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Infant & Toddler Slidecast


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Infant & Toddler Slidecast

  1. 1. Indoor & Outdoor Learning Environments
  2. 2. Objective:  Given websites from child care catalogs and a budget of $20,000, the student will be able to create a list of indoor and outdoor materials and equipment that is developmentally appropriate for an infant or toddler room.  Criteria: All of the $20,000 will be reflected in a itemized list and be spent with no more than $10.00 remaining.
  3. 3. Infant & Toddler Indoor Environments  Infant rooms and toddler rooms are distinctly different from preschool classrooms: Toys and materials differ according to age and developmental level  Keep safety and flexibility in mind when choosing materials.
  4. 4. Age requirements Infants: Birth to 12 months Toddlers: 12 to 36 months
  5. 5. Infant toys & equipment for indoor environments  Provide washable  Provide opportunities stuffed animals and for infants to see, feel, dolls hear and manipulate  Provide toys that interesting things produce an interesting effect or toys that  Provide a well change shape organized  Provide toys that take environment into account the  Provide different kinds development of of spaces for different younger and older kinds of play: active infants play, messy play, sleeping and eating
  6. 6. Toddler Toy Someone’s Happy. :) CarbonNYC, “SO Much Fun”, June 27, 2006 via Flickr,
  7. 7. Early Learning Catalogs  Kaplan  Discount School Supply  Lakeshore Learning  ABC School Supply  Constructive Playthings
  8. 8. Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale-R Creative Commons Attribution
  9. 9. Have fun looking through the catalogs and spending your $20,000!