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Critical Time Intervention for Severely Mentally Ill Released Prisoners

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  1. 1. Critical Time Intervention for Severely Mentally Ill ReleasedPrisoners: A Randomised Control Trial (CrISP)What is the project about?In recent years teams providing mental health care in prison have made greatprogress in identifying and treating mental illness. However, the transition fromprison to the community results in patients dropping out of treatment or losingcontact with services.A programme known as Critical Time Intervention has been identified as potentiallyuseful in improving this transition so that people with mental health problems can bebetter supported on leaving prison. The Critical Time Intervention programme workswith prisoners before release to identify potential problems that may arise and thencontinues to work with them in the community to provide support and ensure theperson gets the help they need.A team of researchers at Kings College London and Manchester University aretesting the effectiveness of this programme by undertaking a randomised controlledtrial. This compares the outcomes for people who receive this programme withpeople who do not receive this support.Why we need service user inputThe research team comprises people with experience of providing mental healthcare, prison services, and conducting research in these areas. We are keen to addservice user perspectives as we believe they could be important in understandingwhat people may need at this time, how best to conduct the research, and wherethings could be improved. It is important that this person has experience of usingmental health services, and ideally has some understanding of the transitionbetween prison and community mental health services.What will I be required to do?The role will involve attending up to 3 meetings a year to advise and comment onelements of the research and progress of the project as a whole. You may beasked to do some preparation beforehand such as reading or providing commentson documents. Support will be provided and a reimbursement of £50 per meeting.Interested or want to know more?For any further information on the project or the role with the steering group, pleasecontact Gareth Hopkin at Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.Email: 0207 848 5778