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4 Essential Communication Strategies for 2013-AUDIO


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To listen to 4 Corporate Communication Strategies essential for success in 2013, downlaod this brief 8-minute AUDIO PPT presentation.

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4 Essential Communication Strategies for 2013-AUDIO

  1. 1. WELCOME…Turn on your speakers now for an AUDIO* Guided Tour: 4 Essential Training Strategies *ONLY 8-minutes IF speakers are NOTavailable, see next slide > © 2013
  2. 2. This same presentationwithout audiois on* View or download the virus free PDF with NOTES-Our Communication Strategies*But you’ll need your eyeglasses to read!The PDF with NOTES offers you the same valuable information as the audio version. Simply read the NOTES on each slide!
  3. 3. Welcome Gerry Kierans .com TRAINING STRATEGIES To Communicate More Effectively and Confidently © 2013 © 2011
  4. 4. Overview of our Communication Strategies Our Mission & Clients1. Executive Training: “C, C & C”2. Public Speaking: “SOAPBOX Strategies”3. Motivated Meetings: +“Death by PPT”4. English Business “Culture”: “Top 10 Blunders” Workshop
  5. 5. Our Mission 7 Training Strategies to Communicate More Confidently and Profitably and Current Clients Credentials & Mission
  6. 6. Learn to:  For Keynotes & MeetingsExecutive “Communicate  1-1 Coaching Training Connect or Group Workshops Occupied and  Timing suited Convince” to your busy schedule
  7. 7. “Communicate, Connect and Convince”Our 10 “C, C & C” Strategies will help you deliverkeynotes and moderate meetings with confidence!Authenticity Benchmarks 1 Benefits 2 3 “Death Emotion by PPT” 4 5 Involvement 6 7 Structure Theory “Elephant 8 9 in the Room” 10 Storytelling
  8. 8. Public Speaking: SOAPBOX StrategiesBased upon our upcomingbook, conquer all your fears ofspeaking by mastering the“Secrets” of: (1) Engaging the Audience (2) Delivering the Content (3) Connecting with Authenticity  For Keynotes & Meetings  1-1 Coaching or Group Workshops  Timing suited to your busy schedule
  9. 9. Motivated Meetings Many companies waste + 10% of their total payroll on unproductive meetings! This 2-day group course will remedy the “Death by PPT” causes of boring and costly corporate team meetings! Day 1: Theory; Day 2: Simulations
  10. 10. English Business “Culture”: The “Top 10 Blunders” The most common errors (“blunders”) you must avoidwhen using Business English “Culture” A 1-day group crash course or … 4 separate ½ day workshops
  11. 11. CONTACT us today for a brief meetingto personally learn how our 4 proven strategies can help you - or yourcompany – successfully communicate!
  12. 12. Contact: Gerry Kierans .com Managing Director e-mail: Mobile: +49 (0) 173 253 6226 © 2013 © 2011