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Scientific mtgpres2013


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Scientific mtgpres2013

  1. 1. We’re engaged, R U? Possibilities and pitfalls inengaging people in mental health research Professor Patrick Callaghan Associate Director (NHS Engagement) Annual Scientific Meeting London 20 March 2013
  2. 2. Outline of presentation• Discuss the importance of research• Outline pragmatic science approach to research• The engaged trust• Examples of engagement activities• MHRN engagement strategy• Evaluation of the strategy
  3. 3. Status of MH Research
  4. 4. Possibilities
  5. 5. Pitfalls
  6. 6. Pragmatic science approach to clinically relevant research (Anderson et al. 2001) Low Methodological Rigour High High Quadrant 1 Quadrant 2 Popularist Science Pragmatic SciencePracticalRelevance Quadrant 4 Quadrant 3 Puerile Science Pedantic Science Low
  7. 7. The Engaged Trust
  8. 8. Examples of engagement activities
  9. 9. The Engaged Trust – Case Study
  10. 10. Evaluation of Engagement Strategy• MHRN engagement data• Survey of Trusts• Podcast views• Inspection bodies criterion• Trust engagement data
  11. 11. I’m engaged R U?1. I would like to become involved in research here, how might I do this?2. What evidence is there to show that this treatment will help me?3. What evidence is there about side effects I might expect?
  12. 12. Evaluation of SU and carer research training
  13. 13. Key points• Research allows the NHS make discoveries and make these discoveries matter to people’s health and well being• This impact requires a high level of engagement from staff at all levels of the NHS, people using services, regulators and other stakeholders• The MHRN engagement strategy outlines 7 work streams designed to increase the NHS’ engagement in research that matters
  14. 14. Comments and Questions
  15. 15. Want to get involved?Visit the website for audience specific information: www.mhrn.infoRing the London Coordinating Centre: 020 7848 0699