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Julian Bennett CV/RESUME.

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J bennett cv_20110916

  1. 1. JULIAN BENNETT CV HEAD OF INFORMATION/PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – MHMDS Specialist  Information@mhmds.co.uk  www.mhmds.co.uk  07837169680 SUMMARY Innovative information specialist with over 15 years’ experience within the NHS. A forward thinking motivated individual who has a deep understanding of the complex NHS information model. Strong strategic thinker and team builder. Analysis of problem performance areas to ensure compliance with external agencies. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Staff Management Mental Health specialist MHMDS Version 4 Performance Indicators Business Intelligence RiO Mental Health Transact SQL Presenting Complex Information EMPLOYMENT/PROGRESSION HISTORY2gether NHS foundation trust May 2011 - On-goingStrategic Information MangerTo align the existing information into a format that will allow data migration intoRiO. This includes creating and presenting all clinical information to the wider boardand commissioners. The role also encompasses the provision of MHMDS in the newversion 4 format.Duties Include:To understand the entire informatics process across all services and specialties.To maintain mandated data flows including MHMDS, HES UNIFY2 etc.To engage with all levels of staff including directors and clinical staff.To collate information form many separate systems into one viable data warehouse.To manage a number information staff.Prepare a strategic overview of all information systems.To support and advise directors on local and national performance management.To ensure that the addition of a new Trusts data does not adversely affect the foundationTrusts various targets.Present complex information in an understandable manner.Policy engagement.Data quality assurance.Project involvement.Report writing/testing/production.Transact SQL specialist.Julian Bennett CV as@ 20110916 www.mhmds.co.uk 1
  2. 2. Dorset HealthCare University Foundation NHS Trust 2011 -2011MHMDS Specialist - RiOTo create and implement a standalone MHMDS product that fits the requirements ofthe organisation. This includes writing SQL that directly queries the RiO datawarehouse, and applying detailed knowledge of the MHMDS policy document tolocal data.Create and implement a full working version of the MHMDS (V3.5).Test the validity of current mandated HES data flows.Update and amend mandated HES data flows.Advise and direct current information professionals on the complexities of the MHMDS.Prepare the Trust for CQC and Monitor submissions that are derived from the MHMDS.Test and create reports in Business Objects to test 3rd party products.Implement automated data quality reporting to feed Board Reports.Create SQL scripts that directly interrogate the back end of RiO.Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust 2008 - 2011Special Projects ManagerTake overall responsibility for the external reporting function within theorganisation, encompassing quality assurance. To ensure that all reporting is anaccurate reflection of actual clinical practice.Duties Include:• Data Migration Management.ETL Processes Management.Recreated the Mental Health Minimum Data Set in SQL.Heavy involvement with preparing for Mental Health PbR (Clustering)Trust representative for nation wide (IC) meetings.Ensuring that the trust is compliant with the CQC performance Indicators.Currently recreating all of the mandated (Schedule 6) CDS submission flows.Overseeing the provision of the Trust board reports.Manage a team of information and senior information analysts.Engagement with local commissioners.Policy engagement.Applying a strategic performance view, raising the awareness of local performance.Meeting with local directors to ensure value for money services are achieved.Implemented reports that highlight local issues including ethnicity and demographical data.Currently assuming additional role as a Performance Project manager.Present complex information in an understandable manner.Dorset HealthCare Foundation NHS Trust 2007-2008Head of InformationTake overall responsibility for the information function within the organisation. Thisincludes ensuring the foundation trust remains one of the top performing mentalhealth trusts in the country.Duties included:Ensuring that the board is up to date on current and pending key performance items.Applying a strategic information view, raising the awareness of local performance.Julian Bennett CV as@ 20110916 www.mhmds.co.uk 2
  3. 3. Budget management.Implemented Service Line Reporting (SLR) within the organisation.Created an automated procedure to create the KP90.Implemented the MHMDS (v3) by using SQL rather than the legacy PAS report.Implemented the in and outpatient CDS (v6) by using SQL rather than the legacy PAS.Trust lead for information related DSCN, new policy and policy revision.Data quality assurance.Data protection lead.Caldicott representative for the directorate.Managing 10 information professionals within the KSF framework.RiO implementation Group.Contact Point for many external agencies including LA’s and PCT’sOverseeing agency specific reports including VSMR (LDPR), PAF/RAP, and BSC.Dr Fosters lead for the trust.Attending the Information Centre meetings across the country.Negotiating with managers and clinicians on ensuring the trust is future proofed.Reference costs lead for the organisation.Ensuring that our FT trust is compliant with Monitor (Schedule 6).Deputy Head of Information 2007-2007Supported the Head of Information with the day to day running of the department,also providing a reference point for information issues.Duties Included:Project management including planning what performance items would be needed for thefuture.Staff Management including PDR’s.Transact SQL specialist.Presenting reports to the various governance teams.Creation of the information element of the Board Report.Staff management.Budget management.Lead on many external required reports including Annual health check, Service User Survey,Mental Health Inpatient Review.Durham mapping (CPY).Report writing/testing/production.Presenting to various groups on clinical information.Staff management including PDR’s.Project involvement.Senior Information Analyst 2004-2007Supporting the information function with in the department ensuring deadlines aremet and ensuring quality assurance confidence.Duties Included:Report writing/testing/production.Presenting to various groups on clinical information.Staff management including PDR’s.Project involvement.Audit support.Data manipulation.Information transformation including DTS using MS SQL 2000.PAS management.Speciality specific support.Julian Bennett CV as@ 20110916 www.mhmds.co.uk 3
  4. 4. Employment/Progression HistoryAvon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust 1997-2004iCPA and Communications Officer2001-2004Provide a locality based support function to aid the Integrated Care ProgrammeApproach (iCPA).Duties Included:Providing iCPA reports to various CMHT’sLocality lead for various audits including sampling exercises (PCT)Attending trust wide audit meetings and partake/lead on strategically sourced audits.Knowledge point on all aspects of iCPASupporting and provide training to clinicians with regard to iCPAResearching relevant media for all locality staff and present this in a useable formatAttending the Mental Health Act meetings, also attend local and trust wide iCPA meetings.Senior Healthcare Assistant 1997-2001To provide varying levels of support to clinically trained staff.Roles included:Senior Healthcare Assistant on a PICU (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit)Senior Healthcare Assistant for AOT (Assertive Outreach)Senior Healthcare Assistant for an active rehabilitation unitControl and restraint assistant RELEVANT TRAINING/CONTINUED IMPROVEMENTCourse Title Year AttainedFounder of MHMDS online (mhmds.co.uk) 2011UKCHIP (Level 3) 2009ECDL Health Module 2007NHS Management Programme (locally defined) 2006Administering a MS SQL Server 2006ECDL 2005Information Governance 2005Excel Advanced course 2005HND in Business and Administrative Procedures 2004Programming MS SQL Server 2004Dealing with Unacceptable Employee Behavior 2004Diploma in Computer Applications 2002Promote Effectiveness of Teams (NVQ 3) 2001Implement Therapeutic Activities (NVQ 3) 2001Enable Individuals to access services (NVQ 3) 2001Contribute to protection of individuals (NVQ 3) 2001Support Individuals when in Distress (NVQ 3) 2001Promoting Effective Communication (NVQ 3) 2001 PERSONAL PROFILEJulian Bennett CV as@ 20110916 www.mhmds.co.uk 4
  5. 5. I am a confident 40 year married individual who currently resides in Bournemouth, Dorset. Ienjoy a diverse number of hobbies that include walking, dining and even MS Excel! I have beenwithin the NHS for just over twelve years, before I joined the NHS I owned by own roofingcompany. Since this time I have enjoyed my career within the NHS. I do feel a passion forMental Health; however my skills are easily transferable from Mental Health to acute.I am a strong team player and generally try to apply a bottom up management tactics; I like tohear and share ideas within the team, as I am a strong believer of making the most of theresources that you have.I am very adaptable and have a constant need to learn and improve; I believe this is why Ihave progressed so quickly in my career. I am incredibly motivated as I need to ensure that alldeadlines are fulfilled. I encourage a challenge and I feel that my knowledge base of mentalhealth information is diverse.I feel that I have found my niche, and feel incredibly lucky that my passion for numbers andfigures can assist the service users we support.Julian Bennett CV as@ 20110916 www.mhmds.co.uk 5