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MIB engineers introduction (s)

  1. 1. www.mibengineers.comIntroduction to Services Specialists in Subsea Mechanical Design More than 40 years combined experience 3D and 2D Design Tools Experience in multiple sectors: Subsea, Off Highway & Steel Design areas include: Mechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic Modernization of data such as models from legacy drawings Design from scratch using customer specifications Machine Surveys to produce 3D models Market analysis and research
  2. 2. www.mibengineers.comCompany background • Principals have over 40 years experience in the Offshore subsea business. • Diverse Project background from ROVs, Subsea Tooling and Offshore Installations to Off-road Hydraulic systems and Mechanical handling and Land Based drill rigs. • Hydraulic system design is a specialty in a number of industries including offshore and subsea. Large Library of components extending to many thousands of parts.
  3. 3. www.mibengineers.comDesign Services • MIB utilizes SolidWorks and other software to create accurate models of your concepts. • The models are used to create section views and assemblies • The software gives accurate properties such as mass and inertia once the models have been created. • Drawings and BOMs including additional parts such as fasteners can also be created. • The drawings can be exported into AutoCAD & BOMs to Excel if required
  4. 4. www.mibengineers.comDocumentation Expertise MIB has multiple document type and format capabilities Drawings (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, PDF, TIF) Procedures and Specifications (Word or PDF ) Manuals or Procedures containing 2D Drawings and BOMs Manuals or Procedures containing Illustrations Documents containing 3D PDF interactive models Animated models or visualizations
  5. 5. www.mibengineers.comModels 3D Models can be produced using MIB software, vendor files, manufacturers’ drawings, client components or concept parts. All models are technically accurate.Documents The models can be incorporated into documents including • BOMs • Section Views • Manuals with exploded views • Drawing views • Marketing/Sales and other literature • 3D prints (Rapid Prototyping) • Design validation
  6. 6. www.mibengineers.comDrawings Formats include: • AutoCAD (drg) • SolidWorks (slddrw) • Universal formats (dxf) • Documents (pdf) • edrawings • Photoshop • Tiff • jpeg
  7. 7. www.mibengineers.comTypical 3D Design Steps 3D Design 3D Print using solid created for modeler verification Fabrication, assembly and testing of physical machine
  8. 8. www.mibengineers.comProcedures MIB has many years experience in producing technical procedures and specifications of all types.
  9. 9. www.mibengineers.comManuals Manuals can be illustrated with views of most types. • Exploded views • BOMs • Photographs • CAD views • Photorealistic views • Illustrations in virtually any format • MS Office sketches
  10. 10. www.mibengineers.comOffshore & Subsea Project Experience N .ATLANTIC USNavy-Sosus ACRS UKCS/NCS Mobil-Beryl Philips-Joanne GOM Saga-Snorre Shell-Mensa BP-Troika PetroBras-Cascade- WEST AFRICA Chinook BRASS-LNG Pipeline Shell-Perdido BP-Greater Plutonio BRASIL PetroBras-PDET Chevron-FRADE
  11. 11. www.mibengineers.comProject Experience Industrial Offshore • Cryogenic Pipelines (PIP) • Frames and structures • Pipe Racks and Cranes • Mechanical Terminations • Off-road Vehicles • Manipulators • Steel Rolling Mill stands • Intervention Tooling • Horizontal Directional Drilling • Launch & Recovery (LARS) • Down-coilers • Hydraulics and Thrusters • Land Trenchers • Compensators • Hydraulic Power Units • Post Lay Cable Burial Equipment • PLC controls • Subsea Valve Packs • Data Logging • Umbilical and Tether Handling • Solid Waste Treatment & Handling • TLP Debris Shields • Conveyors • Subsea BOP Controls • Pipeline Bundles • J-Lay Equipment • Offshore Lift Frames • ROV structure & systems
  12. 12. www.mibengineers.comHydraulic Systems Experience • Launch and recovery systems (LARS) • Steel Rolling Mill HPUs • ROV and Submerged HPUs • Well Completion manifolds • ROV Intervention Panels • Offshore Crane Power Units • ROV Deck Packs • Off Highway track drives • Subsea Manipulators • Mine Haulage machines • Fatigue Test Machines • Rotary Actuators • Municipal Solid Waste handling • IWOCs • Winches & Reels • Pipeline Connectors
  13. 13. www.mibengineers.comMeasurement & Survey Metrology Data logging • Machine Surveys • Temperature measurement • Laser (distance/temperature) • GPS tracking • Manufacturing verification • Weather (wind velocity, humidity) • Photographic
  14. 14. www.mibengineers.comThank you!