Gold Mining


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Although gold recycling supplies a significant portion of the worldwide demand for gold, new gold is obtained through mining operations. Learn about different gold mining techniques in this presentation.

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Gold Mining

  1. 1. Gold Mining
  2. 2. How Gold Mining Works • Although gold recycling supplies a significant portion of the worldwide demand for gold, new gold is obtained through mining operations. • Modern-day mining requires a lot more than just pitchforks and drills. Let’s look at some popular gold mining tools and strategies.
  3. 3. Gold Cyanidation • Chemical mining is one of the most efficient forms of mining because it can extract every molecule of gold from ore that is brought to the surface. • Gold ore is crushed and ground as fine as possible, then combined with a solution of cyanide which leaches the gold out of the ore.
  4. 4. Recovering the Gold Once the gold is successfully leached from the ore, miners have a number of options to recover the gold from the cyanide solution: • carbon-in-pulp method • Merrill-Crowe process • electrowinning • Resin-in-pulp method
  5. 5. Gold Dredging • Gold dredging is similar to panning for gold, but on a much larger scale. • The front end of a gold dredge is like a conveyor belt of buckets that are filled with water and sediment via either suction or scooping.
  6. 6. Gold Dredging • The buckets’ contents are dumped onto a rotating steel filter that allows small materials, like gold flakes, to pass through. • The small materials are further filtered through a sluice box to get the highest yield of gold. • Rocks and other filtered sediment are dumped out of the rear of the gold dredge and back into the water source.
  7. 7. Hushing • Hushing is a mining technique that was invented centuries ago, but is still sometimes used for small- scale mining operations. • When prospectors could confirm that a hillside had veins of gold in, they would build a massive reservoir at the top of the hill and use aqueducts to fill it with water.
  8. 8. Hushing • Once the reservoir was full, they would release all of the water at once to create an enormous wave that would erode the side of the mountain and reveal the veins of ore. • As the veins were mined, they could fill the reservoir again to clear the veins of any dirt or rocks that had built up.
  9. 9. After Mining • The geological conditions and capabilities of the mining company determine the method of gold extraction. • After the hard work of extraction is complete, the gold is then refined - after which it enters the worldwide marketplace.
  10. 10. About MGS Manhattan Gold & Silver (MGS) is a precious metals refiner that has been based in Manhattan’s historic Diamond District since 1985. We are a B2B company that buys and recycles precious metal scraps that accumulate in other businesses. We serve: • Jewelers • Pawnbrokers • Dentists • The industrial sector • Antique dealers • Machinists • Domestic mining • And more! • MGS also creates charts, calculators, and other online tools for our customers to use. • Try our Precious Metals Prices app, which lets you monitor the real-time precious metals market situation from anywhere, right from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  11. 11. Recycle your Precious Metals for Profit • MGS accepts gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. • Payouts are based on the London Fixing. • Up to 99% payout (among the highest in the US) • Up to 98.5% for gold brought in for hand testing. • Not in NYC? Ship us your precious metals using our Ship & Sell service which offers: • Same day wired payment (once lot is received) • Discounted, insured shipping • Payout calculator
  12. 12. Connect with MGS • For amazing facts, history and news, read our gold and precious metals blog. • Join the conversation about precious metals on the MGS page on Facebook. • Follow gold, silver, and other precious metal trends at the MGS Twitter account. • Circle MGS on Google+ to hear our latest updates. • If you do business with us, connect with us on the MGS LinkedIn page. • To see precious metal melting and refinement in action, visit the MGS YouTube channel.