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Wharf Hotels - MICE Presentation


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Wharf Hotels - MICE Presentation

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Wharf Hotels - MICE Presentation

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  2. 2. Wharf Hotels Brand Structure
  3. 3. Location Map
  4. 4. From Dim Sum and Giant Buddha to Peak Tram and Disneyland, Hong Kong is truly an East meets West experience. Whether coming to enjoy a vacation, explore nature or simply experience genuine Asian culture, Hong Kong leads the way with a myriad of memorable, one-of-a-kind attractions. C I T Y O F A T T R A C T I O N S DIM SUM DISNEYLAND HONG KONG THE PEAK TRAM TEMPLE STREET NIGHT MARKET TIAN TA BUDDHA
  5. 5. T H E M U R R A Y I S W I T H I N H O N G K O N G ' S C E N T R A L B U S I N E S S D I S T R I C T A N D N E S T L E D B E S I D E T H E G R E E N O A S I S O F H O N G K O N G P A R K .
  6. 6. C E N T R A L L O C A T I O N
  7. 7. H O N G K O N G ’ S G R E A T A R C H I T E C T U R A L P R I Z E • Built in 1969 The Murray has nearly fifty years of history. • The tallest government structure of its day. • Originally designed by British modernist Ronald Phillips – the architect responsible for Hong Kong’s City Hall. • Twenty-five years after it was built, it was still earning recognition with a Certificate of Merit at the 1994 Energy Efficient Building Awards. • An iconic landmark hotel for the region and flagship for the Niccolo brand.
  8. 8. • Hong Kong's newest luxury hotel. • Highly secluded courtyard arrival experience on privately-owned Murray Lane. • World-class contemporary chic design by Foster + Partners. • Dedicated to leaders in style and business, captains of industry and savvy global entrepreneurs. • Signature vaulted arch spaces providing a unique, versatile venues for outdoor events. • Signature rooftop destination with restaurant and bar. • Masterful orientation of windows allows abundant sunlight in without the heat. U N I Q U E A S P E C T S
  9. 9. P R I V A T E L Y - O W N E D M U R R A Y L A N E A R R I V A L E X P E R I E N C E
  10. 10. P R I V A T E C O U R T Y A R D E N T R A N C E W I T H H E R I T A G E T R E E
  11. 11. S T R I K I N G M O D E R N L O B B Y
  12. 12. • 336 well-appointed contemporary guest rooms and suites featuring oversized windows. • Seventy-five per cent 50 SQ M or more. • One of the most spacious offerings in Hong Kong. U N D E R S T A T E D L U X U R Y A C C O M M O D A T I O N
  13. 13. S U P E R I O R R O O M - 3 8 S Q M
  14. 14. S U P E R I O R R O O M – S H O W E R
  15. 15. N 1 D E L U X E – 4 7 S Q M
  16. 16. N 3 G R A N D D E L U X E – 5 0 S Q M
  17. 17. N 3 G R A N D D E L U X E – B A T H R O O M
  18. 18. T H E M U R R A Y S U I T E – 2 2 5 S Q M L I V I N G A N D D I N I N G A R E A
  19. 19. T H E M U R R A Y S U I T E B E D R O O M
  20. 20. T H E M U R R A Y S U I T E
  21. 21. A unique rooftop dining experience, six signature restaurants and bars, imaginative event spaces - including a selection of one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces - together with exceptional meeting facilities, position The Murray as 'the destination of choice' for the city’s influencers, shakers and stakeholders. A N E W C E N T R E O F E P I C U R E A N S T Y L E I N H O N G K O N G
  22. 22. M U R R A Y L A N E – G R O U N D F L O O R
  23. 23. G A R D E N L O U N G E O V E R L O O K I N G T H E M U R R A Y L A W N S G A R D E N L E V E L
  24. 24. P I A N O B A R A T G A R D E N L O U N G E G A R D E N L E V E L
  25. 25. T H E T A I P A N – G A R D E N L E V E L
  26. 26. G U O F U L O U C A N T O N E S E R E S T A U R A N T G A R D E N L E V E L
  27. 27. P O P I N J A Y S – B A R R O O F T O P
  28. 28. P O P I N J A Y S – T E R R A C E R O O F T O P
  29. 29. P O P I N J A Y S – C O L O N N A D E R O O F T O P
  30. 30. P O P I N J A Y S – M A I N D I N I N G A R E A R O O F T O P
  31. 31. P O P I N J A Y S - R O O F T O P R O O F T O P R E S T A U R A N T , B A R A N D T E R R A C E
  32. 32. Designed from the ground up to be the go-to venue of choice for corporate, social and celebratory events, The Murray has the space, capacity and expertise to realise your vision and enchant your guests. U N I Q U E M E E T I N G & E V E N T V E N U E S
  33. 33. C O T T O N T R E E T E R R A C E • 130 SQ M • 100 guests for cocktails
  34. 34. G A R D E N L E V E L
  35. 35. T H E A R C H E S • 430 SQ M • 310 guests for cocktails
  36. 36. T H E A R C H E S – L E V E L 1
  37. 37. • Seven meeting rooms featuring plentiful daylight • All rooms fitted with 65” TV screens and video conferencing facilities • Individual rooms from 36 to 40 SQ M • Combined rooms from 70 to 120 SQ M T H E M U R R A Y B O A R D R O O M S
  38. 38. T H E M U R R A Y B O A R D R O O M S – L E V E L 2
  39. 39. N I C C O L O R O O M – C L A S S R O O M
  40. 40. • 425 SQ M • 20 Tables – 240 guests • Ceiling height 3.3 m N I C C O L O R O O M – B A N Q U E T
  41. 41. • 360 people for Cocktails • Overhead luminous textile lighting panels • Two LED Screens N I C C O L O R O O M – C O C K T A I L
  42. 42. • Divisible into Niccolo Rooms One and Two. • Each further divisible into 9 individual self-contained spaces. N I C C O L O R O O M - T H E A T R E
  43. 43. N I C C O L O R O O M – L E V E L 2 5
  44. 44. N I C C O L O R O O M – L E V E L 2 5
  45. 45. W E L L N E S S A T T H E M U R R A Y G Y M N A S I U M
  46. 46. • Five Spa suites including two double treatment rooms and three singles W E L L N E S S A T T H E M U R R A Y S P A
  47. 47. I N D O O R L A P P O O L – 1 7 M
  48. 48. Hong Kong
  49. 49. Canton Road 广东道 Harbour City 海港城 Star Ferry 天星码头 1881 Heritage 文化遗迹 Cultural Centre 文化中心 Space Museum 太空馆
  50. 50. Outdoor Swimming Pool24 hrs Gym Hotel Lobby Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel • No. of Room: 665 • No. of Meeting Room: 14 • Max. capacity of Meeting Room: 432 • No. of Restaurant: 5
  51. 51. Superior Room Deluxe Room Deluxe Harbour View Room Continental Club Lounge
  52. 52. Canton Lounge • Located on the 4th floor of Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel • Canton Lounge overlooks the historic 1881 Heritage gardens • Offers complimentary benefits for guests throughout the day and evening, including breakfast, afternoon tea, all-day coffee and tea, plus evening drinks featuring fine wines and chef-crafted canapés
  53. 53. Handy Phone • Unlimited local calls • Unlimited long-distance calls to 10 International Destinations (Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, UK and USA) • Unlimited 3G mobile internet • Wi-Fi hotspot and tethering to other mobile devices • Popular social media apps are pre- loaded from Facebook to WeChat allowing • Hong Kong dining & city guide and ticketing offers
  55. 55. Function Rooms Orchid Room Bauhinia Room Jade & Lotus Room Fung Shui Room
  56. 56. Gateway Hotel • No. of Room: 400 • No. of Meeting Room: 4 • Max. capacity of Meeting Room: 80 • No. of Restaurant: 1
  57. 57. Complimentary Mini-Bar in all rooms Two bottles of Water, One Can of Beer, Classic Coke, Diet Coke and Orange Juice. Nespresso Coffee Machine Journey to the Extraordinary Double Bed RoomTwin Bed Room Continental Club Lounge
  58. 58. Function Rooms
  59. 59. Hotel Restaurants
  60. 60. Prince Hotel • No. of Room: 394 • No. of Meeting Room:2 • Max. capacity of Meeting Room: 80 • No. of Restaurant: 1
  61. 61. Twin Bed Room Continental Club Lounge Double Bed Room 24 hrs Gym
  62. 62. Function Rooms
  63. 63. Crop your image and insert here CEBU, PHILIPPINES
  64. 64. OUT OFTOWNTRIPS Kawasan Falls Sardine Run at Moalboal Bantayan Sky Dive OslobWhaleWatching Simala Osmena Peak
  65. 65. CEBU CITY AREA Sto. NiñoChurch Carbon Market Yap-SandiegoAncestral Home TaoistTemple Magellan’sCross
  67. 67. MACTAN AREA 30-45 minutes away from Hotel Lapu-lapu Shrine Maribago Blue Water Resort
  68. 68. HIGHLAND DESTINATIONS 10-20 minutes away from Hotel Temple of Leah Sirao Flower Farm
  69. 69. ZIPLINE ADVENTURE Highland Destinations Doce Pares MountainTraining Park 5KM away Adventure Café & Zipline 27.5KM away
  70. 70. BOHOL A 2-hour Ferry Ride fromCebu Chocolate Hills Loboc RiverTarsiers
  71. 71. DELUXE ROOM • 329 Rooms
  72. 72. PREMIER ROOM
  74. 74. BRIDAL SUITE
  76. 76. Known to be the best buffet restaurant in town!
  77. 77. Home to some of our famous signature items.
  78. 78. Home to some of our famous signature items. • Awarded by PhilippineTatler as one of the Best Restaurants in the Philippines for 4 consecutive years since 2012. • Awarded by Sunstar Best of Cebu as Best Rooftop Restaurant for 2 consecutive years since 2015.
  81. 81. TOKYO ROOM
  82. 82. TOKYO ROOM
  83. 83. MANILA ROOM
  84. 84. MANILA ROOM
  88. 88. Ideal location to contain your participants because it is not attached to a mall or casino.
  89. 89. Meeting rooms are contained in two floors with elevator and stairway access.
  90. 90. Breathtaking views from guest rooms because of hotel’s hilltop location.
  91. 91. The only hotel with a grand balcony ideal for up to 700 persons.
  92. 92. Spacious Continental Club Lounge for VIPs and speakers booked in the Continental Club rooms.
  93. 93. Known to have the best food in the city.
  94. 94. EVENT SET-UPS
  96. 96. 120