drivers.Changing the way people work… Things only improve when people do things differently. Value is only realized when people change the way they work.
  2. 2. Change
  3. 3. Drive Value Realization through Change Plan Do Check Act
  4. 4. Plan: StrategyFuture Vision We help clients envision and define their future state for various technology enabled transformations. Helping you articulate your vision is the first step to developing an initiative.Roadmaps We develop roadmaps that show the path to achieving your future state, helping you understand the level of effort and associated costs and benefits.Transformation New Way of Working projects and other global transformation initiatives that impact technology, people and processes.
  5. 5. Do: AdoptionTime to Value Improving and accelerating adoption rates translates to faster time to value; helping you realize benefits faster and break even soonerWorkforce Analysis The use of Personas and Scenarios help target adoption to specific users and uses of technology that are most important; creating adoption momentum.Remove Barriers Identify and categorize your barriers and target them with proven intervention techniques.
  6. 6. 8. Scenario: Effective Meetings Meetings are supported by a centralized workspace, where participants can be invited to attend remotely by using audio and video. Meetings can be recorded, and participants can collaborate effectively by using shared screens, whiteboards, and polls. At the end of meetings, lists of action items and next steps can be created and centrally published.CULTURAL CHANGE We use a meeting workspace to prepare, conduct, and document meetings for participants and stakeholders. We support remote colleagues by sharing data through audio, video, and remote conferencing capabilities.TOP-LINE IMPACT Meetings are supported by a centralized workspace, where participants can be invited to attend remotely by using audio and video. Business Benefits Skills Enabling Technologies Rules of Engagement  Cost reduction due to reduced  Schedule meeting and invite  Collaborative workspaces  Stop unnecessary travel travel participants and portals  Start sharing agendas, goals,  Cost reduction due to lowered  Set up a meeting workspace  Instant messaging meeting minutes, and action facility costs and presence items from the workspace  Facilitate meeting with audio, Meeting efficiencies achieved  Audio and video conferencing  Start using video for interactive  video and sharing through consistent processes meetings
  7. 7. Change ManagementThe People Side Our Change Management services focus on the people side of change to drive the desired value from your initiative.Change Management Matters Studies have shown a high-correlation between change management effectiveness and overall initiative or project success. Change Management enables the future state.Structured and Holistic More than just communication and training; our Change Management services use a structured approach than prepares, manages and reinforces the change across both Motivation and Ability.
  8. 8. Correlation of change management effectiveness to meeting project objectives 100% 90% 95%Percent of respondents that met 80% or exceeded project objectives 80% 70% 60% 50% 51% 40% 30% 20% 10% 16% 0% Poor Fair Good Excellent (n=111) (n=259) (n=313) (n=65) Overall effectiveness of change management program © Prosci. From Prosci’s 2009 Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report
  9. 9. Driving Change• A clearly articulated vision, powerful and risk- taking leaders, contextual & consistent communication … and above all trust• Experience shows that formal adoption planning (change management) is required to drive past the early adopters and enthusiasts and achieve organisation-wide goals• Clear communication as to the purpose and reason for change is needed (“why should I change” is the biggest hurdle)• Scenarios are used to explain the change (language and situations) so that teams connect with their productivity business goals
  10. 10. Adoption Measures –Mapping to Change CategoriesA successful change program needs to address and implement a varietyof adoption measures
  11. 11. Adoption Tactics - Timeline Example Awareness Availability Usage Adoption Tactic Phase Months before (t-60d)Weeks before (t-30d)Days before (t-7d) Deployment Day (t) Week after (t+7d) Month after (t+30d) At any time (t~)Exec BlogNewsletterEntry CommunicationTeaser CommunicationPromo Video (overall)1st Touch)Desk VisitEarly Adopter VideoPodcastsPostersOnline/on-demand trainingClass-room trainingLunch & learnBrown bag sessionsTips & TricksWebcast/Mini-WebcastViral marketing)Awards/incentives and certificationsRoadshowExec Sponsoring/Role ModelSuper User CommunityNew employee orientation
  12. 12. … Behavioral Change Management isabout getting people attracted, ready,involved, willing and able to deliversustainable business benefits
  13. 13. Take the stairs
  14. 14. Check: MeasurementValue dimensions Choosing the right value dimensions and using existing KPIs ensures a baseline existsMeasurement framework Establish and drive process around measurement so that trends emerge
  15. 15. Act: GovernanceBalanced Helping clients balance the need to empower users vs. restrict them through governance across business and IT.Controlled Growth Help maintain user experience standards, content quality and compliance with data policies without impacting growth.Effective Decisions Develop decision making roles and processes so decisions are made by authorized personnel in a timely manner.
  16. 16. Value Realized
  17. 17. Enterprise ArchitectureDevelop your Capabilities Through joint Governance across IT and the Business, helping customers to understand, use, represent and develop the business capabilities essential for driving your business goals.Align your IT Model Understand and develop the role of IT services as an enabler to support and enhance your business capabilities.Achieve Goals Establish constant improvement in your business by understanding your benefit network and the change required to realize these benefits.
  18. 18. Better Planning andAccelerated Value Realization Microsoft Points of View for Industry IT best Industry-specific business capability and Proven industry-specific business process patterns practices process models and technology architectures Industry-specific trend analysis, business Industry experience-based project objectives & Industry project and success case studies & capability blueprinting, & KPI benchmarking scoping linked to KPIs evidence
  19. 19. MissionDriving Value… The BSC team focuses on driving adoption; helping the customer realize value from their investments in Microsoft products, services and technologies when they are used widely and in high value scenarios.. through Change Our services combine an understanding of change methods and tools with a highly capable and experienced team of Business Consultants with knowledge across Business and IT Alignment, Governance, Change Management, Adoption and Enterprise Architecture
  20. 20. Meet some of the team
  21. 21. Contact Information