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MICE Destination Estonia - MICE Presentation


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Published in: Travel
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MICE Destination Estonia - MICE Presentation

  1. 1. ESTONIA Destination Presentation »
  2. 2. Destination: ESTONIA Situated in Northern Europe, on the north-eastern edge of EU The northernmost of the three Baltic States
  3. 3. Open borders: Member of EU since 2004 Member of Schengen Visa Zone since 2007 Safe and secure Credit and debit cards widely accepted Currency: Euro
  4. 4. Estonia’s territory: 45,228 km2 50% covered by forests 20% by bogs About 10% of Estonia is nature reserve Rich wildlife: bears, wolves, elk, deer
  5. 5. Population: 1.3 million Estonia's population ranks amongst the smallest in the world
  6. 6. One of most tech-savvy countries in the world Free wireless internet in every hotel room 98% of bank transactions made online State-of-the-art online registration systems E-government, e-elections, digital signatures
  7. 7. This is no fairytale. This is the capital city, TALLINN
  8. 8. UNESCO-listed Old Town One of the most completely preserved Medieval towns in Europe
  9. 9. A combination of old and new, medieval and modern, gives Estonia its unique flavour
  10. 10. Modern infrastructure for meetings Wide range of 2- to 5-star hotels within walking distance of main venues 7,650 hotel rooms in total Major hotels are all either newly built or newly renovated
  11. 11. Better still – very good value for money! 80-150 EUR for 3- to 5-star hotels! Free wireless internet in every guest room Many hotels with modern spa facilities
  12. 12. Superb conference facilities Largest conference roomin hotel: 500 seats Experienced with events State-of-the-art IT systems Free wireless internet in every room
  13. 13. Tallinn TV Tower Interactive museum, event venue and panorama restaurant Estonian Maritime Museum Seaplane Harbour Interactive museum, event venue
  14. 14. Compact layout of city centre Everything within walking distance No need for public transportation No traffic jams International airport 10 min from city centre
  15. 15. Medieval history comes to live
  16. 16. Nature areas in Estonia are never far away, no matter where you are If you want to escape civilization and hold an incentive program in the middle of the forest, you can be there in as little as ten minutes
  17. 17. Estonian traditions and culture at Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum
  18. 18. Pamper yourself
  19. 19. MEETINGS IN ESTONIA ARE AFFORDABLE! Prices in Estonia: Cup of coffee bought in a typical café: 2-3 EUR Bottle of mineral water: 1 EUR Sandwich: 2-3 EUR Meal in town centre : 15 – 25 EUR Big Mac: 2.5 EUR
  20. 20. ESTONIA- POSITIVELY SURPRISING! Estonian Tourist Board >> Estonian Convention Bureau